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Bug #1796501: systemd-resolved tries to mitigate DVE-2018-0001 even if DNSSEC=yes Medium In Progress systemd 2 days

From: Bryan Quigley
Link: systemd_241-7ubuntu2.debdiff

eoan debdiff

Bug #1842388: Timeout waiting for hardware access (CSR_GP_CNTRL 0xffffffff) with backport-iwlwifi-dkms 7744 against 4.15.0-1051-oem Undecided Fix Committed linux-oem 12 days

From: AceLan Kao
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-SAUCE-PCI-PM-Don-t-call-pci_finish_runtime_su.patch


Bug #1834340: Regression for GMail after libssl upgrade with TLSv1.3 Undecided Incomplete asterisk 2 weeks

From: Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
Link: asterisk_eoan.debdiff


Bug #1834340: Regression for GMail after libssl upgrade with TLSv1.3 Undecided Incomplete mailsync 2 weeks

From: Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
Link: asterisk_eoan.debdiff


Bug #1834340: Regression for GMail after libssl upgrade with TLSv1.3 Undecided In Progress prayer 2 weeks

From: Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
Link: asterisk_eoan.debdiff


Bug #1828596: kdump fails when crash is triggered after DLPAR cpu add operation Undecided Fix Committed makedumpfile 3 weeks
Bug #1841288: does not create compressed dump on 5.0 or later kernels Undecided Fix Committed makedumpfile 3 weeks
Bug #1841378: MACVLAN= in .nspawn file vs command line results in /sys/class/net showing host interfaces Undecided New systemd 3 weeks

From: Steve Dodd
Link: nspawn-fix.diff


Bug #1840236: Horizontal corrupted line at top of screen caused by framebuffer compression Undecided Fix Committed linux-oem-osp1 3 weeks

From: You-Sheng Yang
Link: 0001-drm-i915-fbc-disable-framebuffer-compression-on-IceL.patch


Bug #1836823: python-acme will break on November 1st High Triaged python-acme 3 weeks

From: James Hebden
Link: ubuntu-certbot-0.31.0-2.debdiff

Package debdiff for building on all current Ubuntu versions

Bug #1811730: Thermald does not set max CPU after reseting the voltage using RAPL Undecided Fix Committed thermald 4 weeks

From: Anthony Wong
Link: debdiff.patch


Bug #1839890: openafs 1.8.0~pre5-1ubuntu1 fails to build on 5.0 kernels Medium Incomplete openafs 5 weeks

From: Connor Kuehl
Link: openafs_1.8.0~pre5-1ubuntu1.1.debdiff


Bug #1839290: systemd doesn't restart a service after crashes Medium New systemd 5 weeks

From: Vladimir Kononov
Link: lp-1839290-xenial.debdiff

debdiff for xenial systemd branch

Bug #1839236: failed to configure linux-firmware in minimal cloud image based vm in cloud-init: Can't open /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf Undecided New linux-firmware 6 weeks

From: You-Sheng Yang
Link: autopkgtest-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud.patch

patch to add --minimal to autopkgtest-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud

Bug #1741860: Use the kernel default for crashkernel offset High Fix Committed makedumpfile 7 weeks

From: Connor Kuehl
Link: makedumpfile_1.6.5-1ubuntu3.1.debdiff


Bug #1834138: PA: Don't restore the streams to sinks/sources with only unavailable ports High Incomplete pulseaudio 7 weeks

From: Daniel van Vugt
Link: pulseaudio_11.1-1ubuntu7.4.debdiff


Bug #1681909: kdump is not captured in remote host when kdump over ssh is configured Medium Fix Committed makedumpfile 8 weeks
Bug #1753376: Freecad's start workbench points to missing webgui -> almost empty gui Low New freecad 9 weeks

From: Zachary Gummow
Link: freecad_0.16.6712+dfsg1-1ubuntu3.debdiff


Bug #1836215: [DELL][BIONICS] Redpine driver got crashed during shutdown/reboot Undecided New linux 9 weeks
Bug #1783906: Linux 4.15 and onwards fails to initialize some hard drives Medium Confirmed linux 10 weeks

From: Michał Wadowski
Link: 0001-Fix-for-initialize-drives-not-capable-to-handle-maxi.patch


Bug #1800562: Remove obsolete "nousb" option in kdump command-line for newer kernels High Confirmed makedumpfile 10 weeks

From: Guilherme G. Piccoli
Link: lp1800562_eoan.debdiff


Bug #1800566: Make reset_devices parameter default for kdump and decouple kdump systemd service from the KDUMP_CMDLINE_APPEND High Confirmed makedumpfile 10 weeks

From: Guilherme G. Piccoli
Link: lp1800566_eoan.debdiff


Bug #1556439: pulseaudio crashed with SIGABRT in pa_sink_input_assert_ref() from pa_sink_input_finish_move() from pa_sink_move_all_finish() from card_set_profile() from pa_card_set_profile High Fix Committed pulseaudio 11 weeks

From: Daniel van Vugt
Link: pulseaudio_11.1-1ubuntu7.3.debdiff


Bug #1815684: [SRU] Please accept zeroc-ice to supported releases Low New zeroc-ice 12 weeks

From: José Gutiérrez de la Concha
Link: cosmic-debdiff.diff


Bug #1833484: Sometimes touchpad automatically trigger double click Undecided Triaged linux 12 weeks

From: AceLan Kao
Link: v2-0001-UBUNTU-SAUCE-i2c-designware-Add-disable-runtime-p.patch


Bug #1773324: [SRU] rabbitmqadmin shows %%VSN%% as version Medium Triaged rabbitmq-server 14 weeks

From: Alvin Joseph Tang
Link: 1-1.0-1ubuntu3.debdiff


Bug #1804542: [SRU] Multiple intermittent socket failures during name resolutions Medium Triaged bind9 14 weeks

From: Bryce Harrington
Link: fix-socket-failures-during-name-resolution.patch

Backport of the upstream fixes

Bug #1795420: [SRU] Keepalived update from 1.2.19 to 1.2.24 breaks support for /dev/tcp health check High Triaged keepalived 14 weeks

From: Bryce Harrington
Link: 0001-Fix-vrrp_script-and-check_misc-scripts-of-type-dev-t.patch


Bug #1556302: Ubuntu patch to add HOME to env_keep makes custom commands vulnerable by default Low In Progress sudo 15 weeks

From: Dan Streetman
Link: lp1556302-eoan.debdiff


Bug #1581864: nginx.service: Failed to read PID from file /run/ Invalid argument Low Confirmed nginx 15 weeks

From: TJ
Link: nginx-fix-pidfile.8.patch

Bring PID creation into parent process v3

Bug #1830796: [Bionic][ARM64]Failure debugging linux kernel High Fix Committed gdb 16 weeks

From: Manoj Iyer
Link: gdb-fix-tagged-pointer-support.diff

Fix tagged pointer support.

Bug #1830746: memlock setting in systemd (pid 1) too low for containers (bionic) Undecided New systemd 16 weeks

From: Kees Bos
Link: fix-memlock-bump.patch


Bug #1810043: netplan apply fails if NIC alias exists Undecided Fix Committed 18 weeks

From: Deltik

Tolerate devices that no longer exist or otherwise do not appear in /sys/class/net/

Bug #1754671: Full-tunnel VPN DNS leakage regression High In Progress network-manager 18 weeks

From: Till Kamppeter
Link: systemd_237-3ubuntu10.21_237-3ubuntu10.22.debdiff


Bug #1786574: remove i2c-i801 from blacklist Undecided In Progress kmod 18 weeks

From: AaronMa
Link: 0002-Input-synaptics-remove-X240-from-the-topbuttonpad-li.patch


Bug #1827346: Power: Fail to set delay time when the value is 90 minutes Undecided Fix Committed gnome-control-center 19 weeks

From: ethan.hsieh
Link: xenial.diff


Bug #520546: [SRU]Alt+KEY incorrectly behaves like Ctrl+Alt+KEY, and/or unwanted VT switch from Alt+Left/Right High Confirmed linux 20 weeks

From: Balint Reczey
Link: console-setup_1.108ubuntu15.6.patch


Bug #520546: [SRU]Alt+KEY incorrectly behaves like Ctrl+Alt+KEY, and/or unwanted VT switch from Alt+Left/Right Undecided Fix Committed kbd 20 weeks

From: Balint Reczey
Link: console-setup_1.108ubuntu15.6.patch


Bug #1804865: Lua dynamic libraries isn't enabled Low In Progress scite 21 weeks
Bug #1809407: [nvidia] Corrupted wallpaper after resuming from suspend or hibernation Undecided Confirmed mutter 21 weeks

From: Jeremy Soller
Link: nvidia-background-workaround.patch


Bug #1823857: Backport to bionic a patch for improved fractional scaling Undecided Fix Committed gnome-control-center 23 weeks

From: Mitar
Link: scaling-displays.patch


Bug #1815626: [SRU] Update geary to bug-fix release 0.12.4 in Bionic Low In Progress geary 23 weeks

From: Amr Ibrahim
Link: geary_0.12.0-1ubuntu1_0.12.4-4~ubuntu18.04.1~ppa1.diff


Bug #1749942: Smokeping 2.6.11-4 probe FPing is not compatible with fping 4.0 when setting sourceaddress option. Low New smokeping 25 weeks

From: Gabriel Filion
Link: smokeping-2.6.11-4.debdiff

this patch is based on the package in bionic

Bug #1814118: Make RPi.GPIO work on arm64 Medium Fix Committed rpi.gpio 26 weeks

From: Dave Jones
Link: rpi.gpio_0.6.5.patch

debdiff from rpi.gpio 0.6.3

Bug #1819454: resize does not work if partition is already bigger than fsystem Medium New initramfs-tools-devices 27 weeks

From: Alfonso Sanchez-Beato
Link: debdiff.patch


Bug #1816040: ECDSA XML signature generation segmentation fault Medium New xml-security-c 29 weeks

From: Alejandro Claro
Link: 1.7.2-2ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #1805183: systemd-resolved constantly restarts on Bionic upgraded from Xenial Medium In Progress systemd 38 weeks

From: dat
Link: 0001-avoid-restarting-resolved-on-dhclient.patch


Bug #1805358: autopkgtest boot-and-services fails on many architectures very often since systemd/239-7ubuntu12 Undecided New systemd 42 weeks

From: Christian Ehrhardt 
Link: 0001-d-t-boot-and-services-ignore-flaky-results-on-gdm-in.patch

autopkgtests: Ignore a the gdm start which is known to be flaky

Bug #1781746: [SRU] Slow startup with zram-config installed (/dev/zram0) or encrypted swap Undecided Triaged initramfs-tools 46 weeks

From: Mantas Kriaučiūnas
Link: 312393b0cf1231125eeff3d1a2b6b778a935c21d.diff

Patch from Debian initramfs-tools 0.132 to fix booting when zram swap is enabled

Bug #1769132: ubuntu18.04's libfreetype6 2.8.1 has a bug of rendering bitmap font Medium Confirmed freetype 47 weeks

Link: fix_bitmap_emboldening.patch


Bug #1784757: [SRU] rabbitmq-server does not properly shutdown Medium Incomplete rabbitmq-server 48 weeks

From: Alex Tomkins
Link: rabbitmq-stop-shutdown.patch


Bug #1797287: obsolete URL in meta data Low New wmctrl 48 weeks

From: Rolf Leggewie
Link: LP1797287.debdiff

patch for cosmic

Bug #1795919: fs quota calculation is wrong Undecided Triaged dovecot 49 weeks

From: Thomas Sommer
Link: quota-fs.diff


Bug #1731459: genesys_gl847 scanners produce a black band in scanned images on Ubuntu 17.10+, 18.04 LTS and 18.10 Cosmic cuttlefish Medium Fix Committed sane-backends 49 weeks

From: Gabriel N.
Link: genesys.c.diff


Bug #1793444: [wishlist] Request to support software raid devices Undecided New casper 51 weeks

From: Woodrow Shen
Link: add-md-support-v2.patch


Bug #1790299: Quotes author shown with html code Medium Triaged variety 54 weeks

From: Elon Bing
Link: 0001-Fix-bug-1790299-Launchpad-Quotes-author-shown-with-h.patch


Bug #1759014: Netplan has no way to control DHCP client Undecided Confirmed systemd 54 weeks

From: Alan Johnson
Link: dhcp_options.patch


Bug #1789638: azure 4.15 kernel: reading sysfs file causing oops Medium In Progress linux 54 weeks

From: Joshua R. Poulson
Link: 0001-hv_vmbus-dont-return-values-for-uninitialized-channels.patch


Bug #1788623: regression: IPv6 PMTU discovery fails with source-specific routing High Confirmed linux 55 weeks

From: Mikael Magnusson
Link: 0001-net-ipv6-route-Fix-PMTU-for-source-specific-routes.patch

net/ipv6/route: Fix PMTU for source-specific routes

Bug #1752411: bind9-host, hang forever causes network connections to get stuck Undecided Confirmed bind9 56 weeks

From: Trent Lloyd
Link: lp1752411-avahi-host-timeout-cosmic.patch


Bug #1762593: anki crashed with ModuleNotFoundError in /usr/share/anki/anki/ No module named 'distutils.spawn' High Triaged anki 56 weeks

From: Rolf Leggewie
Link: LP1762593.debdiff

debdiff for bionic

Bug #1771272: Firefox didn't use the OS default locale Undecided Confirmed ubuntu-defaults-zh-cn 59 weeks

From: Jonas Juodė
Link: dh_ubuntu_defaults-firefox-use-default-locale.patch

Patch for adding intl.locale.requested="" in dh_ubuntu_defaults

Bug #1771272: Firefox didn't use the OS default locale Undecided New ubuntu-defaults-builder 59 weeks

From: Jonas Juodė
Link: dh_ubuntu_defaults-firefox-use-default-locale.patch

Patch for adding intl.locale.requested="" in dh_ubuntu_defaults

Bug #1782735: [SRU] catfish 1.4.6, New upstream microrelease Medium In Progress catfish 60 weeks

From: Sean Davis
Link: bionic.debdiff


Bug #1779962: rpc.gssd truncates 32-bit UIDs/GIDs to 16 bits, leading to "Key has expired" errors when using kerberos Undecided Confirmed nfs-utils 61 weeks

From: Steve Dickson
Link: 0001-rpc.gssd-truncates-32-bit-UIDs-GIDs-to-16-bits-archi.patch


Bug #1780071: Error in system information after logging in to your account Medium In Progress landscape-client 61 weeks

From: Simon Poirier
Link: bionic.debdiff


Bug #1772024: linux 4.13.0-42.47 ADT test failure with linux 4.13.0-42.47 (nbd-smoke-test) Undecided New linux 65 weeks
Bug #1776887: Critical upstream bugfix missing in Ubuntu 18.04 - frequent Xorg crash after suspend High Fix Committed linux 65 weeks

From: Alan Jenkins
Link: 0001-block-do-not-use-interruptible-wait-anywhere.patch

A copy of the original patch that was merged upstream

Bug #1673255: drbd udev rule with multiple symlinks fails Low In Progress drbd-utils 68 weeks

From: Dan Streetman
Link: lp1673255-cosmic.debdiff


Bug #1769980: Intel WiFi Linux driver update for ETSI 5GHz Adaptivity Requirement Undecided Confirmed linux 69 weeks

From: Anthony Wong
Link: crda_3.13-1ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #1769958: broken clipboard Undecided New gsequencer 71 weeks

From: Joël Krähemann
Link: fix-clipboard.patch


Bug #1767760: plymouth timeout prevents x-server from correct initialization Undecided New plymouth 72 weeks

From: Thomas Schustek
Link: timeout-for-ping-fix.patch

Increases time-out for plymouth ping

Bug #1767539: Security fixes from 0.12.5 require backfit to earlier releases High Confirmed quassel 72 weeks

From: Scott Kitterman

Trusty fix

Bug #1765998: FS access deadlock with btrfs quotas enabled High Triaged linux 73 weeks

From: Michael Sparmann
Link: 0002-qgroup_accounting_fix.patch


Bug #1765379: nfp: flower: fixes for cmesg processing timeouts Medium Confirmed linux 73 weeks

From: Simon Horman
Link: 0002-nfp-flower-move-route-ack-control-messages-out-of-th.patch


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