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Bug #1797308: Modern Toolset (Accelerated) Viewport is quarter size on HiDPI Screens High Triaged 2 days

From: John Beard
Link: 0001-Add-configuration-of-Hi-DPI-canvas-scaling-in-OpenGL.patch


Bug #1819754: .drl file should be opened at GerberView Wishlist Triaged 2 days

From: Michael Kavanagh
Link: 0001-Open-drill-file-in-gerbview-from-KiCad-manager-tree.patch


Bug #1785842: In/decrease track width shortcut Low Triaged 2 days

From: Michael Kavanagh
Link: 0001-Change-Switch-track-width-to-previous-default-hotkey.patch


Bug #1797570: Move grid settings from View menus to Preferences panels Wishlist Triaged 12 days

From: Michael Kavanagh
Link: 0001-Move-grid-settings-from-View-menus-to-Preferences-pa.patch


Bug #1802222: Feature request: via calculator Wishlist Triaged 2 weeks

From: Nabeel Ahmad
Link: 0001-pcb_calculator-New-tab-for-via-calculations.patch


Bug #594051: Project Rename and Save As Wishlist Triaged 3 weeks

From: Michael Kavanagh
Link: 0001-KiCad-Manager-add-Save-Project-As.patch


Bug #1795388: Shortcut for high contrast mode (h) is missing on GerbView Wishlist Fix Committed 3 weeks

From: Michael Kavanagh
Link: 0001-Add-high-contrast-hotkey-to-GerbView.patch


Bug #1773510: Template selector behaviour Low Fix Committed 3 weeks

From: Michael Kavanagh
Link: 0001-Fix-template-selector-notebook-behaviour.patch


Bug #1817284: Strange (incorrect) display in Gal canvas for pad editor dialog and footprint editor. High Fix Committed 4 weeks

From: Seth Hillbrand
Link: 0001-OpenGL-Create-shaders-for-each-GL.patch


Bug #1817272: pcbnew - add tracks length for netlist inspector Wishlist Triaged 4 weeks

From: Andrey Fedorushkov
Link: 0001-pcbnew-add-tracks-length-and-export-netlist-to-file-.patch


Bug #1803556: Footprint editor Libraries filter doesn't take all characters Low Fix Committed 5 weeks

From: Seth Hillbrand
Link: 0001-Test-Windows-Event-order.patch


Bug #1788495: Pcbnew: File -> Board Setup "Grid Titles Truncated" Low Triaged 6 weeks

From: Seth Hillbrand
Link: test.diff


Bug #1813329: Arc tool shows broken text Undecided Fix Committed 8 weeks

From: Seth Hillbrand
Link: 0001-pcbnew-Test-UTF8-strings-for-MSW-display.patch


Bug #1678345: Implement color themes Wishlist In Progress 9 weeks

From: Michal Lukowski

Patches, color schemes to import and screenshots

Bug #1812082: Duplicate directives in Spice netlist Undecided Fix Committed 10 weeks

From: JKB
Link: netlist_exporter_pspice.cpp.patch2


Bug #1810870: pcbnew modifies unchanged footprints when saving Medium Fix Committed 10 weeks

From: Seth Hillbrand
Link: 0001-pcbnew-Don-t-update-coords-on-add.patch


Bug #1810787: Pcbnew: Pan after cursor warp Undecided Fix Committed 11 weeks

From: Fabián Inostroza
Link: 0001-Don-t-start-autopan-if-the-cursor-was-warped-by-the-.patch


Bug #1804840: GAL Eeschema: Hierachial pin is shown behind the Hierachial sheet lines Wishlist Fix Committed 14 weeks

From: Frank Severinsen
Link: 0001-Move-sheet-pins-in-front-of-sheetedge-move-them-in-b.patch


Bug #1648055: DRC ignores traces crossing edgecut Wishlist Fix Committed 17 weeks

From: Seth Hillbrand
Link: 0001-drc-Add-board-outline-and-edge-crossing.patch


Bug #1480868: Wish : Double click middle mouse button to fit to screen. Wishlist Triaged 17 weeks
Bug #1797989: Issues on macOS 10.14 and dark mode Undecided Fix Committed 18 weeks

From: Maciej Suminski
Link: 0001-Fix-for-dark-mode-on-macOS-Mojave.patch


Bug #1486031: Page layout editor: impossible to create an empty page layout. Low Confirmed 20 weeks

From: Michael Kavanagh
Link: 0001-Enable-creation-and-use-of-empty-page-layout.patch


Bug #1799318: Net ties do not work anymore High Triaged 20 weeks

From: Jeff Young
Link: 0002-Implement-a-work-around-for-net-ties.patch


Bug #1800874: Eeschema segfault on shutdown Undecided Fix Committed 21 weeks

From: John Beard
Link: 0001-Eeschema-don-t-update-symbol-links-if-the-screen-is-.patch


Bug #1796905: Use CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_LIBDIR for 3d plugin path Undecided New 21 weeks

From: Stefan Bruens
Link: 0001-Use-absolute-path-CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_LIBDIR-for-3d-v.patch


Bug #1787329: PCBnew BOM Creation Wishlist Triaged 22 weeks

From: Martin Thomas
Link: 0001-CHANGED.patch


Bug #1775961: The QFN footprint wizard generates invalid footprints Low Fix Committed 22 weeks

From: nats
Link: 0001-Adding-fillet-option-for-the-QFN-Wizard.patch


Bug #1796045: Pcbnew: 'Esc' from drawing action crashes KiCad Undecided Fix Committed 24 weeks

From: John Beard
Link: 0001-Use-wxCHECKs-to-protect-non-position-TOOL_EVENTS.patch


Bug #1796158: Pcbnew: Guide circle for arc tool Wishlist Triaged 24 weeks

From: John Beard
Link: 0001-Arc-preview-Add-guide-circle.patch


Bug #1287362: "Small drill marks" is too small for hand drill Wishlist In Progress 26 weeks

From: Zoltan Gyarmati
Link: v2-0001-pcbnew-add-option-to-set-custom-drill-mark-size-d.patch


Bug #1763715: Transmission line calculator overwrites input parameters Low In Progress 26 weeks

From: José Jorge
Link: 0001-Lets-the-user-revert-changes-to-input-properties-aft.patch


Bug #1793329: Fix Link-time optimization build error Undecided New 27 weeks

From: Stefan Hamminga
Link: 0001-Disable-LTO-for-GCC-and-Clang-for-libcoroutine.cpp-t.patch

Patch with 'if' clause for GCC & Clang and formatting

Bug #1753153: Polygon can only be selected on the edges Low Fix Committed 27 weeks

From: Seth Hillbrand
Link: 0001-pcbnew-Improve-zone-polygon-selection.patch


Bug #1791500: kicad needs curl unconditionally Undecided Fix Committed 27 weeks

From: Fabio Rossi
Link: 0001-kicad_curl-should-be-built-only-with-BUILD_GITHUB_PL.patch


Bug #1791164: OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR not included in 'common' module Undecided Fix Committed 28 weeks

From: Alexey Chernov
Link: openssl_include_dir.patch

Sample patch

Bug #1464805: Grouped-by-value BOM generators don't sort references correctly within a group Low Fix Committed 29 weeks

From: Martin Thomas
Link: 0001-now-the-BOM-contains-a-sortet-lists-of-References.patch

Only the plain patch withlout history

Bug #1788877: Pre-defined tracks and vias use fixed sizes tables Wishlist Fix Committed 30 weeks

From: Thomas Pointhuber
Link: 0001-Add-Insert-Delete-button-to-Tracks-and-Via-setup-pan.patch

improved patch with solved possible race condition on delete

Bug #593886: Hierarchical sheet resize from any corner Wishlist Confirmed 30 weeks

From: ronnie
Link: 0001-eeschema-new-feature-resize-sheet-from-top-left-corn.patch


Bug #1745729: Open recent list has only 9 recent projects Wishlist Fix Committed 33 weeks

From: José Jorge
Link: 0001-Allows-custom-number-of-entries-in-recently-opened-f.patch


Bug #1785056: Call to LoadFromLibrary in onleftclick.cpp Undecided Fix Committed 33 weeks

From: ronnie
Link: onleftclick_LoadModuleFromLibrary.patch


Bug #1783544: Hotkeys List without formatting Undecided Fix Committed 34 weeks

From: jean-pierre charras
Link: fix_html_rendering_issue_is_standalone.patch


Bug #1783446: Typo in Footprint Editor Properties dialog tooltips Low Fix Committed 35 weeks

From: John Beard
Link: 0001-Typos-and-inconsistencies-in-FP-and-Pad-dialogs.patch


Bug #1783250: Pcbnew wishlist: Add "Fill All Zones" (same as pressing "B" hotkey) to "Tools" menu at top of screen Wishlist Fix Committed 35 weeks

From: John Beard
Link: 0001-Add-global-zone-fill-unfill-to-Edit-menu.patch


Bug #1781444: Select items by netclass Wishlist Triaged 36 weeks

From: John Beard
Link: 0001-Pcbnew-Add-selection-by-netclass.patch


Bug #1663595: Add shortcut for opening context menu in Eeshema Wishlist In Progress 38 weeks

From: Mudit Joshi
Link: 0001-Eeschema-Add-shortcut-for-opening-context-menu.patch


Bug #1778382: Pcbnew: Modern toolset doesn't remember track posture Wishlist New 38 weeks

From: Fabián Inostroza
Link: 0001-Add-checkbox-to-the-interactive-router-settings-dial.patch


Bug #1544924: Custom VRML export pcb colors Wishlist Confirmed 38 weeks

From: kerem
Link: kicad-vrml-color.diff


Bug #1778203: PCB not visible in "Accelerated" High New 39 weeks

From: Seth Hillbrand
Link: 0001-OpenGL-Adjust-color-order-and-size-of-buffer-element.patch


Bug #1636549: Autoplot PDF etc when saving project Wishlist In Progress 40 weeks

From: Mudit Joshi
Link: 0001-Eeschema-Adding-Autoplot-PDF-when-saving-project.patch


Bug #1772169: Make "Edit Symbol Fields" dialog non-modal Wishlist Confirmed 41 weeks

From: Ben Gamari
Link: 0001-field-editor-Find-components-when-reference-field-is.patch


Bug #1745607: Application task bar title: project name Wishlist Triaged 43 weeks

From: Daniel Walter
Link: 0002-Review-findings-174560-removed-non-ascii-characters-.patch


Bug #1772392: add cursor-following status popups to all drawing tools Wishlist In Progress 43 weeks

From: Thomas Pointhuber
Link: 0002-Implement-status-update-for-segment-and-circle.patch


Bug #1766597: Draw Ratsnest with curved lines/arcs to avoid overlapping Wishlist Triaged 47 weeks

From: Blubberbub
Link: curved_ratsnest_lines_switchable.patch


Bug #1753141: Place Wire sometimes does not work when too fast with the mouse Wishlist Triaged 55 weeks
Bug #1426737: eeschema color changes affect plot export when they shouldn't Low Confirmed 56 weeks

From: Seth Hillbrand
Link: 0001-Setting-Eeschema-white-foreground-for-BW-printing.patch


Bug #1594029: PCBnew clarify selection menu doesn't highlight items on MSW Medium Triaged 58 weeks

From: Jeff Young
Link: 0006-Fix-bone-headed-mistake-in-selection-highlighting-pa.patch


Bug #1711541: PNS router length tuning - not check length pad in die Low Confirmed 83 weeks

From: Andrey Fedorushkov
Link: kicad_check_pad_length_when_tuning_length.patch


Bug #1643224: "Set grid origin" to some item's center Wishlist Triaged 122 weeks

From: demidrol
Link: 0003-Set-grid-origin-using-selected-item-location.patch


Bug #593935: Hotkey to show/hide clearance Wishlist Triaged 230 weeks

From: John Beard
Link: clearance-hotkey.diff


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