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Bug #145405 reported by Antonio on 2007-09-26
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Tom Van Braeckel

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manual dsn configured, in order to use opendns, but it use standard dns of my isp, thank you.

using ubuntu 7.04

Dan O'Reilly (oreilldf) wrote :

What version of wicd are you using?

Dan O'Reilly (oreilldf) on 2008-01-24
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phys_user (myemail-slopsbox) wrote :

I think that I have a similar problem: i configured a global dns, and when I select connect to the cabled network, it never changes the dns from the dns that I was using in the wireless network. It changes correctly the dns when I am on a cabled network and change to a wireless network.

I use wicd 1.4.1, with debian lenny amd64.

elbistro (elbistro) wrote :

Same problem for me with wicd 1.4.2-1 under Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon.

I configure global DNS in preferences.

I open a wireless connection to change settings by checking "static DNS" and "use global DNS" then I click on connexion.
If I reopen the same wireless connection settings "static DNS" and "use global DNS" are unchecked.

On first connection the settings are correct with global DNS in /etc/resolv.conf but the second time the DNS in /etc/resolv.conf are defaut access point ones.

Dan O'Reilly (oreilldf) wrote :

I'll take a look at this and make sure it works for the next major release.

Loye Young (loyeyoung) wrote :

This is the downside of fixing Bug 181031.

The problem is not strictly speaking solely a wicd problem: several of the dhcp client applications overwrite /etc/resolv.conf, often in unintended ways. The worst offender is the combination of dhcdbd and network-manager, which silently overrides the system's network configurations.

When I need the /etc/resolv.conf file not to change, I remove the write bit from privileges, which prevents changes by other programs, viz:

# sudo chmod a-w /etc/resolv.conf

Happy Trails,

Loye Young
Isaac & Young Computer Company
Laredo, Texas

Robby Workman (rworkman) wrote :

This should be fixed in both 1.5.x and 1.6.x, I believe. If I'm wrong, either reopen this bug or file a new one.

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Brian J. Cohen (brianjcohen) wrote :

I have re-opened this bug, as it still appears to be an issue in

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José Valecillos (j-valecillos) wrote :

The problem is present in 1.7.0 version too.

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madskaddie (madskaddie) wrote :

I confirm the bug in the 1.6.1 (installed via Karmic repos.). Strictly speaking, this is not a wicd bug: if I understood correctly from the wicd sources, wicd relies on a external dhcp clientto adquire the dynamic network configuration. In Debian/Ubuntu this client is dhclient. By default, the dhclient config requests DNS information (checkout the "request" line in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf or your distro equivalent). Until the dhclient updates, my DNS config is correct

In order to fix this bug we have to write a good configuration file (which doesn't DNS requests) and pass it through
"dhclient -cf $FILE". I guess the:
client_dict = {
            "dhclient" :
                {'connect' : r"%(cmd)s %(iface)s",
                 'release' : r"%(cmd)s -r %(iface)s",
                 'id' : misc.DHCLIENT,
" @
must be changed to "'connet': ... -cf %(file)" ....

saygin (sayginb) wrote :

this bug is still present in 1.7.0 in Kubuntu Lucid.

vajorie (vajorie) wrote :

I have the 1.7.0 version on Arch (using dhcpcd) and have this bug as well. I have set DNS servers both globally and for the connection I am using. Is there anything we could do to help resolve this?

welt (n03i) wrote :

you can edit manually in your system. Open Terminal and type:
sudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf

and add or change the line to your individual settings:
nameserver 123.your.personal.DNS

Daniel Derezinski (yp2) wrote :

You can probably bypass this bug by putting shell script in /etc/wicd/scripts/postconnect/ .

sudo nano /etc/wicd/scripts/postconnect/dhcp

paste this:



then edit :

sudo nano /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf

at the end of file past this:

prepend domain-name-servers DNS-ip;
prepend domain-name-servers DNS-ip;
prepend domain-name-servers DNS-ip;

remember that the last entry in dhclient.conf will by first entry in /etc/resolve.conf - it will by your first DNS.
Reconnect or reboot it would work.

Daniel Derezinski (yp2) wrote :

I forgot to add this:

sudo chmod +x sudo nano /etc/wicd/scripts/postconnect/dhcp

you have to make it executable of course :)

Daniel Derezinski (yp2) wrote :

Ok I figure out it bit.
In Ubuntu 10.04 apparmor is responsible for not allowing to run dhclient with option -cf pointing to /var/lib/wicd/dhclient.conf.

Maybe wicd should run dhclient with default config file for dhcp3 client - /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf.

I don't understand why wicd creates it's own dhclinet.conf and try to used it.

Another options here is to write rules for apparmor (/etc/apparmor.d/sbin.dhclient3) with appropriate entries for wicd.

present in Version: 1.7.0+ds1-6 on debian

Using dhcpcd and dhclient

darkfeline (cyberdupo56) wrote :

I'm not sure if this is the same bug, but wicd correctly sets static dns when connecting to a wireless network, but when it renews its dhcp lease, /etc/resolv.conf is overwritten with the dhcp provided dns.

Arch Linux with wicd 1.7.1-2

J.L. (jl2001) wrote :

"wicd correctly sets static dns when connecting to a wireless network, but when it renews its dhcp lease, /etc/resolv.conf is overwritten with the dhcp provided dns." I confirme, ubuntu 11.10

I also confirm that dns is being replaced in a dhcp renew, the DNS configuration works the first time it connects. Wicd needs to prevent the dhcp client from overwriting dns information.

wicd 1.7.1-2

I've created this attached patch. It forwards to the StartDHCP routine that a static dns will be configured, so it can properly tell the dhcp client to avoid rewriting dns information.

 I've fixed it for dhcpcd, which is the dhcp client I use and know, but since each dhcp client has its own commands, I left room to people that uses other clients to change it before applying the patch, by allowing extra parameters to be passed to the dhcp client (have a look at __get_dhcp_command, the 'extra' variable).


Fix merged and committed. Can you try again, please?

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