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Bug #1647538: ODL deletes QOS policy bound to a port inspiteof Neutron rejecting the policy delete since its associate to a port. Undecided New neutron 5 days

From: Poovizhi
Link: neutron-qos-delete-patch.txt


Bug #1647399: issue with non listing snapshots in images list in rebuild instance window Undecided New horizon 5 days

From: Bartlomiej
Link: 0001-Fixing-issue-with-non-listing-snapshots-in-images-li.patch


Bug #1619408: old async pendings result in ghost listings Medium New swift 9 days
Bug #1643498: [fuel-library][facter] Suboptimal ifconfig and ip link usage High Fix Committed fuel 2 weeks

From: Vladimir Eremin
Link: facter.patch


Bug #1589928: manila-share fails with lvm when using a different localization Medium In Progress manila 4 weeks

From: Luis Ugalde

Bug #1640998: muranodashboard limit yaql object to 100 Undecided New murano 4 weeks

From: chenyujie

Bug #1640516: Router Usage not displayed in Usage summary Undecided In Progress horizon 5 weeks

From: Lars Fronius
Link: Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 16.38.24.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 16.38.24.png

Bug #1640019: table text should be placed over progress image Medium Triaged horizon 5 weeks

From: chenyujie
Link: horizon.tables.js


Bug #1639940: Snapshots of instances launched from images fails with Ceph as storage. Medium Incomplete openstack-ansible 5 weeks

From: bgodette
Link: glance-api.conf.j2.patch


Bug #1638923: get_external_network_id_for_network call wrong method Undecided New murano 5 weeks

From: chenyujie

Bug #1638421: Flow Classifier Validation Error Undecided Confirmed networking-sfc 6 weeks

From: Jong-Geun Park

Fix Bug "Flow Classifier Validation Error"

Bug #1637682: scoped string defined as 'unscope: {}' Low Triaged keystone 6 weeks

From: chenyujie

Bug #1637043: not set verify flag when creating token-session Undecided New murano 6 weeks

From: chenyujie

Bug #1515990: Floating IP association without subnet gateway IP Wishlist New neutron 7 weeks

From: Matthew Taylor

Bug #1632383: The current Horizon settings indicate no valid image creation methods are available Undecided Confirmed openstack-ansible 7 weeks

From: bgodette

Bug #1634745: SAIO probe tests fail if /var/cache/swift* directories don't exist Undecided New swift 8 weeks

From: Shaun Murakami
Link: resetswift.fixed

new resetswift script with patch starting at line 21

Bug #1634495: nova generate wrong spice channel type 'pty', which should be 'spicevmc' Undecided Incomplete nova 8 weeks

From: m4cr0v
Link: Fix-type-of-the-channel-for-spice-agent.patch


Bug #1631305: Barbican key manager: missing key blocks volume deletion Undecided New cinder 8 weeks

From: Johannes Grassler
Link: cinder-barbican-404.patch

Patch for stable/mitaka

Bug #1631305: Barbican key manager: missing key blocks volume deletion Undecided In Progress castellan 8 weeks

From: Johannes Grassler
Link: cinder-barbican-404.patch

Patch for stable/mitaka

Bug #1633716: tempest tests ignore ssl 'insecure' option Undecided In Progress manila 8 weeks

From: Nicolas Bock
Link: ssl.patch


Bug #1632556: murano-agent dead-lock on wrong execution-plan Medium Confirmed murano 9 weeks

From: chenyujie

Bug #1632181: Horizon sessions do not properly observe SESSION_TIMEOUT Undecided New django-openstack-auth 9 weeks

From: chenyujie

Bug #1631078: Barbican key manager fails for encrypted volume created through Heat Undecided New cinder 9 weeks

From: Johannes Grassler
Link: cinder-token.patch

Preliminary patch

Bug #1628906: swift-object-reconstructor memory leak High Confirmed swift 10 weeks

From: Kota Tsuyuzaki
Link: ssync.diff


Bug #1628804: crash plugin reports invalid metric metadata (value_meta) Undecided New monasca 10 weeks

From: jobrs
Link: crash_patch.txt


Bug #1626101: Option to run live migration tests in a specific availability zone Wishlist Triaged tempest 12 weeks

From: Paweł Kraśnicki
Link: Add-options-for-selecting-zones-for-live-migration.patch


Bug #1625499: Cinder IBM SVC Driver Timeout Medium New cinder 12 weeks

From: Christian Schlotter
Link: cinder-storwize.patchv2

BM Storwize driver patch mitaka v2

Bug #1624978: nova list --fields fails if no VMs are running Undecided In Progress python-novaclient 12 weeks

From: Paul
Link: skip_field_validation_none.patch


Bug #1624002: ldap authentication configuration fails when using a list of servers Medium Fix Committed lma-toolchain 12 weeks

From: Stefan Marx
Link: patch_kibana.diff


Bug #1597596: network not always cleaned up when spawning VMs Medium Confirmed nova 15 weeks

From: Dr. Jens Rosenboom
Link: nova.test.patch


Bug #1585992: Changing target node hostname to '3-edon' stops dnsmasq on Fuel master and breaks deployment process Medium Fix Committed fuel 15 weeks

From: Maksim Malchuk
Link: dnsmasq-2.66-d859ca2f.patch


Bug #1616105: Request of large files raises a MemoryError due to logging High In Progress python-keystoneclient 16 weeks

From: Tobias Diaz
Link: fix_1616105.patch

Patch to avoid MemoryError with big responses (for example, glance images)

Bug #1616105: Request of large files raises a MemoryError due to logging High New keystoneauth 16 weeks

From: Tobias Diaz
Link: fix_1616105.patch

Patch to avoid MemoryError with big responses (for example, glance images)

Bug #1602817: Can't upload network template with private interface without vlan tag High In Progress fuel 18 weeks

From: Max Lvov
Link: nailgun_private_iface.patch


Bug #1610458: typo in comment for Low Fix Committed barbican 18 weeks

From: Seanna

fixed the typo

Bug #1578279: OSA-security V-38668 /etc/init/control-alt-delete.conf does not exist Undecided Incomplete openstack-ansible 18 weeks

From: toasta
Link: da3d9f52-3c74-43db-92bc-8af40ab3b8cf.patch


Bug #1605339: LaunchInstance NG : Redundant label "Delete Volume on Instance Delete" Undecided New horizon 20 weeks

From: David Casier
Link: path.diff


Bug #1605278: Merge python-django 1:1.10.3 from Debian unstable High Confirmed horizon 20 weeks

From: Jeremy Bicha
Link: django-diff-from-debian.debdiff


Bug #1597218: function annotation raise "ValueError: Function has keyword-only arguments or annotations, use getfullargspec() API which can support them" Undecided New python-cliff 24 weeks

From: Valérian Rousset
Link: handle-annotations-in-function.patch


Bug #1479954: Functional tests should not use environment variables Low In Progress python-openstackclient 24 weeks

From: Vincent Legoll
Link: patch-environmental-fixturization-v0.diff


Bug #1564309: trove.conf.sample doesn't contain a keystone_authtoken section Undecided Confirmed trove 27 weeks

From: Thomas Goirand
Link: add-keystone_authtoken-in-trove.conf.patch


Bug #1583798: get_part_nodes should raise error on invalid part Wishlist In Progress swift 29 weeks

From: clayg
Link: invalid-part-error.patch

bit of value validation and an error

Bug #1582257: Random timeout on gate-trove-python34-db Undecided In Progress trove 30 weeks

From: Victor Stinner
Link: trove_mock_timing.patch


Bug #1562175: Pre-auth COPY in versioned_writes can result in a successful COPY that wouldn't have been authorized Undecided Incomplete ossa 32 weeks

From: Tim Burke
Link: bug-1562175.patch


Bug #1572019: [octane] cache_service_tenant_id should respect old verions without "openstack" client High Fix Committed fuel 34 weeks

From: Roman Sokolkov
Link: 1

Patch for stable/8.0

Bug #1570118: Metadata can be missing by account/container replication High In Progress swift 34 weeks

From: Kota Tsuyuzaki
Link: db_replicator.patch


Bug #1558754: remove devices before min-part-hours requires --force Medium Confirmed swift 37 weeks

From: Jethro Sun
Link: patch.diff

bug fixed

Bug #1549443: Port Security does not consistently update nova iptables Medium Confirmed neutron 39 weeks

From: Zane Mingee
Link: diff.txt


Bug #1554227: DHCP unicast requests are not responded to Low Confirmed nova 40 weeks

From: Kelvin Koh
Link: nova-network-dnsmasq-vlan.patch


Bug #1539722: Image "container_format" incorrectly modified when editing image Undecided In Progress horizon 45 weeks

From: Renjie Sun
Link: try-to-reuse-container_format-in-image-update.patch


Bug #1537104: nailgun-agent can not grab network interface speed after node discovery Medium In Progress fuel 46 weeks

From: Dima Herasimenko
Link: nailgun-agent.patch


Bug #1524394: neutron-openvswitch-agent fails to start when root_helper operates in a different context Undecided New neutron 52 weeks

From: Tom Carroll
Link: ip_lib.patch


Bug #1524531: ip_lib_force_root doesn't force root, breaking neutron on XenServer compute nodes Undecided New neutron 52 weeks

From: Tom Carroll
Link: ip_lib.patch2


Bug #1522524: User can delete deactivated images Wishlist In Progress glance 53 weeks

From: Niall Bunting
Link: deactivated-image-delete.patch


Bug #1463911: IPV6 fragmentation and mtu issue Medium Confirmed neutron 56 weeks

From: Jay Vosburgh
Link: ubuntu-vivid-sru.patch

Backport patch for vivid 3.19

Bug #1513956: Fuel 6.1 duplicate sources.list entry after plugin update High In Progress fuel 57 weeks

From: Alexander Vlasov
Link: plugins_serializers.patch


Bug #1506633: aborts when using neutron networking with OVS and provider networks Undecided New devstack 60 weeks

From: Alexander Duyck
Link: neutron-address-ipv6-gaps.patch

patch that resolves this for me without local.conf changes

Bug #1498471: Tacker devstack fails on CentOS 7, due to incorrect apache service name Medium Fix Committed tacker 64 weeks

From: Luka Krajger
Link: tacker.patch


Bug #1498220: swift-recon-cron should skip bad devices Undecided New swift 64 weeks

From: Omar Ali
Link: swift-recon-cron.patch


Bug #1491888: python-cliff 1.14.0 ftbfs with Python 3.5 in Wily Undecided New python-cliff 65 weeks

From: Barry Warsaw
Link: lp1491888.diff


Bug #1491117: Error when logging back in after timeout High In Progress django-openstack-auth 65 weeks

From: Timur Sufiev

unfortunate attempt to redefine id on a User

Bug #1489749: staticweb middleware ignores acl and breaks clients Undecided Fix Committed swift 66 weeks

From: Christian Schwede
Link: staticweb.patch


Bug #1487280: swift-ring-builder write_builder doesn't work if you remove a device Medium Fix Committed swift 68 weeks

From: clayg
Link: write-builder.patch

fix is easy - needs a test

Bug #1482157: Devstack Multi-node deployment fails with nova-docker compute node Undecided New devstack 70 weeks

From: Ashish Billore
Link: hypervisor-docker

Patched scipt with needed changes as mentioned above

Bug #1291433: swift storage services can start before databases are rsync'd Medium Triaged puppet-swift 74 weeks

From: Mark Kirkwood
Link: 0001-Make-storage-service-startup-wait-for-the-ring.patch

custom fact to prevent startup until the ring dbs are synced

Bug #1464981: Incorporating changes in swift for py3 compatibility. Wishlist In Progress swift 78 weeks

From: janonymous
Link: sample_iter_changes.diff


Bug #1413619: container sync gets stuck after deleting all objects Undecided Confirmed swift 82 weeks

From: clayg
Link: fix-container-sync.patch

probe test and possible fix - needs unittests

Bug #1447679: service No-VNC (port 6080) doesn't require authentication Medium Confirmed nova 84 weeks

From: Tony Breeds
Link: 0001-Add-one_time_token-config-option.patch

Introduce a config option to make consoleauth tokens one use only

Bug #1449492: Cinder not working with IPv6 ISCSI Low Confirmed nova 85 weeks

From: Matt Grant
Link: nova-iscsi-ipv6-hack.patch

Nova IPv6 iSCSI hack - one liner

Bug #1431334: swift-object-info should report all object metadata Wishlist Confirmed swift 87 weeks

From: Jiri Suchomel
Link: i.patch


Bug #1438316: Glance does not notify systemd when the services are up. Undecided In Progress glance 89 weeks

From: Alberto Murillo
Link: 0001-Enable-systemd-notification.patch


Bug #1425206: Setting debug mode also causes Pecan to run in debug mode Critical Fix Committed cue 94 weeks
Bug #1417069: Glance does not support HTTP Range requests Medium In Progress glance 97 weeks

From: Matt Keenan
Link: range-support.diff

Proposed patch

Bug #1414067: Table row updating doesn't always work with tabs Undecided Incomplete horizon 98 weeks

From: Jonas
Link: 0001-ajax-bug-example.patch


Bug #1399851: Glance should return 206 when fulfilling a request using the Range header Low In Progress glance 99 weeks

From: Matt Keenan
Link: content-length.patch

Patch for content-lenght comment

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