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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1708862: crash if g_app_info_create_from_commandline fails Undecided New 63 weeks

From: Zhouyang Jia
Link: midori-0.5.11.patch

fix the problem by adding error handling code

Bug #1515985: GCR support only works wit gtk3-x11 backend Undecided New 153 weeks

From: Gustavo Zacarias
Link: 0002-gcr-for-x11-only.patch

Only enable GCR for gtk3-x11

Bug #1390679: Provide dpkg alternatives: gnome-www-browser Undecided Confirmed 206 weeks

From: Paul Merrill
Link: prerm.patch


Bug #1037818: In sidepanel titlebar, set alignment Medium Confirmed 217 weeks

From: Dan
Link: bug_1037818.path


Bug #782847: current as homepage button should become insensitive Low Confirmed 218 weeks

From: Dan
Link: bug_782847.patch


Bug #1188895: Bookmarks are reversed alphabetically in various places Undecided New 218 weeks

From: JaiyR
Link: patch-midori-bookmarks-db.c


Bug #767394: Paste and Go icon is confusing Medium Confirmed 222 weeks

From: Francisco Verdeja
Link: paste&go.png


Bug #894143: Unable to select multiple bookmarks for moving/deleting Undecided Confirmed 283 weeks

From: André Auzi
Link: git-midori-bookmarks-multiselection-2.patch


Bug #755026: Menu has no keyboard shortcut and can't be changed. Wishlist In Progress 292 weeks

From: Christian Dywan
Link: arrayact.diff

same patch with style fixes

Bug #1017492: bookmarks: database structure 2 Undecided In Progress 315 weeks

From: Olli
Link: bookmarks: database structure 2 (bug #1017492).diff

bookmarks: database structure 2 (bug #1017492)

Bug #1038644: Midori.Extensions in Vala Undecided In Progress 322 weeks

From: Christian Dywan
Link: wip-midori-extensions-vala.diff

Midori.Extensions in Vala

Bug #1026388: place disclosure triangles on the right side Low In Progress 324 weeks

From: Christian Dywan
Link: ellipsis-expanders-right.diff


Bug #1006629: Rearrange Bookmarks Toolbar with Drag and Drop Wishlist Confirmed 326 weeks

From: Christian Dywan
Link: bookmarkbar-drag.diff


Bug #1000596: Feature request: Bookmark all tabs Wishlist Confirmed 336 weeks

From: Patrick Haugen
Link: bookmark_all_tabs.patch


Bug #965381: closing last tab via tab bar in app mode doesn't close browser Undecided Confirmed 342 weeks

From: gue5t gue5t
Link: last-tab-closes-window.patch


Bug #898496: Use GTK3 by default (with WebKit2) High Fix Committed 345 weeks

From: Christian Dywan
Link: gtk3-by-default.diff

GTK+3 by default

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