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Bug #894143: Unable to select multiple bookmarks for moving/deleting Undecided In Progress 47 weeks

From: André Auzi
Link: git-midori-bookmarks-multiselection-2.patch


Bug #1165393: Replace text-x-javascript icon Low Confirmed 54 weeks

From: Olivier Duchateau
Link: patch-midori__midori-stock.h

replace text-x-javascript by text-x-script icon

Bug #755026: Menu has no keyboard shortcut and can't be changed. Wishlist In Progress 56 weeks

From: Christian Dywan
Link: arrayact.diff

same patch with style fixes

Bug #1017492: bookmarks: database structure 2 Undecided In Progress 80 weeks

From: Olli
Link: bookmarks: database structure 2 (bug #1017492).diff

bookmarks: database structure 2 (bug #1017492)

Bug #1038644: Midori.Extensions in Vala Undecided In Progress 86 weeks

From: Christian Dywan
Link: wip-midori-extensions-vala.diff

Midori.Extensions in Vala

Bug #1032477: Middle clicking empty space just above open tab opens new tab instead of closing it Undecided Confirmed 89 weeks

From: gue5t gue5t
Link: click-between-tabs.patch


Bug #1026388: place disclosure triangles on the right side Low In Progress 89 weeks

From: Christian Dywan
Link: ellipsis-expanders-right.diff


Bug #1006629: Rearrange Bookmarks Toolbar with Drag and Drop Wishlist Confirmed 91 weeks

From: Christian Dywan
Link: bookmarkbar-drag.diff


Bug #1000596: Feature request: Bookmark all tabs Wishlist Confirmed 100 weeks

From: Patrick Haugen
Link: bookmark_all_tabs.patch


Bug #965381: closing last tab via tab bar in app mode doesn't close browser Undecided Confirmed 106 weeks

From: gue5t gue5t
Link: last-tab-closes-window.patch


Bug #898496: Use GTK3 by default (with WebKit2) High In Progress 109 weeks

From: Christian Dywan
Link: gtk3-by-default.diff

GTK+3 by default

Bug #836729: Cookie Whitelist Wishlist Triaged 137 weeks

From: Olli
Link: cookie-whitelist-core.patch


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