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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1722061: wicd-gtk and wict-curses freeze on Unicode SSIDs Undecided New 24 weeks

From: Flávio Amieiro

Bug #1716148: Sort configuration files contents Undecided New 37 weeks

From: Laurent
Link: patch_to_sort_section_contents.txt


Bug #533045: Fails to connect in first attempt Undecided New 46 weeks

From: Tito
Link: Associate.patch


Bug #1689138: Wrong Galician translation Undecided New 54 weeks

From: Giap Tran
Link: gl.po.patch


Bug #1599797: wicd-cli doesn't allow values with spaces Undecided New 98 weeks

From: danigm
Link: wicd-cli.patch


Bug #1587587: 802.1x broken for wired interfaces Undecided New 103 weeks

From: Tablet Mode
Link: wicd-1.7.3-fix_wired_802.1x.patch


Bug #1542945: typo in README Undecided New 119 weeks

From: toogley
Link: README.patch


Bug #1075399: wicd- is incompatible with urwid-1.1.0 High New 142 weeks

From: Ryan P. C. McQuen
Link: curses_bitrate_fix.patch


Bug #1429253: wicd-1.7.3 is incompatible with urwid-1.3.0 Undecided New 142 weeks

From: Ryan P. C. McQuen
Link: curses_bitrate_fix.patch


Bug #1476853: Toggle wifi button problem Undecided New 148 weeks

From: Kristian Mörling

Most recent change to

Bug #1295253: Backing up resolv.conf fails if readlink returns relative path Undecided New 159 weeks

From: Doug
Link: realpath-symlink.patch


Bug #1086573: wicd daemon calls wpa_supplicant without setting BSSID Medium Triaged 162 weeks

From: John Boiles
Link: wicd_bssid.patch


Bug #1440952: Network ESSID configured to "Use settings...essid" does not autoconnect Undecided New 163 weeks

From: RobinMHolt
Link: wicd-daemon.patch

Fix for current devel branch

Bug #1421918: wicd-curses crashes for an IndexError exception Undecided New 169 weeks

From: Matthew Rooney
Link: wicd-1421918.patch


Bug #1132053: wicd-curses: Crash and raise IndexError, "No widget at position %s" High Fix Committed 179 weeks

From: FlashYoshi

Patch for widget focus bug based on experimental branch

Bug #993912: [wicd-curses and wicd-gtk] crashes when trying to save network properties High Fix Committed 200 weeks

From: Stuart Longland
Link: wicd-

Translate to UTF-8 before sanitation.

Bug #1317217: wicd lacks CA cert check when using PEAP-GTC Undecided New 211 weeks

From: Andreas Bofjall
Link: peap.patch

Suggested patch

Bug #1084380: let the user set timeout and maximum connection attempts High Triaged 226 weeks

From: Ramon
Link: AddSettingForTimeout.patch


Bug #1215876: wicd-cli writes errors to stdout Undecided Confirmed 240 weeks

From: sandwood
Link: patch-1215876.txt

patch for bug 1215876 (against rev

Bug #617993: incorrect sorting when using dBm Undecided Confirmed 240 weeks

From: sandwood
Link: patch-617993.txt

Patch for bug 617993 - agains rev

Bug #1232521: State of Switch On Wi-Fi button is not consistent (with patch) Undecided New 243 weeks

From: John C. Peterson
Link: wicd-gtk-init.patch

Patch for inconsistent state of Switch On Wi-Fi button

Bug #761326: No appindicator in Ubuntu's Unity Wishlist Fix Committed 250 weeks

From: Michael D. Adams
Link: wicd-client-appindicator.patch

Added AppIndicator support

Bug #1170589: [raring] wicd-daemon fails to start Undecided New 251 weeks

From: Bill Gjestvang
Link: wicd-symlink.patch

A patch for the solution provided in the original description

Bug #1198043: wicd crash on start when unable to chgroup Undecided New 255 weeks

From: Sebastian Oliva
Link: wicd-patch-tian.diff

Patch to fix the missing variable crash exception.

Bug #1081854: GetWirelessInterfaces, GetWiredInterfaces cause error if deivce list empty Medium Fix Committed 287 weeks
Bug #415719: wicd can't detect wireless interface Critical Fix Committed 288 weeks

From: Markus Fuchs
Link: wicd-ioctl-wifi-detect.patch


Bug #145405: manual dns don't work High Fix Committed 305 weeks

From: Leonardo Guilherme de Freitas
Link: dhcp-client-avoid-dns-renew.patch

Allows extra parameters to be executed when running a dhcp client.

Bug #992698: wicd wep adhoc mode not connecting Undecided New 316 weeks

From: Will Szumski
Link: wicd-wep-ad-hoc2.patch

fixed patch

Bug #488242: wicd-client does not use icons that NM (GTK+) uses Wishlist Fix Committed 328 weeks

From: Jean-Alexandre Anglès d'Auriac
Link: wicd-client2.patch


Bug #886899: Smartcard support template Wishlist Triaged 341 weeks

From: Sergey Gridnev
Link: smartcard


Bug #878417: Port to GTK-3 and GObject introspection Wishlist Triaged 344 weeks

From: David Paleino
Link: gtk3.patch

incomplete porting

Bug #423849: annoying slowdown when using dhcpcd; patch included Medium New 455 weeks

From: Wicher Minnaard
Link: wicd-quickdhcpcd

patch against from wicd-

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