wicd-client does not use icons that NM (GTK+) uses

Bug #488242 reported by usr_share on 2009-11-25
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David Paleino

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This is not a bug, but a feature request.
I think that it would be very nice if wicd would use the same icons NetworkManager uses now.
1: Now wicd uses only 22x22 icons. But not each panel has the icons of this size. For example, I use a bmpanel2 theme, that uses 16x16 icons, and resizing of 22x22 to 16x16 just does not look good. Using GTK+ icons will make it much easier to adapt to different panel sizes.
2: All of the icons wicd has are covered by GTK+ icon styles. Except for 'lock' versions, but in the wicd icon set these icons do not differ from the usual ones. Also, I have never seen ones, and if the user just can not change the network settings, it doesn't have to be indicated with a tray icon. For example, the reason of Ubuntu bug #1 doesn't do that. And the icons in wicd, IMHO, are *worse* than GNOME or GNOME-Colors ones.

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sixsixfive (punx69) wrote :

it would be great to load all icons from the installed icon themes

there are already network icons in the freedesktop spec(http://standards.freedesktop.org/icon-naming-spec/icon-naming-spec-latest.html) so please use them, if you want to add some follow their naming-scheme....

Daniel Ribeiro (danielrmt) wrote :

I second this. Apps should always avoid to have its own theme system, and just use system settings.

Adam Blackburn (adamblackburn) wrote :

I don't see any icons that show signal strength in that spec, which makes using the icons in there pointless for us. If someone can tell me where the icons live and what their names are, that would be good. Thanks :)

Daniel Ribeiro (danielrmt) wrote :

I can't see it on the spec too. I have looked at some icon themes, and it looks like that the icons used by NetworkManager for wireless are non-standard (nm-signal-0, nm-signal-25, nm-signal-50, nm-signal-75, nm-signal-100), but at least it uses icons from a GTK icon theme and not from /usr/share/pixmaps like WICD. Perhaps just moving wicd icons to /usr/share/icons/hicolor would allow us to "patch" icon themes to have WICD icons.

I already have "patched" an icon theme to use the sames names used by the icons in /usr/share/pixmaps/wicd, but wicd (1.7.0) won't use them unless I move the icons (which is something I won't do, and would be reverted on the next wicd upgrade).

I don't know very well how it works, but I know that the standard place to put specific icons is /usr/share/appname/icons/hicolor/YYxYY/ , where YYxYY is the size of the icons (16x16, 22x22, 48x48, …).
I guess that then, you need to append this path to a kind of GTK icon path, I think you should be using gtk_icon_theme_set_search_path (see http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/2.18/GtkIconTheme.html#gtk-icon-theme-set-search-path ) , though I'm not completely sure, I never wrote a GTK application ;⋅).

And of course, to get the right icon, you'll need to get it via gtk_icon_theme.load_icon (see http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/2.18/GtkIconTheme.html#gtk-icon-theme-load-icon ).

David Paleino (dpaleino) on 2012-02-05
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Why was this bug closed ? I'm better at this kind of stuff, so I can send a patch to actually fix it.
It is mostly about changing gtk.StatusIcon.set_from_file for gtk.StatusIcon.set_from_icon_name, and adding /usr/share/wicd/icons/ to the search path of the icon theme.
Shall I write a patch, or do you already rule out using it ?

Woaw, I can't edit. I meant, of course, I'm better at this kind of stuff than I was back then.

Ok, this bug should fix the bug if StatusIcon is used. I was completely unable to find documentation for egg.trayicon, so I could not fix the bug for it, but even though the bug will not be solved, egg.trayicon should not be broken.
I did not test this code yet, I should test it soon and report here.

I made two mistake in my previous patch : I did not remove the ".png" at the end of the icon name, and I did not use a good path in which to set the themable icons.

Now, this patch seems good, it works on my laptop (if anybody could test with the egg.trayicon module for me, that would be great !), and the only thing missing is the patch to the makefile (or somewhere) to make the themable icons (all but signal-25, signal-50, signal-75, signal-100 and wired-gui) go to usr/share/wicd/gtk/icons/hicolor/22x22/status .

Oh, and just to be clear : this patch does what Daniel Ribeiro proposed on comment #4 : it does not change the icons, it does just allow icon themes to change them, to create a more coherent look.

Hey, can I get some feedback on this patch ?

Feedback ? Please ?

David Paleino (dpaleino) wrote :

Hello Jean,

I'll have a look at the whole bugreport again as soon as I get some time (probably this evening).

In the meanwhile, thanks for your patch! I hope we can finally get this fixed in 1.7.3 :)


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milestone: none → 1.7.3

So, was the patch alright ? Any modification I need to do ? Does it still work with the newest versions of wicd ?

David Paleino (dpaleino) wrote :

I just committed rev. 832, which fixes this issues.

I've tested it locally, and it works like a charm.


Changed in wicd:
status: Triaged → Fix Committed

Wonderful ! Thanks !

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