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Bug #1580729: Error en escaneo de imagenes Undecided New 13 days

From: ofitec
Link: Error p MFP M127fn.png

Errore de escaneo

Bug #1427652: hpfax tries to write bytecode cache in CUPS backend directory Undecided New 20 weeks

From: Jiri Popelka
Link: 0001-Add-B-flag-to-python-shebang.patch


Bug #1480152: Hplip does not work with Python3: Unicode error Undecided New 43 weeks

From: Gaurav Sood
Link: sixext.patch


Bug #1422004: crashed with AttributeError in __init__(): 'module' object has no attribute 'MainLoop' High Fix Committed 55 weeks

From: Till Kamppeter
Link: hplip_3.15.2-0ubuntu4_3.15.2-0ubuntu4.1.debdiff


Bug #1435022: hpaio.c contains localOnly condition, that breaks saned Undecided New 61 weeks

From: Dambaev Alexander
Link: fix-hpaio-local-only.patch


Bug #1245578: cannot disable JPEG compression when scanning (Deskjet 3520 All-in-one) Undecided Confirmed 64 weeks

From: Luboš Doležel
Link: hpscan-final.patch


Bug #1405212: DeskJet 990C A4 ImageableArea gives wrong margin Undecided New 74 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-dj990c-margin.patch


Bug #1352316: HP 8610 All In One Duplex Printing Issue in Ubuntu Undecided Confirmed 79 weeks

From: Jens Jäschke
Link: HP_Officejet_Pro_8620_duplex.ppd

patched ppd for the OfficeJet Pro 8620 to enable duplex printing

Bug #802999: Incorrect IEEE 1284 Device IDs for many models Undecided New 81 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-deviceIDs-ppd.patch

3.14.10 patch for compressed PPDs

Bug #1388007: Incorrect call to hpmudext.device_open Undecided Confirmed 82 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-device_open.patch


Bug #1367774: No tooltips in toolbox actions list Undecided New 89 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-tooltip.patch


Bug #1362533: HP Color LaserJet CP1215 - wrong color alignment Undecided New 91 weeks

From: Jordi Sayol
Link: foo2zjs-20140519dfsg0.patch

yellow misalignment patch for foo2zjs-20140519dfsg0

Bug #1350038: Regression: systray needs compatibility adjustments to work with plasma5 Undecided New 95 weeks

From: Harald Sitter
Link: process-events-for-systray.patch


Bug #1308472: Encoding mismatch Undecided New 98 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-codec.patch


Bug #1318956: need more than 1 value to unpack Undecided Fix Committed 101 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-avahi-parsing.patch


Bug #1322106: WIFI scanner for printer "HP Deskjet 3070A" and "hp photosmart b210 +" are not detected. Undecided New 105 weeks

From: Thierry EL BORGI
Link: ordissimo.patch

patch ordissimo

Bug #1318276: HPLip creates user config dir before checking for superuser Undecided New 106 weeks

From: Maksym Kit
Link: check-superuser-first.patch

Check for superuser

Bug #1302697: scan to temporary file can run out of space Undecided New 112 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-scan-tmp.patch

Here's a patch to make that change

Bug #1302437: hplip cups backends crash constantly Undecided Confirmed 112 weeks

From: Till Kamppeter
Link: musb-c-do-not-crash-on-usb-failure.patch


Bug #1298194: HP LaserJet 4000 PostScript PPD buggy Undecided New 113 weeks

From: Jean Tourrilhes
Link: HP4000.ppd.diff


Bug #1278793: hp-setup incorrectly modifies device URI with hostname Undecided New 119 weeks

From: Arnaud Fontaine
Link: hplip-fix-typos.patch

Fix typos

Bug #1266083: SANE Backend Memory Leak Undecided Fix Committed 124 weeks

From: Ariel S
Link: hplip-leak.patch

hplip's sclpml memory leak

Bug #1073197: logger has problems with errors/warnings containing non-ascii chars Undecided New 136 weeks

From: Jiri Popelka
Link: 0001-Fix-Logger.fatal.patch


Bug #1237462: [Errno 5] Input/output error Undecided New 137 weeks

From: Jiri Popelka
Link: 0001-Logger.log-silence-IOError.patch

work-around patch

Bug #1201767: bad error logging when hpfax/hpps initialization fails Undecided New 137 weeks

From: Jiri Popelka
Link: 0001-fix-error-logging-during-initialization.patch

better patch - contains fix also for hpps filter

Bug #1236015: only PDF output is supported when using the ADF Undecided New 137 weeks

From: launch pad sucks
Link: hp-scan.diff

support non-pdf output for adf scanning

Bug #726213: NetBSD needs <math.h> too. Undecided New 141 weeks

From: Eric Schnnoebelen
Link: patch-ad

Updated for 3.13.9

Bug #1219111: hp-setup, hp-scan et. al. crash when no usb on system Undecided New 143 weeks

From: Leigh Brown
Link: hpmud-musb-no-usb-devices.diff

Detect libusb_init() errors

Bug #726218: Have use path variables instead of absolute paths Undecided New 148 weeks

From: Eric Schnnoebelen
Link: patch-ae

Updated patch for 3.13.6

Bug #1186406: 3.13.5 HPCupsFilter.cpp flooding syslog Undecided New 156 weeks

From: Timothy E. Harris
Link: remove-syslog-flooding-debugging-lines-in-HPCupsFilter


Bug #1174736: ModelData.__getitem__() does not check self.released_dat existence prior to reading it Undecided New 160 weeks

From: Jiri Popelka
Link: hplip-3.13.4-released_dat.patch

suggested patch

Bug #782706: Some of the print modes for DeskJet 845C are incorrectly defined Undecided New 161 weeks
Bug #1158142: Patch to add BOSS 4.0 /4.1 in Hplip Auto installer Undecided New 166 weeks

From: prem
Link: boss4.patch

BOSS 4 patch

Bug #1085863: small footprint driver package ( Undecided New 181 weeks

From: Sanjay Kumar
Link: PPDs.tar.gz

HP Pin Print Enabled PPDs

Bug #1082798: mdns doesn't see responses from OfficejetPro 8500 printer Undecided New 182 weeks

From: Glenn Wurster
Link: mdns.patch

Patch to listen on mdns multicast address for responses

Bug #1073228: utils.XMLToDictParser().parseXML() shouldn't encode input to 'utf-8' Undecided In Progress 186 weeks

From: Jiri Popelka
Link: hplip-3.12.10a.parseXML.patch

suggested patch

Bug #1073192: Should ensure valid UTF-8, since CUPS doesn't Undecided New 186 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-ensure-utf8.patch


Bug #1070758: can't run hp-check without GUI Undecided New 187 weeks

From: Jiri Popelka
Link: check_pynotify.patch

this patch fixes the problem for me

Bug #1061861: crashed with AttributeError in getStatusFromDeviceID(): 'Device' object has no attribute 'raw_deviceID' Undecided In Progress 188 weeks

From: Amarnath Chitumalla

Bug #1065582: Can't add a parallel printer Undecided Fix Committed 189 weeks

From: Till Kamppeter
Link: hplip-release-parport.patch


Bug #1061099: hp-scan fails in directory which contains unicode chars Undecided New 190 weeks

From: Daniel Pielmeier
Link: fix-unicode.diff

Patch fixing scaning from directory containing unicode characters

Bug #1055941: Upgrade to 3.9.12 problem Undecided New 191 weeks

From: Sanjay Kumar
Link: hplipfull-3.12.9-0.i386.rpm

HPLIP RPM with hpcus support

Bug #1026666: doesn't build against CUPS 1.6 Undecided New 198 weeks
Bug #1029052: An I/O Error Occurred. Check the USB conection. WiFi Configuration HP Deskjet 3050 610a Undecided New 200 weeks

From: Gaurav Sood
Link: 3050patch.txt


Bug #961995: Leaves parallel port file descriptor open Undecided New 218 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-release-usb.patch

Here's the fix for that one too

Bug #957377: Draft printing fails on some printers due to resolution mismatch Undecided New 219 weeks

From: Johnson Mathew Easow
Link: patch.txt


Bug #906602: HPLIP Toolbox reports wrong ink for HP Deskjet 1000 Undecided Fix Committed 231 weeks

From: Amarnath Chitumalla
Link: models.dat


Bug #666780: hplip-3.{9,10}, blob dynamically resolves its "statically" linked symbols Undecided New 234 weeks

From: Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz
Link: hplip-binary-fixup.patch

Patch binary plugin at installation time

Bug #891360: hplip won't work with HP CP1217 printer in Fedora 16 Undecided Fix Committed 236 weeks

From: goutam kodu
Link: distro.dat.patch


Bug #880847: please move udev rules to /lib/udev/rules.d Undecided New 239 weeks

From: Jiri Popelka
Link: udev-rules.patch


Bug #785199: hpcups driver for Photosmart c5380 does not support CDDVD Undecided New 262 weeks

From: Reinhold Kainhofer
Link: hp-photosmart_c5300_series.ppd.patch

Patch to add CD-printing capabilities for the C5380

Bug #508152: Incorrect paper size or type Undecided In Progress 263 weeks

From: Sanjay Kumar
Link: hp-photosmart_b8500_series_Latest.ppd


Bug #726211: correct macro used to set the icon directory in Undecided New 273 weeks

From: Eric Schnnoebelen
Link: patch-ab


Bug #726210: remove use of obsolete ftime(2) Undecided Fix Committed 273 weeks

From: Eric Schnnoebelen
Link: patch-ac

replace ftime() with gettimeofday()

Bug #726207: patch to improve portability of Undecided New 273 weeks

From: Eric Schnnoebelen
Link: patch-aa

From NetBSD's pkgsrc-wip tree -- portability changes.

Bug #695078: should use dll.d, not dll.conf Undecided New 282 weeks

From: John Freed

Bug #694216: HPLIP on Mac OS X Undecided In Progress 283 weeks

From: John Freed
Link: patch-prnt_hpijs_ljzjscolor.cpp


Bug #693509: HP Deskjet 3920 printing blank pages in every OS except Ubuntu Maverick Undecided Confirmed 283 weeks

From: Till Kamppeter
Link: add-lidil-two-cartridge-modes.patch

Patch to let LIDIL PPDs default to two-cartridge modes

Bug #418053: State reason changes missed due to missing newline on stderr Low Confirmed 285 weeks

From: Till Kamppeter
Link: add_missing_newline_for_error_log.patch

Fix for another missing newline

Bug #675936: Some colors printed wrong (hpcups, big-endian platform, 3.13.8) Undecided Confirmed 286 weeks

From: Yash
Link: CommonDefinitions.h.patch


Bug #678263: Patch for to warn about dangerous LC_CTYPE Undecided New 287 weeks

From: David Levine

Patch to add warning about LC_CTYPE to

Bug #674570: cupsext password callback doesn't work Undecided New 289 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-addprinter.patch


Bug #662784: hpijs: state reasons are persistent Undecided New 292 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-hpijs-marker-supply.patch


Bug #235399: "Print black" does not use black ink cartridge High In Progress 297 weeks

From: Till Kamppeter
Link: add-lidil-two-cartridge-modes.patch

Patch which fixes this bug

Bug #625774: make install fails (hardcoded directories) Undecided New 299 weeks

From: Grégoire Sutre
Link: fix-paths.diff


Bug #589719: LaserJet 8150 has wrong ImageableArea and FileVersion PPD-VERSION-STRING Undecided New 312 weeks

From: Jiri Popelka
Link: hplip-ppd-ImageableArea.patch

Setting ImageableArea values in hp-laserjet_8150_mfp-ps.ppd to more appropriate values.

Bug #552431: hpcups ljcolor and ljmono drivers need cupsEvenDuplex=False Undecided New 321 weeks

From: Seb James

The change I made to hplip-3.9.12 to resolve this problem locally

Bug #497877: Support Application Indicators Undecided New 322 weeks

From: smithj
Link: hplip-497877.patch


Bug #489839: hplip ships a very old version of python-pexpect Undecided New 338 weeks

From: Mark Purcell
Link: pexpect.diff

Diff between 2006/2008 pexpect

Bug #482675: hpcups dies with signal 11 during cleanup, job remains in CUPS queue Undecided New 338 weeks

From: martin_jacobs
Link: hpcups.Encapsulator_cpp.signal-11.patch

Fixes out-of-bounds error in addToHeader

Bug #485994: CUPS page logging (page_log) broken with backend hp Undecided New 340 weeks

From: martin_jacobs
Link: hpcups.backend.hp.page_log.patch

fixes missing PAGE: messages on stderr

Bug #458999: No longer retries hpmud_open_device Undecided New 343 weeks

From: Tim Waugh
Link: hplip-retry-open.patch

hplip-retry-open.patch (with CLASS handling)

Bug #335662: [jaunty] hplip status service cannot find system tray Undecided Fix Committed 344 weeks

From: Pacho Ramos
Link: hplip-systray.patch


Bug #419834: Needs porting to policykit-1 Undecided Confirmed 351 weeks

From: Stan Dolson
Link: pkit.diff

Port of HPLIP PolicyKit support to polkit-1

Bug #417852: Draft, Normal and Best quality options produce the same output (always bad) Undecided In Progress 352 weeks

From: Lucabon
Link: hplip-3.9.8.patch.gz

Patch for Best-Plain mode

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