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Bug #1780775: <Change Node Type> does not work correctly Undecided New 219 weeks

From: Ian Bruce
Link: node.cpp.patch2-2.diff


Bug #1619557: Text and Font: only hide 'spacing_combo', keep other layout options visible Medium In Progress 291 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1619557-text-edit-layout-buttons-r15067-trunk-v2.diff


Bug #1666098: Document Properties dialogue is too large to use - buttons off-screen Undecided In Progress 292 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: document-dialog-resize.patch


Bug #1646595: cubicsuperpath crashes on some paths Undecided In Progress 304 weeks

From: Mitch Bradley
Link: hershey.patch

Prevent malformed paths in Hershey Text with spaces

Bug #619903: tool controls bar width is 1/4 of total screen width Low Triaged 312 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 619903-remove-option-for-dynamic-relayout-of-incomplete-sections-in-0.92-v1.diff


Bug #1269698: Preferences, Undo, Redo and Revert stock icons are missing (rev >= 12868) Medium Triaged 317 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1269698-resaved-and-updated-icons-092x-v1.diff


Bug #1614620: The "_dpi" field/member-var in CairoRenderContext is not used. Low New 319 weeks

From: Shlomi Fish
Link: inkscape-remove-_dpi-v1.patch

Tentative patch to remove the unnecessary field.

Bug #1416674: Inkscape >= 0.91 doesn't show fonts loaded by font manager on Windows Medium Triaged 330 weeks

From: Alvin Penner
Link: FontInstance.diff


Bug #1577749: PDF+ Latex from svg, Subscript and Superscript Text not supported Wishlist In Progress 331 weeks

From: Mc
Link: p1577749

temporary patch

Bug #1576988: Text>Merge extension: merge in place option Wishlist In Progress 334 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: Text_merge_with_basic_merge_in_place.7z


Bug #770461: Better interfacing to use_slow_but_correct_offset_method Wishlist Confirmed 338 weeks

From: insaner
Link: offset-method-prefs2.diff


Bug #1518278: Inkscape overwrites PYTHONPATH and PATH environment variables Wishlist In Progress 338 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1518278-pythonenv-win32-v2.diff


Bug #270990: Cannot open .svgz over NFS share. Undecided Confirmed 338 weeks

From: Olivier Clavel
Link: Bug270990-full-fix_v2.patch


Bug #1530198: Performance issues when adjusting gradients in documents with high number of gradients Undecided Triaged 352 weeks

From: Mark Riedesel
Link: 0001-Remove-unncessary-gradient-event-handlers.patch


Bug #648246: Get rid of embedded copy of libcroco Wishlist Triaged 352 weeks

From: Alex Valavanis
Link: libcroco-0.6.11-inkscape-changes.diff

Remaining changes from libcroco 0.6.11 to Inkscape r14540

Bug #1422926: Type units should be accessible from the text tool options Wishlist Triaged 360 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-1422926.V05.diff


Bug #1489171: different results unsing feTurbulence between inkscape and firefox Medium Triaged 369 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1489171-Turbulence.diff


Bug #1109812: Guides not accessible in KDE with oxygen-gtk Medium In Progress 373 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1109812-Maggio-patch-for-091x-v1.diff


Bug #1425387: Incorrect vowel & consonant position while typing in Thai Medium In Progress 377 weeks

From: poju
Link: patch-inkscape-r14236-fix-1425387.diff


Bug #1294784: text with font of size zero pixels renders drawing invisible (rev >= 12488) Medium Triaged 384 weeks

From: David Mathog
Link: changes_2015_05_21c.patch


Bug #1453733: Use shortest possible string for colours Wishlist New 385 weeks

From: Johannes Höhn
Link: color.diff


Bug #918319: Printing offsets page (Windows) Medium Triaged 395 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 918319-VectorPrint-Shift.diff


Bug #1417127: typos in strings Low In Progress 399 weeks

From: Kris
Link: typos.diff


Bug #1219794: text tool: severe performance problem in complex SVG files under linux Medium In Progress 400 weeks

From: philippe joyez
Link: patch


Bug #181639: Command-line invocation on Mac OSX partially broken Low Triaged 403 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 181639-support-symlinks-to-launcher-script-v2.diff


Bug #512834: Make it easy to add a filter effect to a layer Wishlist Confirmed 410 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: LPE-on-layers.diff


Bug #1269206: Text decoration dialog, first pass Wishlist In Progress 413 weeks

From: David Mathog
Link: changes_2014_10_30a_decorationseditor.patch


Bug #1388148: Memory leak on inkscape stable when registering fonts with pango Undecided New 413 weeks

From: Andre Barros
Link: inkscape-fonts-filter-lists.patch

Filter against whitelist and blacklist

Bug #1374822: Allow ignoring boundary box size for arrange function Wishlist In Progress 417 weeks

From: Wong Cho Ching
Link: proposal-updated.diff


Bug #227949: ENTER does not work anymore in Transform dialog Medium Confirmed 418 weeks

From: Wong Cho Ching
Link: 227949.patch


Bug #1370693: eqtexsvg should use pdflatex and not die on home directories with spaces Undecided New 418 weeks

From: Julian Gilbey
Link: eqtexsvg.diff

Patch fixing spaces in pathnames, along with using pdf2svg in place of pstoedit

Bug #1358511: click twice to select objects in root layer Low Triaged 423 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1358511-RootLayerSingleClick.diff


Bug #630635: Print page size is incorrect Medium Confirmed 426 weeks

From: brijesh
Link: inkscape_print.patch


Bug #1340683: [EMF to SVG conversion]: text overlapping Medium Triaged 426 weeks

From: David Mathog
Link: changes_2014_07_28b.patch

Text clipping for WMF input

Bug #771906: setAttribute() for x,y,... of SPText is broken Undecided New 430 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 771906-sp-text-r13445.diff


Bug #1208013: cxxtest: curve-test.h fails Medium Triaged 442 weeks

From: Tomasz Boczkowski
Link: sp-curve-test.patch


Bug #1046068: Inkscape (GTK+/Quartz) calls all output extensions when quitting while clipboard not empty Medium Triaged 442 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1046068-output-errors-with-clipboard-content-round2-v3.diff


Bug #1298603: valgrind reported uninitialized value issues Undecided In Progress 444 weeks

From: David Mathog
Link: changes_2014_03_27b_uninitialized.patch


Bug #1136508: message flashing makes useful translation/rotation messages unreadable Wishlist Confirmed 452 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1136508-transformation-messages-048x-v3.diff


Bug #792319: Can't run custom extension in 0.48.1 Medium In Progress 454 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 792319-ScriptArguments-v2.diff


Bug #1256347: spiral and stars tools, the inputbox for turns and corners shows 3 after undo Low Triaged 459 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1256347-SpiralDefault.diff


Bug #1253188: Cartesian Grid doesn't handle user units Wishlist Triaged 462 weeks

From: Carl Sorensen
Link: grid_cartesian.diff.tar.gz


Bug #1249423: Properly support the <switch> element and the "systemLanguage" attribute Undecided Confirmed 463 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1249423-systemLanguage-Partial.patch


Bug #1199204: Missing charset conversion of metadata when exporting to PNG Low In Progress 481 weeks

From: Sebastián Puebla
Link: png-write.cpp.patch


Bug #1170785: Hebrew kerning interacts badly with text anchors Medium In Progress 483 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1170785-RTL-Kerning.diff

Patch from comment #7 in diff format

Bug #1060837: Inconsistent CMYK values in Fill&Stroke dialog Low In Progress 489 weeks

From: demicoder
Link: modified_cmsCMYK.patch


Bug #1179601: feature request: Scipy plotting in Inkscape, code attached Wishlist Triaged 489 weeks

From: Frank Samuelson
Link: inkpatch.diff

Lines of code that load scipy in

Bug #600285: Zoom slider Wishlist Confirmed 492 weeks

From: John Smith
Link: 600285.v2.patch


Bug #1160829: Sharp line endings (markers) - Feature request Wishlist Triaged 494 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1160829-markers-sharp-ends-v3.diff


Bug #201614: command line ODG export option (e.g. -G, --export-odg=FILENAME) Wishlist In Progress 496 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 201614-cli-ODG-export.diff


Bug #1155947: Allow building against external lib2geom Wishlist Triaged 498 weeks

From: Alex Valavanis
Link: fix-1155947.diff


Bug #1088264: Inkscape GTK3 fails to build with GTKMM_DISABLE_DEPRECATED defined Medium Triaged 498 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1088264-fix-fill-stroke-Gtk-Grid-v1.diff


Bug #1097539: Activate the use of Meta|Command|WinFlag key for Mac Menu Accelerators Wishlist New 507 weeks

From: Valerio Aimale
Link: 0.48.x-meta-key-active.patch

Patch for use of Meta key

Bug #1087913: RFE: polygonal grid Wishlist In Progress 511 weeks

From: Matthew Woehlke
Link: polygonal-grid.patch

patch set

Bug #677081: Default paste color opacity Wishlist In Progress 511 weeks

From: Codain
Link: colors-whithout-alpha.patch


Bug #718638: LaTeX font size support Wishlist New 519 weeks

From: Michael Ritzert
Link: LaTeX_FontSize_Support-0.48.2.patch


Bug #1049481: Allow dropper tool to edit current custom swatch fill Wishlist In Progress 519 weeks

From: John Smith
Link: 1049481.v1.patch


Bug #1043571: mod->set_param_string memory leak Medium Triaged 522 weeks

From: Kris
Link: 1043571comment8issue3.patch


Bug #523285: Clip paths which don't clip anything away should be ignored to conserve PDF file size Low Confirmed 525 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 523285-pdfsize.patch


Bug #1028505: Fill/Stroke dialog 'Opacity' shows selected gradient stop's alpha value Undecided In Progress 526 weeks

From: John Smith
Link: 1028505.v1.patch


Bug #362360: Feature Request : Two way Align Buttons Wishlist Confirmed 530 weeks

From: John Smith
Link: 362360.patch


Bug #727463: Allow pdf+latex export to make use of textext latex-sourcecode Wishlist In Progress 533 weeks

From: Håkon Marthinsen
Link: svgtextext_to_pdflatex.tar.gz

Inkscape extension

Bug #1022549: build fails when poppler is not installed in /usr Low In Progress 533 weeks

From: Adrian Johnson
Link: poppler-path.diff

modify poppler cflags

Bug #966979: Bad input logic in Spacing between lines combo box Low In Progress 547 weeks

From: Yevgeny Lezhnin
Link: spacing.patch


Bug #806024: Pop up dialogues not visible in full screen mode (linux, gnome) Low Confirmed 547 weeks

From: Yevgeny Lezhnin
Link: mychanges.patch


Bug #707290: Gears extension improvements Wishlist In Progress 563 weeks

From: Gijs van Oort
Link: gears-dev.tar.gz


Bug #892572: PDF+LaTeX does not export proper font size in LaTeX file Undecided New 565 weeks

From: Spencer Stirling
Link: latexfontsizesupport.patch

new fixed patch

Bug #734596: Increasing stroke width on grouped objects evokes erratic behavior Undecided Confirmed 573 weeks

From: Xortex
Link: fix_bug734596.patch

fixes the grouped items stroke width adjustment bug

Bug #797137: Landscape and Layer Color options for DXF inport Wishlist Confirmed 589 weeks

From: Daniel
Link: DXF

DXF input extension replacement.

Bug #770595: SPSVGView works with incorrect scale factor Undecided New 596 weeks

From: Thinker
Link: svg-view.cpp.diff


Bug #682357: Crash on startup while reading ICC profile High Triaged 608 weeks

From: Niko Kiirala
Link: disable-magick.bzr

Allow disabling Magick++ when compiling Inkscape

Bug #486439: Default tools options and usability Wishlist Triaged 616 weeks

From: Yury Krupin
Link: eraser_tweak_usability.diff


Bug #647214: Make a keyboard shortcut to switch to your last used tool. Wishlist Triaged 620 weeks

From: Kaarel Nummert
Link: patch.diff


Bug #172219: Calligraphy pen: optionally rotate tablet tilt by 90deg Wishlist Confirmed 649 weeks

From: meientau
Link: nibangle.patch

adding fixed part and tilt part

Bug #460623: Proposal: Add show/hide/toggle to inkweb.js (patch included) Wishlist In Progress 674 weeks

From: Andreas Haller
Link: inkweb.js-toggle.patch

adds show, hide and toggle functions

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