Second screen position isn't saved from one session to another

Bug #1292398 reported by Thierry Mallard on 2014-03-14
This bug affects 323 people
Affects Status Importance Assigned to Milestone
GNOME Settings Daemon
Ubuntu GNOME
Ubuntu GNOME Flashback
elementary OS
Fix Released
Tom Beckmann
gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu)
gnome-shell (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

(Noticed on Ubuntu 14.04 beta 1 GNOME)
At work I have a second screen, which I prefer to virtually put on the left side of my laptop screen.
Using gnome-control-center I can change the position of the second without problem.
But when I disconnect the second screen (to work on another place) and then connect it again
OR if I just power off the laptop and turn it on again,
the second screen position is set back to the default right position.

ProblemType: Bug
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 14.04
Package: gnome-control-center 1:3.6.3-0ubuntu53
ProcVersionSignature: Ubuntu 3.13.0-17.37-generic 3.13.6
Uname: Linux 3.13.0-17-generic x86_64
ApportVersion: 2.13.3-0ubuntu1
Architecture: amd64
CurrentDesktop: GNOME
Date: Fri Mar 14 08:50:00 2014
InstallationDate: Installed on 2014-03-01 (12 days ago)
InstallationMedia: Ubuntu-GNOME 14.04 "Trusty Tahr" - Alpha amd64 (20140226)
 PATH=(custom, no user)
SourcePackage: gnome-control-center
UpgradeStatus: No upgrade log present (probably fresh install)
usr_lib_gnome-control-center: deja-dup 29.5-0ubuntu2

Changed in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → Low
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
rmais96 (cgenre-dev) wrote :

Exactly the same issue with my desktop machine (Ubuntu and Gnome Shell).
I can change settings to put my secondary screen on the left but after system reboot secondary screen is on the right again.
Whereas it was all right with previous Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.10.

Julien (julien-behem) wrote :

Same problem on Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 64bits also
Workaround is to restart gnome-settings-daemon at session startup :

schwartuntu (schwarte) wrote :

Same Problem on Gubuntu 14.04 64 bits. Also change with nvidia x server settings (safe to xorg.conf) does not help.

Rob McCabe (rrrob9) wrote :

Same proble for me, Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 64 bit, AMD Radeon 7470, thx

HaraldK (pifpafpuf) wrote :

Can confirm Juliens solution of killing the gnome-settings-daemon on statup. It may help to delete ~/.config/monitors.xml and configure your monitos freshly to clean this file up.

mustangtyson (tysonsmith) wrote :

Marked my bug as duplicate.

14.04 64 bit
3 monitors running on nouveau driver
gnome 3

Will not remember monitor position through reboots

mika (mic-schaller) wrote :

it's happening every time gnome-shell is (re-)started, not only at login (or is there a silent logout/login when we alt+f2 then r ?)

please increase importance

mustangtyson (tysonsmith) wrote :

Deleted ~/.config/monitors.xml and have tried a fresh configuration across reboots. Did not resolve issue.

germulvey (gpmulvey-iol) wrote :

Similar issue,
nvidia 550ti - gnome ubuntu 14.04 also mint 17
setting tv to off and main monitor on - no change to position on saving in either nvidia-settings or display results in both turned on after reboot.
this worked fine previously on mint 16 or ubuntu gnome 13.10

Plus setting importance to low is not very helpful to those who have the issue, I bet if it affected a developer it would be much higher importance, every bug is important to those it affects!

DigingBil (digingbil) wrote :

Same issue here, it is driving me mad :(

Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 , 3.13.0-24-generic, same problem with catalyst and radeon drivers

2 dvi monitors, on reboot position not saved and I have to manually run "killall gnome-settings-daemon" , so the monitors position could be applied.

It is really not right to leave this with low importance. What's the criteria to set it to "low" anyway??

gord-s (gord-sssnaps) wrote :

I have it on every single machine that has more than one monitor (that's every single machine I own, basically), across various video card manufacturers. Because of that, my hunch is that everyone is affected if they use more than one monitor :|

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

is anyone having the issue on Unity or is that specific to gnome-shell?

Same problem here. Ubuntu 14.04 on AMD64 with gnome-shell-3.10.4-0ubuntu5.

Mrpgruber (mrpgruber) wrote :

Same deal here: Ubuntu 14.04 with gnome-shell-3.10.4-0ubuntu5 on Intel i5-2400, 64bit.

Not on my XFCE installation, though.

Fixed by swapping my (identical) monitors.

Adi (aditzah-z) wrote :

@Sebastien Bacher:
It is also happening on Unity, even if you set screen settings from AMD Catalyst (I have an AMD card), until you make changes from Gnome Control Center and save them. After that problems are "almost" fixed.
"Almost" means that before the login process everything is still messed up (my login prompt appears on my TV), but after login problem dissapear.

The Gavitron (me-gavitron) wrote :

this is probably related to this bug:

I'm not yet sure which is cause vs effect, but doing:

$ sudo cp ~/.config/monitors.xml /etc/gnome-settings-daemon/xrandr/

caused lightdm to start with the 'correct' monitor configuration for me. Sadly, it did not persist through login to gnome-shell, but

$ nohup gnome-settings-daemon -r

seems to fix it for my user session.

The Gavitron (me-gavitron) wrote :

it's possible that this is an upstream issue, per

Smith (smith434) wrote :

Has anyone explained why this bug is set to low? We waste a lot of time dealing with this bug during the development of our systems, an explanation as to the choice of importance would be appreciated.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :


That bug happens only to few users, it has not even been confirmed to apply to the default desktop environement. The bug settings are also not that important, having it flagged "low" doesn't mean it's not going to be worked on or resolved, it's just not a security issue or a data lost issue, mostly an usability one

Smith (smith434) wrote :

Thank you for the explanation. I understand this is not a critical bug, but your comment about the default desktop environment concerns me. Does this mean that the support for other desktop environments is not held in as high regard as that for unity? Also concerning is your statement about affect few users, this bug is marked as affecting 58 users, the most important bug in the tracker (rated by importance, says it affects 77 users. I do not see how 58 is much less than 77.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

> Does this mean that the support for other desktop environments is not held in as high regard as that for unity?

Well, Unity is the default desktop/what most users are running, so yes we look in priority to bugs that affect it.
Canonical is also paying people to work on Unity where GNOME is community maintained (though we help fixing issues when we can)

The user numbers are only one metric, those numbers are low, the importance of the other bug is High due to the fact that it's a segfault an not only an usability issue...

gord-s (gord-sssnaps) wrote :

Sebastian said:
>The user numbers are only one metric, those numbers are low, the importance of the other bug is High due to the fact that..

Then in that case, may I suggest a change of policy somewhere? I've just been informed that this weekend our entire corporate entity will move to Mint (MATE) from Ubuntu Gnome, due to this bug. The kicker is that they now won't be going for Landmark next quarter, which is annoying. That's over 3,100 desktops lost to a competitor (it's business, so competitor is the appropriate word in this case), according to the feeling I'm hearing they may jump ship on servers soon too, which is more my department, so I'm extremely disappointed.

The bug simply doesn't happen on Mint and time is money, simple as that, it's not my decision, it was board-level no less.
Every decision on bug triage as well as release policies have consequences, I shouldn't have to mention how much the adoption and force-feeding of Unity has tainted the reputation of Ubuntu in many corporate eyes that were used to Gnome2 or legacy CDE-lookalikes. 58 affected - yeah right.

Moving forward: we use local mirrors to do all install and updates, we also have very strict firewalling and all traffic at every site goes though a application gateway to sanitise traffic - could that be a reason why "those numbers are low"? If so, what should be allowed (popcon?, not using local mirrors? something else?) to allow Canonical HQ to see the true user numbers of non-Unity DEs?

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :


What your company is doing is their decision, not a lot we can do. Changing OS over a bug doesn't seems like a rationnal decision, your company could have looked at this issue, and contributed a fix for likely a lot less of efforts than it's going to take them to change systems on a thousand mahcines.

It might be that Mint is going to have the same bug next time they update/rebase on Ubuntu (they are based on it after all), in which case you handle a transition for an OS which is having a less strong security and support story, good luck with that.

Not sure about the numbers, we don't track users/installations nor collect datas. It's just that Canonical supports Unity as its main product, tyou liking the desktop or not is not changing that fact. I'm sure you could find somebody selling support for GNOME remix though...

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

The issue is a gnome-shell one (see e.g comment #10), gnome-control-center/settings-daemon work correctly, it's gnome-shell that reconfigure the monitors when it starts, reassigning to that component

affects: gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) → gnome-shell (Ubuntu)
Tim Lunn (darkxst) wrote :

I can't reproduce this here with my 3 monitor system...

mutter via gnome-shell writes out the monitors.xml, in exactly the same format as g-s-d and it will get read back in at startup unless there is some sort of race condition messing things up. (gdm/Greeter configs are currently unsupported, but I have a patch for that will atleast get uploaded to utopic at some point.)

mustangtyson (tysonsmith) wrote :

We need to compare the monitors.xml that is written when running gnome3 vs unity to see if there are any differences.

Tim Lunn (darkxst) on 2014-07-01
Changed in ubuntu-gnome:
milestone: none → trusty.1
claus (claus2) wrote :

It seems to me, that the problem is related to the setting of the primary display in the monitors.xml. Everything works fine unless I move the primary to a display, other than the very left.
My setup is a three monitor setup. Primary on the left display works. If I move primary to the center, than the center screen is moved to the left on the next login.

Changed in ubuntu-gnome:
status: New → Confirmed
HaraldK (pifpafpuf) wrote :

Someone says it might be a timing problem. Since upstart does not log time stamps (:-/), would it help to run strace on lightdm or gnome-shell when they start and provide the resulting log to see which processes are started in which order and which files are accessed on the way?

ilektron (robotoman) wrote :

I have to add my opinion on the importance of this bug. This bug can render a second monitor unusable, if every time I wish to log in I must turn on my TV and switch to the proper input. Shouldn't the severity of the bug escalate the importance to some degree? By no means is this a high importance bug, but it would be nice to know that it is at least high enough importance to be worked into a scheduled development effort.

We're experiening this same bug in Pantheon on development versions of elementary OS Freya (based on Ubuntu 14.04).

@claus2, I can confirm that behavior.

I have the same problem here: using Ubuntu 14.04 on AMD64 with gnome-shell-3.10.4-0ubuntu5 after everey reboot the screen sequence is reset. Most annoying "improvement" from 12.04!

I was able to resolve this issue by moving to the gnome/staging ppa. I still have my default monitor moving to the left for the greeter at login. I am using the current nvidia driver with two dvi monitors and one HDMI.

Greg Wilkins (gregw-wiltel) wrote :


Sorry to comment on a meta-issue, but it concerns me when you say:

"What your company is doing is their decision, not a lot we can do. Changing OS over a bug doesn't seems like a rationnal decision, your company could have looked at this issue, and contributed a fix for likely a lot less of efforts than it's going to take them to change systems on a thousand mahcines."

As an open source developer, I too get a little frustrated by responses saying they will switch to a competitor. However, I also think it is dangerous to entirely dismiss such feedback. Changing OS over a bug does seem like a lot of work, so you have to ask yourself why? Perhaps it is because it is becoming all too frequent with ubuntu that your desire to add new featues is causing you to frequently break existing behaviours. This bug is not an isolated occurance and my own user experience is that the gnome3 ubuntu desktop experience is that things that have worked for literally decades are likely to just break and stay broken for some time. Since 14.04 I've had issues with sloppy mouse focus, screen lock, suspend/resume and now screen placement.

I really think ubuntu needs to give higher priority in your processes to broken existing behaviour.

Changed in gnome-shell:
status: New → Confirmed
Changed in elementaryos:
status: New → Confirmed
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
Gabriel Hege (gabriel-hege) wrote :

I was also affected by this bug, but copying the correct monitors.xml from ~/.config to /etc/gnome-settings-daemon/xrandr fixed the problem for me (in contrast to #19).

Does your layout stay in the proper configuration even on the greeter?

summary: - multi-monitor : second screen position isn't saved from one session to
- another
+ Second screen position isn't saved from one session to another
Changed in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu):
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Changed in gnome-shell (Ubuntu):
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status: Unknown → New
Cody Garver (codygarver) on 2014-10-21
Changed in elementaryos:
importance: Undecided → Medium
milestone: none → freya-rc1
Cody Garver (codygarver) on 2015-02-28
Changed in elementaryos:
status: Confirmed → Won't Fix
Cody Garver (codygarver) on 2015-02-28
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milestone: freya-rc1 → none
Cody Garver (codygarver) on 2015-03-05
Changed in elementaryos:
assignee: nobody → Tom Beckmann (tombeckmann)
milestone: none → freya-rc1
status: Won't Fix → In Progress
Tim Lunn (darkxst) on 2015-03-11
Changed in ubuntu-gnome:
milestone: trusty.1 → trusty.3
Changed in elementaryos:
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
Daniel Fore (danrabbit) on 2015-04-30
Changed in elementaryos:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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emarkay (mrk) wrote :

OK, 14.04.3 has come and gone, still not fixed.
Is there a working solution as a temporary fix?

Andriy Podanenko (podarokua) wrote :

Same on 16.04

tags: added: xenial
gord-s (gord-sssnaps) wrote :

Yeah still have the same problem in a test install of 16.04, though we've been using other distros since this bug occurred years ago as it makes it totally unusable for work.

In fact I'm only posting here because I initially misread Bruce's tag addition above as a typo for "denial" in the email :)

Tim Lunn (darkxst) on 2016-04-27
Changed in ubuntu-gnome:
milestone: trusty.3 → yakkety
Tim Lunn (darkxst) wrote :

I know there is an issue on Xenial where positions get lost on monitor changes (like adding/removing a monitor) but is anyone seeing the settings disappear on xenial across reboots?

Andriy Podanenko (podarokua) wrote :

Same thing is for Unity
I'm using
Ubuntu 16.04 (upgraded from 12.04->14.04->16.04)
lightdm 1.18.1
Unity 7.4.0

When system is booting first look at login window is good, then it rewrites a screen and makes monitors changed to wrong order. Changing monitors to right order after login via system settings helps only for the current session untill reboot

Needs fix

Changed in ubuntu-gnome-flashback:
status: New → Confirmed
Aurélien Léger (dexyne) wrote :

Same problem here for Ubuntu 15.10.

Login window is fine, then it inverse my screens order.
I need to change it again in the system panel to set it good again, but
it save the settings for only the current session.

eOrange (s-s-naumov) wrote :

The same bug on Ubuntu 16.04.1 on the clean installation.

My workaround for a moment - run xrandr command to change monitor position on startup.

Donjan Rodic (bryonak) wrote :

Not sure if this is equivalent, as I run unity-settings-daemon instead of gnome-settings-daemon (with the Compiz Unity-plugin turned off and gnome-panel instead), but it seems similar enough.

Just upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04.1.

I drop my laptop on a dock with two vertically oriented (rotated to portrait) monitors. This was working fine before, now it lights them up without the rotation. Rotating them manually via System Settings -> Displays, undocking and docking again reverts to the wrong (landscape) orientation.

The ~/.config/monitors.xml looks fine but seems to be ignored.
Reloading the settings with

  killall unity-settings-daemon

gives me the correct orientation, which is read from the monitor.xml (editing the file by hand and killing u-s-d accepts whatever changes I make), it just doesn't get triggered on docking changes.

That's the workaround for now: kill u-s-d every time I dock to that workplace, which may help with g-s-d too.
It would be nice for patchlvl 1 LTS upgrades to not break such basic stuff.

Filofel (filofel) wrote :

Same problem here after upgrading three days ago from Ubuntu 14.04.4 (that worked) to 16.04.1 (that's broken as explained below).

Desktop Environment: GNOME-Flashback:Unity (gnome-flashback-metacity)
Dual screen, notebook + external VGA monitor.
NVidia Quadro FX 770M, 3.3.0 NVIDIA 340.96

I set the primary monitor to the notebook screen using nvidia-settings, and the setting stuck across logout: I see the gnome panel properly moving to the notebook screen when the Gnome GUI comes up after logout and reboot.

OTOH, my notebook is positioned to the right of my VGA monitor, and that's where the problem starts. The system insists on placing the notebook built-in screen to the left of the monitor.

If I set the primary monitor (notebook built-in screen) to the right of the VGA screen using nvidia-settings, I get what I want for the current session. But this setting is lost after the next session logout (or reboot for that matter).

If alternately, I set the primary monitor (notebook built-in screen) to the right of the VGA screen using "System Settings / Displays", I get what I want for the session, but this setting is also lost after the next logout (reboot).

The trick suggesting at #39 doesn't work for me (to start with, I have no etc/gnome-setting-daemon/xrandr on my system)

To add insult to injury, the upgrade also brought me a similar problem with the alsamixer settings: They are set to some default muted values that makes the machine totally silent at each session start, and whatever way I set them, they are reset to the same muted default values upon the next logout / login.
Not sure whether I also owe this to gnome-shell, but that's what I suspect.
I use "sudo alsactl" to manually handle the problem and reload the proper alsamixer value, but I hate it.

I have so far not found any simple, reliable fix or workaround for either problem. <sigh>

tags: added: multimonitor

I've just reproduced this bug on Mint 18.1 with Mate.

Davias (davias) wrote :

Hi guys, same problem after upgrading from 14.04 LTS to 16.04.2 LTS...Gnome fallback of course (it is called fallback becouse Unity is supposed to be an improvement?) I had this problem in 14.04, with AMD Catalyst Control Center not remembering monitors position. Solved using system/monitors to set them and it was ok. After the upgrade, Catalyst is gone for free Gallium...but I get the bug. Strange enough at login monitors are correctly positioned...after login they get messed up. Same system since 7.04, always worked with 3 monitors...I know there is a script to work back the monitor config file...but is such an inelegant solutions...c'mon this bug is old years!

s.illes79 (s-illes79-gmail) wrote :

started happening with kernel 4.12.0-rc

if I plug in an external screen, configure the layout, than when I disconnect and reconnect the layout is reset to the default.

if I boot back to 4.10.X all works fine.

Miles Marx (k-vp) wrote :

This appears to persist in 17.04....I installed Ubuntu Server first, and then installed Xubuntu via Tasksel because I needed to do some additional setup before any display manager would be able to function. I also tried MATE and LXDE on the same system, and they did not appear to suffer from this issue. Thus it would appear this is specific to XFCE.

GPU is GTX 980M on an MSI GT72s laptop.

I also tried setting the monitor configs through the Nvidia control panel to no avail. It's not just session to session but actually even just letting the screens idle to sleep, the layout is bombed and I have to reset it when they are powered back on.

It also fails to detect my external monitor's max refresh rate 9 times out of 10 but I suspect that is a deeper, unrelated issue.

Changed in gnome-shell (Ubuntu):
importance: Low → Medium
Rob (usofrob) wrote :

I had a problem with Ubuntu 14.04 and the latest supported nvidia drivers. Every time I locked my screen, it would lose the orientation. I was regularly using the nvidia X server settings application to correct the screen layout.

In order to correct it, I opened the System Settings application and made a couple modifications via the Displays options, and applied my changes. The changes weren't important, I just put it back to the same settings when I was done. Now the displays stay put when I lock my screen.

Changed in gnome-settings-daemon:
importance: Unknown → Medium
status: Unknown → Incomplete
juanca (peyroneljc) wrote :

Same problem, when updating, from 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS.
Desktop Environment: GNOME-Flashback: Unity (gnome-flashback-metacity)
The strange thing is that in 14.04, this did not happen to me.
I'm thinking of going back to Trusty.
The momentary solution with the script, does not provide solution for the icons on the desktop, these, change their position and overlap, and not put back in their original position.
Needs fix

Davias (davias) wrote :

Ok I got it! I was about to implement this solution (thanks for this one, even it was a patch I did not like to use) when I was enlighted by this: Gnome is not getting monitor IDs correctly. I have 2 digital BenQ and one analog Asus. If I run Ubuntu 16.04 (on Gnome Fallback) System settings, they are identified correctly, albeit in the wrong position (note: right after login, the monitor position is set correctly for a few seconds, then when desktop is loaded, is messed up again). So, I execute step 1 of the above solution, deleted monitors.xml, installed gnome-control-center and run it: the monitors where wrongly identified. I changed monitor position using the wrong IDs for the monitor, getting them were I wanted. Then just shut down and re-boot...voilà: after login the desktop was loaded with correct monitor position for all the 3 monitor!

Hope this can shed some light on this annoying Ubuntu bug...the fact that Ubuntu system settings/monitor and gnome-control-center IDs monitor in different ways is clearly the problem. I remember something similar when using Catalyst Control Center in 14.04 with fgrlx: could not get it to set it right - then, using system settings/monitor, I was able to fix it - and it stayed there until the upgrade to 16.04.

Filofel (filofel) wrote :

@davias (#108):
This works for me too!
Thanks a lot!

Please in (

- Add you to the CC list.
- Answer the developers questions.

Thank you.

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

Consider deduplicating with bug 1716341?

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

Or consider deduplicating with bug 1726538?

Rich.T. (rich.t.) on 2017-12-31
tags: added: artful
Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

No comments here for 3 months... but also I have been using the second screen saved position in my day to day work, and it works.

If anyone can still reproduce this bug with Ubuntu 18.04 then please let us know.

Changed in gnome-shell (Ubuntu):
status: Triaged → Incomplete
Roland Giesler (lifeboy) wrote :

I have this problem with Ubuntu 17.10.

Unity (17.04) didn't have this problem.

Asus Zenbook Flip: I work primarily in 2 locations. I have large monitors at each location. When I'm at home, my notebook is positioned to the left of the monitor. I have configuration set for that.

When I get to the client site, the notebook is on the right of the monitor and the monitor is bigger than the one at home. After having my home settings active, gnome does not remember my client setup and vice versa.

I expect the configuration to be restored the moment I connect a previously set up external monitor, the way it was working on Unity.

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

Did anyone else find this was fixed in 18.04? I never encountered the problem when using multi monitors, as mentioned above.

If a fix went into 18.04 somewhere then it seems the relevant bugs were not updated. So we also don't know what fixed it :P

Jan Drabner (thesheeep) wrote :

I am also on 18.04 and this bug is definitely not fixed.

Whenever I restart my PC, all the windows open on the primary monitor again, no matter where they were before.

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

Jan, that's a very different bug about window positions. Please log a new bug.

This bug is about the monitor's position in screen space being forgotten (even with zero windows open).

Changed in gnome-shell (Ubuntu):
status: Incomplete → Fix Released
kevin335200 (kevin335200) wrote :

Daniel, the problem is still not be fixed in 18.04.

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :


Please confirm you are talking about the monitor positions being forgotten and not talking about window positions?

Can anyone else reproduce this bug with 18.04 or 18.10?

Changed in gnome-shell (Ubuntu):
status: Fix Released → Incomplete
kevin335200 (kevin335200) wrote :

yes i'm talking about the monitor positions. But it seems like after some updates about gnome this month i'm not able to reproduce this problem anymore. Problem seems to be fixed.
I will reply if it happens again. Anyway thanks!

I confirm this bug with 18.10.

The configuration monitors always is lost when suspend/hibernate.

How can I solve???? Thanks.

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

I think that's possibly a different bug.

Suspend/hibernate and resume is the same session. This bug was about different sessions.

Alex Tomko (alextomko) wrote :

I also confirm this bug with fresh install Ubuntu 16.04. Any-time I leave my PC for 5 minutes, reboot or come back from a locked session my monitors go back not being aligned properly like I have saved them.

Alex Tomko (alextomko) wrote :

I am using "gnome-session-fallback" with metacity fyi.

Alex Tomko (alextomko) wrote :

I prefer to run this script from a terminal since I open one the first thing I do but found a way to fix related to what others have done with a desktop shortcut.

I tried a `systemctl service` upon login but it errors on so many items that I gave up.

Following the third answer's direction's - login with bad configuration:

     cd .config
     mv monitors.xml{,.bak}

Now set your monitors with system settings.

Copy fixed script with `wget` and put it in a path to run from terminal.

     cd /home/$USER/bin

     mkdir /home/$USER/bin


     mv monitors /home/$USER/bin/monitors

     chmod +x /home/$USER/bin/monitors

      # Run it


Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

Best I can tell, this bug was fixed (for gnome-shell) in 18.04. The latest duplicates are from Ubuntu 17.10, and the above comments about later releases appear to be different bugs from this one.

If anyone finds a similar problem in Ubuntu 18.04 or later then please run this command to create a new bug:

  ubuntu-bug gnome-shell

Changed in gnome-shell (Ubuntu):
status: Incomplete → Fix Released

alextomko, do you have same problem in 18.04?

Nick G (nick--g) wrote :

@Alberts this is still an issue in Xubuntu 18.04 :(

I have been battling with in xubuntu 16.04 and thought it would have been resolved by love for xubuntu :(

root issue:

A Work around solution:

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

This bug doesn't seem to cover Xubuntu or XFCE. If you have problems with those then please open a new bug.

P.S. Bug 1283615 has been untouched for over 4 years so it's likely the information there is now out of date.

Thomas Maier (thaier) wrote :

@muktupavels (#127): I do not have this bug in 18.04.1 LTS. My settings persist over a restart.

One thing I noticed though is that the screens are reset every time when switching to "Built-In Only" and then "Join Displays" via WindowsKey+p. A workaround I found for this is to switch back to "External only" and then to "Join displays". This restores the settings. Hope this saves anyone some time.

Chris Rainey (ckrzen) wrote :

WORKAROUND FOR UBUNTU 18.10(clean install):

Replace gdm3 with slick-greeter + lightdm-settings + gnome-screensaver + numlockx(optionally)


Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

Remember this bug is closed for Gnome Shell per comment #126.

But I understand that maybe some people are still experiencing similar problems. It appears to me one such similar problem that wouldn't have been fixed here is with laptop display switching where the set of connected displays changes (unlike a desktop). If you experience such problems with laptop display switching then please open a new bug by running:

  ubuntu-bug gnome-shell

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