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Bug #965520: Improve installation documentation High Confirmed 381 weeks

From: Saprative
Link: install_doc.patch

Installation Guide

Bug #1427979: Documentation mistake Undecided In Progress 382 weeks

From: Rashi Karanpuria
Link: mlist-addresses.diff


Bug #1287604: Enhancement: Sanity Check Subscribers MX Record Undecided New 384 weeks

From: John Howe
Link: mailman-2.1.18-1_enhancement-1287604_validate-email-address-mx-record_v2.diff


Bug #967951: The LMTP runner should reject messages with duplicate Message-IDs High In Progress 385 weeks

From: Aanand

Diff file for

Bug #1333902: Mailman 3.0 goes awry when handling messages in an unexpected format Undecided New 418 weeks

From: NotTheEvilOne
Link: 0003-mailman-enforce-expected-message-instance-for-runner.patch

Ensure handles a Mailman "Message" instance

Bug #1317239: branch 2.1-pgp-smime: exception, undefined sigfilename Undecided New 425 weeks

From: Kai Engert
Link: gpg-smime-sigfilename.patch

ensure sigfilename is defined v2

Bug #1202395: sync_members crashes for UTF-8 real name Undecided New 467 weeks

From: Cedders
Link: mailman-sync-members-unicode.patch

Remove encode method in 2 lines per MS's post

Bug #266119: need to sort by domain before submitting to MTA Medium New 467 weeks

From: Jared Mauch
Link: mailman.patch


Bug #1124313: Archiver does not support GBK encoding Undecided New 489 weeks

From: Bojie Li
Link: HyperArch.patch

patch for /Mailman/Archiver/ (revision 1374)

Bug #1023681: bin/mailman -C config start does not work with a relativ config path Undecided Confirmed 520 weeks

From: AlexanderS
Link: bin-master-absolute-config-path.patch


Bug #558106: A MemberAdaptor for LDAP-based membership Undecided New 542 weeks

From: fs-physik-bielefeld
Link: LDAPMemberships.diff


Bug #867611: Patch to send password reminders per-list. Wishlist Triaged 560 weeks

From: Mark Sapiro
Link: mailpasswds.patch

Patch to enable per-list password reminders

Bug #826861: doctests failing on Centos 6 due to "unprintable" error objects High Incomplete 567 weeks

From: Stephen A. Goss
Link: mm3_826861.patch


Bug #266771: Web interface to sync_members Medium New 577 weeks

From: Tokio Kikuchi
Link: synchronize.patch.txt

Add synchronize function in mass subscription web ui

Bug #793669: feature request. change the 'list my other subscriptions' to also report if the other subscriptions are enabled or disabled Low Triaged 577 weeks

From: Mark Sapiro
Link: options.patch.txt

patch to add ', nomail' and/or ', digest' to lists

Bug #786932: Feature request: Option to trust list owners' HTML Undecided New 579 weeks

From: Cedders
Link: mailman-tolerant-edit-setting.patch

patch to add option to allow owner's HTML and scripts

Bug #265908: Unsub instructions difficult to find Medium New 585 weeks

From: Cedders
Link: mailman-listinfo.diff

Reformat listinfo template

Bug #706971: A Small Fix for Digest Mode's Turkish Translation Undecided New 596 weeks

From: maidis
Link: templates-tr-options-digest-mode-translation-fix.diff


Bug #265627: Text and link colors in web interface Medium Confirmed 597 weeks

From: Michal Suchanek
Link: mailman-textcolor-simple.diff

a patch against 2.1 branch

Bug #690656: Typo in russian translation ("данномуму") Undecided New 602 weeks

From: Vladimir Rutsky
Link: mailman-ru-typo.patch

Fix for typo

Bug #244233: Logrotate is noisy with: Re-opening all log files Undecided New 602 weeks

From: Imre Gergely
Link: mailman-hardy.diff


Bug #266465: teach firefox that different lists may have different passwo Medium New 630 weeks

From: Thorsten Glaser
Link: mailman_2.1.11-11ff1.debdiff

debdiff (experimental) against lenny version

Bug #266375: mailman corrupts RFC2047-encoded headers Medium New 632 weeks

From: A.M. Kuchling
Link: rfc2047-patch.txt

Possible fix

Bug #266588: Add SpamAssassin filter to mail pipeline Low Confirmed 636 weeks

From: Mark Sapiro
Link: spamd.patch patch to fix shunting when SA times out.

Bug #530952: mailman-3.0.0a5 fails bin/test on MacOSX Undecided Fix Committed 643 weeks

From: Richard Wackerbarth
Link: Patch to Mailman 3.0.txt

Patch to fix fake_root path in test_configfile

Bug #400422: An archive for the last 30 days Undecided New 676 weeks

From: Ryan Hughes
Link: last30days.diff

this is against 2.1.12.

Bug #398030: A CSS-controlled mailman interface Undecided New 677 weeks

From: Ryan Hughes
Link: template.diff


Bug #373083: MM changes content-transfer-encoding when adding footer/scrubbing Undecided Confirmed 685 weeks

From: Petr Hroudný
Link: decorate4.patch


Bug #266263: NNTP gatewaying trashes Message-IDs Low Triaged 689 weeks

From: phaidros
Link: 400_NNTP-MsgID-Handling.dpatch


Bug #300176: SpamBayes support for gate_news Undecided New 710 weeks

From: Skip Montanaro
Link: gate.diff

SpamBayes patch against 2.1.11 gate_news

Bug #285820: Uniform URL handling on default archiver Undecided New 714 weeks

From: RickvanderZwet
Link: mailman-2-1-11.diff


Bug #266430: where the moderator is to login Medium New 755 weeks

From: Jidanni
Link: patch


Bug #266858: Don't munge reply-to if one already exists -- feature reques Medium New 792 weeks

From: Auvor
Link: leave_existing_reply_to_alone.diff

Incomplete diff to illustrate the request

Bug #266846: PHP in mailman templates Medium New 819 weeks

From: Fmouse-users

Patches to ~mailman/Mailman/Cgi/

Bug #266369: check_data check if it's a dir Medium New 820 weeks

From: S0undt3ch
Link: mailman-svn-2.2-directory-check.patch


Bug #266231: Utils.ScriptURL() doesn't generate relative URLs Medium New 895 weeks

From: Dwpoon
Link: mailman-2.1.6rc3-relpath.patch

Fix for Utils.ScriptURL() (patch against 2.1.6rc3)

Bug #266108: uncaught archiver exception [PATCH] Medium New 935 weeks

From: Warner-users
Link: mm.diff

patch to import Errors

Bug #266104: init script starts multiple master daemons Medium New 936 weeks

From: Steveknodle
Link: mailman-2.1-mailmanctl-restart.patch

patch mailmanctl for cleaner startup.

Bug #266099: please do not install Mailman/ when using DESTDIR Medium New 938 weeks

From: Jeff42

Bug #266571: new mlist option send_reminder_frequency Low Confirmed 947 weeks

From: Doko-users
Link: mm-reminder-2.1.4.diff

updated patch for 2.1.4

Bug #266014: Deprecated option DEFAULT_HOST_NAME is used in Medium New 963 weeks

From: The-olo
Link: mailman-2.1.4_DEFAULT_URL_HOST.patch

Patch for Mailman 2.1.4

Bug #265970: adding mime type for shortcut icon Medium New 977 weeks

From: Pioppo-users
Link: x-icon.diff


Bug #266553: Archive indexer control to improve index Low Confirmed 978 weeks

From: Ppsys
Link: indexing-2.1.3-0.1.patch

indexing-2.1.3-0.1.patch is a MM 2.1.3 compatible version of the patch

Bug #265959: encode_ascii_prefixes was already deprecated Medium New 983 weeks

From: Tokio Kikuchi
Link: patch

clean up patch

Bug #265958: Cosmetic: Held Posting section has no heading Medium New 984 weeks

From: Hatukanezumi-users
Link: mailman-2.1-fixheader.patch


Bug #265926: authorizing to private archives with sitepass fails Medium New 994 weeks

From: Followme
Link: private_arch_auth_w_sitepass.patch

Private archives authorization with sitepass fix

Bug #266554: Integration of Mailman and htdig for archiving Low Confirmed 1014 weeks

From: Ppsys
Link: htdig-2.1-0.3.patch

Bug fixes for MM 2.1 final version

Bug #266674: Configurable absolute URLs for scripts Low New 1024 weeks

From: Forsberg-users
Link: mailman-absolute-scripts.patch

Better patch - patch instead of Better paths in patch.

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