placement glitch in "move selected elements to other side", shift+b

Bug #992637 reported by Michael Chudobiak on 2012-05-01
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Bug Description

If I select a component and press "shift+b", it is moved to the other side of the PCB as expected, BUT the vertical coordinate of its position changes, which is really annoying. It may move off-screen.

If the component is original at vertical position Y, and the board height is Z, the new position is Z-Y.

It should stay at Y, instead.

Forgot to say: I'm using version 20110918.

DJ Delorie (djdelorie) wrote :

The current way of doing it allows for selecting many components, and ensuring they're all still on the board after the flip. If you can suggest a better, more obvious, way, that still guarantees all parts remain on the board after the flip, patches welcome :-)

Is something wrong with your git server?

[mjc@xena git]$ git clone git://git.gpleda.org/pcb.git
Cloning into 'pcb'...
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

DJ Delorie (djdelorie) wrote :

There is nothing wrong with our git server, however, our git server is git.geda-project.org now.

Thanks for the correct git pointer.

http://pcb.geda-project.org/ has the wrong git url listed.

- Mike

DJ Delorie (djdelorie) wrote :

Thanks, I cleaned up all the remaining urls pointing to the old sites, at least in the toplevel directory.

The attached patch adds an offset, so that if the markY insertion point values of the selected items range between A and B originally, the layer-flipped items will range between B and A.

When flipping a single item, this means it stays at exactly the same coordinates as before, instead of moving halfway across the board. This is a big win for convenience.

When flipping a group of items, they stay roughly in the same area.

In a small fraction of cases, if components are near the board edge, it is possible that a portion of some outer components will be flipped off the board edge - however, the mark point will always be on-board, so it can be easily moved. The whole selection "snaps" back to the PCB when you move it anyway. I do not think this is a problem. It is still more convenient than having the whole selection move halfway across the PCB.

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