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Bug #1781761: Regression: '/' in alias names no longer translated to '_' upon loading libraries in Libedit Undecided Fix Committed 3 days

From: Maciej Suminski
Link: 0001-eeschema-fix-alias-names-in-.dcm-files.patch


Bug #1781444: Select items by netclass Undecided New 6 days

From: John Beard
Link: 0001-Pcbnew-Add-selection-by-netclass.patch


Bug #1780826: Constraining the dimension tool doesn't constrain the number shown Medium New 6 days

From: John Beard
Link: 0001-Pcbnew-fix-45-degree-snapping-of-ruler-and-dimension.patch


Bug #1780512: Edit Symbol Fields shows Field Name Templates twice Low Fix Committed 12 days

From: Jeff Young
Link: 0001-Fix-bug-with-duplicate-columns-in-Edit-Symbol-Fields.patch


Bug #1780430: pcbnew polygon tool draws polygon different than the preview Undecided Incomplete 12 days

From: John Beard
Link: 0001-Pcbnew-lock-in-polygon-leader-points-when-finishing.patch


Bug #1663595: Add shortcut for opening context menu in Eeshema Wishlist In Progress 2 weeks

From: Mudit Joshi
Link: 0001-Eeschema-Add-shortcut-for-opening-context-menu.patch


Bug #1778382: Pcbnew: Modern toolset doesn't remember track posture Wishlist New 2 weeks

From: Fabian Inostroza
Link: 0001-Add-checkbox-to-the-interactive-router-settings-dial.patch


Bug #1544924: Custom VRML export pcb colors Wishlist Confirmed 2 weeks

From: kerem
Link: kicad-vrml-color.diff


Bug #1778203: PCB not visible in "Accelerated" Undecided New 3 weeks

From: Seth Hillbrand
Link: 0001-OpenGL-Adjust-color-order-and-size-of-buffer-element.patch


Bug #1778240: eeschema: Hierarchical sheet text fields clutters up when changing line thickness preferences Low Fix Committed 4 weeks

From: endofexclusive
Link: 0002-eeschema-improve-hierarchical-sheet-text-placement.patch


Bug #1777927: eeschema: typo in config file color definition Low Triaged 4 weeks

From: endofexclusive
Link: 0001-eeschema-fixed-typo-Brighened-Brightened.patch


Bug #1777921: pcbnew: script path assumption does not match install path Low Triaged 4 weeks

From: endofexclusive
Link: 0001-Generate-PYTHONPATH-from-CMake-information.patch


Bug #1636549: Autoplot PDF etc when saving project Wishlist In Progress 4 weeks

From: Mudit Joshi
Link: 0001-Eeschema-Adding-Autoplot-PDF-when-saving-project.patch


Bug #1777196: Problem with bison and flex while compiling on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS Undecided Incomplete 5 weeks

From: Radoslaw Wisniewski
Link: ngspice.diff


Bug #1748789: [eeschema] Inconsistent reference field parsing during edit and copy Low In Progress 5 weeks

From: Ashutosh Gangwar
Link: 0002-eeschema-Inconsistent-reference-field-parsing-during.patch


Bug #1584977: Open project folder in host OS Wishlist In Progress 5 weeks

From: Ashutosh Gangwar
Link: 0001-kicad-Open-project-folder-in-host-OS.patch


Bug #1772169: Make "Edit Symbol Fields" dialog non-modal Wishlist Confirmed 5 weeks

From: Ben Gamari
Link: 0001-field-editor-Find-components-when-reference-field-is.patch


Bug #1497737: No hint for top "Selection" icon on right vertical toolbar Wishlist New 6 weeks

From: Vincent G
Link: 0001-Eeschema.patch

Commited fix

Bug #1772392: add cursor-following status popups to all drawing tools Wishlist In Progress 8 weeks

From: Thomas Pointhuber
Link: 0002-Implement-status-update-for-segment-and-circle.patch


Bug #1766597: Draw Ratsnest with curved lines/arcs to avoid overlapping Wishlist Triaged 11 weeks

From: Blubberbub
Link: curved_ratsnest_lines_switchable.patch


Bug #1762377: Assertion failed in flattenBVHTree() while using 3D viewer with raytracing Undecided New 14 weeks

From: Eugeniy Meshcheryakov
Link: 0001-Fix-assertion-failure-in-raytracer.patch


Bug #1753141: Place Wire sometimes does not work when too fast with the mouse Wishlist Triaged 19 weeks
Bug #1705431: Dimension lines obscure value Low Confirmed 20 weeks

From: Jon Evans
Link: 0001-Change-dimension-style-to-improve-display-and-be-mor.patch


Bug #1426737: eeschema color changes affect plot export when they shouldn't Low Confirmed 21 weeks

From: Seth Hillbrand
Link: 0001-Setting-Eeschema-white-foreground-for-BW-printing.patch


Bug #1594029: PCBnew clarify selection menu doesn't highlight items on MSW Medium Triaged 22 weeks

From: Jeff Young
Link: 0006-Fix-bone-headed-mistake-in-selection-highlighting-pa.patch


Bug #1711541: PNS router length tuning - not check length pad in die Low Confirmed 47 weeks

From: Andrey Fedorushkov
Link: kicad_check_pad_length_when_tuning_length.patch


Bug #1664761: Global module text visibility in pcbnew Wishlist Fix Committed 74 weeks

From: Kristoffer
Link: 0001-Added-global-module-text-visibility-setting.patch

Modifies the "Set Footprint field Sizes" dialog

Bug #1643224: "Set grid origin" to some item's center Wishlist Triaged 87 weeks

From: demidrol
Link: 0003-Set-grid-origin-using-selected-item-location.patch


Bug #1339539: pcbnew does not draw correctly the default canvas with wx3 with gtk3 High Confirmed 182 weeks

From: Martin Errenst
Link: fix-circle-drawing-problem.patch

workaround for wxgtk failing to draw circles.

Bug #593935: Hotkey to show/hide clearance Wishlist Triaged 194 weeks

From: John Beard
Link: clearance-hotkey.diff


Bug #1154859: Applications started from are in the background on OSX 10.8 Undecided Confirmed 279 weeks

From: Moritz Heuser
Link: kicad-osx-open.patch


Bug #905404: DRC does not test clearance between segments/vias of the same net Medium Confirmed 344 weeks

From: Guillaume Simard
Link: pcbnew_drc_vias_same_net.patch


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