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Bug #1645103: lines can not be rotated using the rotate tool on the line endpoint Wishlist Confirmed 13 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: r5302.diff


Bug #1767812: Blind/Burried Vias Clear Soldermask on Layers they Don't Intersect Medium Fix Committed 16 weeks

From: Milan Prochac
Link: 0001-Mask-over-buried-vias-fix.patch


Bug #1665862: [new feature] TinyCAD Import Wishlist Triaged 78 weeks

From: Milan Prochac
Link: 0002-TinyCAD-Import.patch


Bug #1589612: sudo make install gives core_lists.h root privs Low In Progress 114 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: LP1589612_002.diff

chmod more files to 666.

Bug #1539882: Cannot create a via with a copper annulus less than 0.0508mm Low Triaged 132 weeks

From: Rob Spanton
Link: 0001-Remove-hard-coded-minimum-copper-annulus-requirement.patch


Bug #1510313: Added possibility to edit pin/pad numbers (New feature) Medium In Progress 136 weeks

From: Milan Prochac
Link: 0001-Fix-crashes-of-RenumberBlock-and-RenumberBufer-on-em.patch


Bug #1532611: Modular file format support (new feature/enhancement) Wishlist Triaged 136 weeks

From: Milan Prochac
Link: 0001-Modular-file-formats.patch


Bug #1520897: cycdrag Wishlist In Progress 142 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0007-Added-user-documentation.patch


Bug #1496603: The accel key for the settings menu clashes with the accel to increase drill size Low Confirmed 153 weeks

From: KaiMartin
Link: 0001-change-the-accel-for-the-settings-menu-to-alt-t.patch

change the accel for the settings menu to [alt-t]

Bug #699512: Add recent-file-list to pcb-menu Wishlist Triaged 155 weeks

From: Traumflug
Link: 0001-A-first-step-to-add-a-Recent-files-menu.patch


Bug #1422515: static analysis report Low In Progress 181 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0003-action.c-clean-up-before-return.patch


Bug #1354662: hid/gtk: set cursor position labels size Medium In Progress 210 weeks

From: Sergey Alyoshin
Link: 0001-hid-gtk-set-cursor-position-labels-size.patch


Bug #1308217: Use pretty icon for top gtk window Undecided New 220 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0001-Use-the-pretty-green-icon-for-the-gtk-top-level-wind.patch


Bug #1308929: 2 * Opposite conditions in nested 'if' blocks lead to a dead code block Low Fix Committed 221 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0001-Activating-dead-code.patch


Bug #1216183: Adjust paste pad sizes to account for stencil tool kerf Wishlist Confirmed 240 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0001Rev1-Add-paste-scale-parameter-to-adjust-pad-sizes-in-pas.patch


Bug #1192009: Holes in fullpoly polygons Undecided New 270 weeks

From: Hubert Miś
Link: 0001-Cut-holes-in-fullpolys.patch


Bug #929123: ChangeClearSize() is broken for changing a via's solder mask clearance Medium Fix Committed 289 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0001-The-special-case-ChangeClearSize-Selected-0mm-is-bro.patch


Bug #1100620: Polygons don't sufficiently clear circular items Undecided New 292 weeks

From: Lilith Bryant
Link: 0001-Fix-clearance-issues-due-to-circle-approximation.patch


Bug #845466: Text rendered at half the requested thickness Undecided New 295 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 1001-The-rendered-text-now-has-the-requested-line-Thickne.patch


Bug #699435: other ways to draw an arc Undecided In Progress 300 weeks
Bug #1072500: gtk: Thin drawn polygons hide "clearline" lines, arcs, text Undecided New 303 weeks

From: Robert Fitzsimons
Link: 0001-gtk-Thin-drawn-polygons-hide-clearline-lines-arcs-poly.patch

Improved fix for rendering of polygons.

Bug #1057144: Default keybindings conflict with gtk menu shortcuts Medium Confirmed 307 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0001-Some-of-the-key-bindings-for-pcb-conflict-with-the.patch


Bug #699488: Add padding to cursor coordinate display Medium In Progress 309 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0001-Add-a-few-pixels-of-horizontal-padding-to-the-coordi.patch


Bug #1036195: PNG exporter does not accept size constraints Medium Fix Committed 310 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0002-Make-the-PNG-HID-exporter-extent-sizes-aware.patch


Bug #1005644: Added "pcbignore" to ignore newlib dirs/files Undecided New 312 weeks

From: Jeff Mallatt
Link: 0001-Added-pcbignore-to-ignore-newlib-dirs-files.patch

Implement pcbignore mechanism.

Bug #699519: DXF file format output Wishlist In Progress 313 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0027-Remove-conditionals-for-an-imperial-footer-exists.patch


Bug #699502: OpenSCAD 3D-model exporter Wishlist In Progress 313 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0025-Removed-the-RCSID.patch


Bug #1002964: Function `hid_get_extents' implicitly converted to pointer at ../../src/hid/lesstif/main.c:3829 Medium Fix Committed 315 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0001-Drop-the-if-check-for-the-declaration-of-hid_get_ext.patch


Bug #1003355: Append input CPPFLAGS for lesstif target in configure script Undecided Incomplete 315 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0001-Append-input-CPPFLAGS-for-lesstif-target.patch


Bug #1022076: MinMaskGap() doesn't know about holes Undecided Fix Committed 319 weeks

From: Robert Drehmel
Link: action.c.diff


Bug #992637: placement glitch in "move selected elements to other side", shift+b Undecided New 329 weeks

From: mjc
Link: 0001-When-changing-layers-keep-insertion-points-in-the-or.patch


Bug #699181: with 'text only' option enabled, can't drag-move sel text Medium In Progress 333 weeks

From: Andrew Poelstra
Link: moving.patch


Bug #699309: Program forgets pan button state, gets stuck Medium Confirmed 339 weeks

From: Richard Barlow
Link: fix_ui_scroll_lockup.patch


Bug #910557: PATCH: filtering the pastebuffer with an external program Undecided New 346 weeks
Bug #901509: EDIF netlists lose first two chars of net names Undecided New 350 weeks

From: Stephen Trier
Link: 0001-Fix-bug-losing-first-two-characters-of-EDIF-net-name.patch


Bug #699373: Added more metric grids Wishlist Confirmed 350 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0001-Added-a-More-Grids-option-at-the-end-of-the-updated.patch


Bug #699471: specctra autoroute patch Medium New 361 weeks

From: Jared Casper
Link: 0001-Add-SPECCTRA-dsn-export-and-session-file-.ses-import.patch


Bug #699357: component library update Medium New 362 weeks

From: Bert Timmerman
Link: 0001-Revised-the-SIL-Resistor-Array-packages-in-the-M4-li.patch


Bug #699458: Append new entries to command history instead of prepending Undecided New 366 weeks

From: Andrew Poelstra
Link: autocomplete.patch

GtkPcbAutocomplete widget

Bug #812429: [PATCH] make toporouter more visible Undecided New 367 weeks

From: Stanislav Brabec
Link: toporouter-menu.patch


Bug #796389: png hid segfaults when using --photo-mode --photo-flip-x if "solder" layer is not in "Solder side" Undecided New 375 weeks

From: Adrian Pardini
Link: 0001-fix-png-hid-with-photo-mode-photo-flip-segfault.patch


Bug #734972: rudimentary support of non-copper layers Low Confirmed 388 weeks

From: Ineiev
Link: 0001-recognize-PCB-skip-drc-layer-attribute.patch


Bug #724154: [enh] New grids for GTK PCB Medium In Progress 390 weeks

From: jpka
Link: newgrids.pcb-git-199z.v2.patch


Bug #722284: Add drill sizes in mm on the fab drawing Wishlist New 391 weeks

From: Krzysztof Kościuszkiewicz
Link: 0001-printing-add-mm-drill-sizes-to-fabrication-page.patch


Bug #718235: Better dragging support Wishlist Triaged 392 weeks

From: Martin Kupec
Link: 0001-Dragging-respects-the-All-directions-line-flag.patch


Bug #714318: Fixing net selection Wishlist New 393 weeks

From: Martin Kupec
Link: 0001-Merged-Net-lookup-to-one-place.patch


Bug #714240: Clean up of regular expression differences Wishlist New 393 weeks

From: Martin Kupec
Link: 0001-Add-pattern-switching-for-regular-expressions.patch


Bug #700742: hid/gtk: Replace hard-coded keynames translation-table Wishlist In Progress 397 weeks

From: Felix Ruoff
Link: 0026-Replace-hard-coded-keyname-translation-table-with-gd.patch


Bug #700748: hid/gtk: Accelerators for changing pastebuffer doesn't work Undecided New 397 weeks

From: Felix Ruoff
Link: 0023-Remove-accelerators-for-changing-pastbuffer.patch


Bug #699504: Minor changes to aid use of dmalloc library Undecided New 402 weeks

From: eschabor
Link: mypatch.txt

git diff patch as at 2010-12-06

Bug #699495: A patch to enable termal reliefs on SMD pads Medium In Progress 408 weeks

From: guytorfs
Link: thermal_pad.patch

patch to add thermals to pads

Bug #699485: Add --with-gaf-datadir configure option Medium New 425 weeks
Bug #699468: More detailed thinlines Low New 475 weeks

From: Ineiev
Link: 0001-add-PedanticThinLines-mode.patch

patch after GIT commit 7fc71ca4d82c1709013b8bd544a6195906cba4ec

Bug #699264: [patch] No emergency saves on signals Medium New 496 weeks

From: Ineiev
Link: backups.13feb2009.diff

13 Feb 2009: updated patch against GIT

Bug #699454: Gerber exporter options Medium New 500 weeks

From: Ineiev
Link: gerber.options.sexies.diff

20 Jan 2009: updated

Bug #699445: Allow disabling of minimum overlap DRC checking Medium New 546 weeks

From: avian1
Link: pcb_drc_copper_spacing.patch

Patch for DRCFind() function

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