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Bug #1803553: Crash when selecting the last character of the text High Fix Committed 15 weeks

From: Trevor Spiteri
Link: inkscape-0.92.3-oob.patch


Bug #1789163: Guillotine export extension too low DPI Undecided New 34 weeks

From: Nebojsa Ristic

Bug #1780775: <Change Node Type> does not work correctly Undecided New 40 weeks

From: Ian Bruce
Link: node.cpp.patch2-2.diff


Bug #1781701: Mac CMake build needs to set INSTALL_NAME_DIR on libinkscape_base Undecided New 40 weeks

From: RJVB
Link: patch-inkscape_base_rpath.diff


Bug #1727961: "object to path" removes class attribute Wishlist Fix Committed 77 weeks

From: Aurèle Duda
Link: preserve_class_when_toCurves.patch

with typo correction

Bug #1718743: masking with a gradient does not work Medium Fix Committed 82 weeks

From: Stefano Facchini
Link: 0002-Transform-duplicate-object-only-when-clipping-or-mas.patch


Bug #1643179: Guides lock lost on load Low Fix Committed 83 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: guidelock.diff


Bug #1716286: sqrt optimization patch Undecided New 84 weeks

From: Codain
Link: sqrt-optimization.diff


Bug #375202: please support GraphicsMagick Wishlist Fix Committed 85 weeks

From: Dennis Schridde
Link: 0001-Allow-linking-against-GraphisMagick-as-an-alternativ.patch

Allow linking against GraphisMagick as an alternative to ImageMagick

Bug #1715433: Clone original LPE can no longer be used to fill a powerstroke path Undecided Fix Committed 85 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: Fix_bug_1715433_0.92.x_V4.diff


Bug #1695016: Xaml export misses some radialGradients Low Fix Committed 86 weeks

From: Mathieu GRENET
Link: radial.patch


Bug #1710704: Object attributes dialog failing to open Undecided Fix Committed 88 weeks

From: Mattia Basaglia
Link: object-attributes.diff


Bug #1707919: Make the center control point of shapes visible on dark backgrounds Undecided New 90 weeks

From: Antonio Ospite
Link: 0001-Make-the-center-control-point-of-shapes-visible-on-d.patch

Hackish solution to make the center control point visible on dark backgrounds

Bug #481506: Ellipse tool should display a tiny dot in the middle of the ellipse while drawing Wishlist Fix Committed 103 weeks

From: Antonio Ospite
Link: Show-control-point-for-center-of-star_v2.patch

Show a control point for the center of a star

Bug #1572242: [PATCH] Add --export-inkscape-svg=FILENAME command line option to export as inkscape-style SVG Wishlist Fix Committed 105 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1572242-cli-export-inkscape-svg-v2.diff


Bug #1671877: Changing stroke width in statusbar is wrong with units selected other than 'px' Low Fix Committed 105 weeks

From: Eman Modnar
Link: rotatable_stroke_width_corrections.diff


Bug #616469: "Outset/inset path" act erratically if input path is small Low Confirmed 107 weeks

From: Peter Mora
Link: remove_simplify_from_inset_outset.diff


Bug #846299: Rounded rectangles: Rx, Ry values are unbounded Wishlist In Progress 107 weeks

From: Die HumbleX
Link: fix.diff


Bug #1324809: -inkscape-font-specification should be removed Wishlist Triaged 107 weeks

From: Die HumbleX
Link: patch.diff


Bug #1675539: CMake build does not obey specified INKSCAPE_DATADIR and INKSCAPE_LIBDIR Low Triaged 109 weeks

From: Roman Hargrave
Link: inkscape_1675539.diff

Modifications to ConfigPaths.cmake

Bug #1659256: Small window size preference doesn't work Low Fix Committed 110 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1659256-Windows-size-preferences.diff


Bug #1544680: Bezier Ellipse Shape Issue (rev >= 12921) Medium Fix Committed 110 weeks

From: Alvin Penner
Link: 1544680.diff


Bug #1672384: Scrolling on style indicators in statusbar doesn't work in trunk version Low Fix Committed 110 weeks

From: Eman Modnar
Link: rotatable_scroll.diff


Bug #802904: no svg file preview on Windows (rev >= 10326) Medium Fix Committed 112 weeks

From: Patrick Storz
Link: bug802904_v2.diff


Bug #1619557: Text and Font: only hide 'spacing_combo', keep other layout options visible Medium In Progress 112 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1619557-text-edit-layout-buttons-r15067-trunk-v2.diff


Bug #1666714: Performance regression in trunk when selecting many objects High Fix Committed 113 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1666714-fix-selection-performance-v1-paste_914822.diff


Bug #1666098: Document Properties dialogue is too large to use - buttons off-screen Undecided In Progress 113 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: document-dialog-resize.patch


Bug #1640899: cmake issues with Ubuntu 14.04 lts Undecided New 114 weeks

From: David Mathog
Link: changes_2017_02_17_cmake.patch


Bug #1662531: Wishlist: Automated method for converting objects to paths before exporting (plt, hpgl, dxf, win32-vector-print). Wishlist Fix Committed 114 weeks

From: Alvin Penner
Link: locale_classic.diff


Bug #1664428: Slicer fails on Windows 10 Medium In Progress 114 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1664428-fix-webslicer_export-del-tempfile-v1.diff


Bug #1662858: Memory leaks with fixes Low In Progress 115 weeks

From: peregrine
Link: patchFile.path


Bug #1662035: "indent" attribute in extension parameters adds indentation between children (i.e. checkbox and its label)) Low Fix Committed 115 weeks

From: Patrick Storz
Link: 1662035_v1.diff


Bug #1661989: Toolbar icons have non-transparent backgrounds Medium Fix Committed 115 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1661989-icons-page-opacity-zero-v1.diff


Bug #1617615: Crashes when inserting nodes High Fix Committed 116 weeks

From: Shlomi Fish
Link: inkscape--bug1617615--v0.1.1.patch

Patch with more comments.

Bug #367360: "Swap fill and stroke" doesn't work for multiple objects Low Fix Committed 117 weeks

From: Alexandru Roman
Link: swapFillStroke.patch


Bug #1657906: About Screen 0.92: get scaling pop-up Undecided New 118 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1657906-update-inkscape-version-string-v1.diff


Bug #1533302: <rect> zero radius handling not conformant High Triaged 118 weeks

From: Shlomi Fish
Link: inkscape-bug1533302-tentative-patch.patch

Tentative patch to fix/workaround the problem.

Bug #1646595: cubicsuperpath crashes on some paths Undecided In Progress 125 weeks

From: Mitch Bradley
Link: hershey.patch

Prevent malformed paths in Hershey Text with spaces

Bug #262341: Tooltips for LPE tool modes do not show up as translated Low Fix Committed 128 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 262341-LPETool-TranslatedTooltips.diff


Bug #619903: tool controls bar width is 1/4 of total screen width Low Triaged 133 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 619903-remove-option-for-dynamic-relayout-of-incomplete-sections-in-0.92-v1.diff


Bug #420202: Rectangle start marker - cannot turn off Medium Triaged 134 weeks

From: Shlomi Fish
Link: inkscape-bug-420202-tentative-patch-v0.2.0.patch

Tentative patch to fix/workaround the problem.

Bug #394503: bitmap files get Opened into layer 'root' Low Fix Committed 137 weeks

From: Mc
Link: 394503.patch


Bug #1269698: Preferences, Undo, Redo and Revert stock icons are missing (rev >= 12868) Medium Triaged 138 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1269698-resaved-and-updated-icons-092x-v1.diff


Bug #1614620: The "_dpi" field/member-var in CairoRenderContext is not used. Low New 140 weeks

From: Shlomi Fish
Link: inkscape-remove-_dpi-v1.patch

Tentative patch to remove the unnecessary field.

Bug #1605334: FeImage add position X and Y Wishlist Fix Committed 144 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: feimageXY.diff


Bug #195320: feImage crashes inkscape if filtered object is the same as referenced object High Triaged 144 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: feimage6.diff


Bug #1416674: Inkscape >= 0.91 doesn't show fonts loaded by font manager on Windows Medium Triaged 151 weeks

From: Alvin Penner
Link: FontInstance.diff


Bug #770681: KEY MAPPING: Comma and period hijacked by scaling Low Fix Committed 152 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 770681-Keymapping.diff


Bug #1577749: PDF+ Latex from svg, Subscript and Superscript Text not supported Wishlist In Progress 152 weeks

From: Mc
Link: p1577749

temporary patch

Bug #1556592: Stroke to fill retaining fills Wishlist Fix Committed 154 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-1556592-strokeToPathWithFill-V4.diff


Bug #1576988: Text>Merge extension: merge in place option Wishlist In Progress 155 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: Text_merge_with_basic_merge_in_place.7z


Bug #770461: Better interfacing to use_slow_but_correct_offset_method Wishlist Confirmed 159 weeks

From: insaner
Link: offset-method-prefs2.diff


Bug #1518278: Inkscape overwrites PYTHONPATH and PATH environment variables Wishlist In Progress 159 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1518278-pythonenv-win32-v2.diff


Bug #270990: Cannot open .svgz over NFS share. Undecided Confirmed 159 weeks

From: Olivier Clavel
Link: Bug270990-full-fix_v2.patch


Bug #1559721: Some LPE alterates some curves segments with parallel handles Undecided Fix Committed 160 weeks

From: Alvin Penner
Link: sbasis-to-bezier_1559721.diff


Bug #1550897: Scaling inkview (feature request, patch included) Wishlist Fix Committed 164 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1550897-Inkview-scale-option.diff


Bug #1545085: Update OS X packaging to include external python module 'scour' Undecided Triaged 167 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1545085-osx-packaging-scour-external-r14648.diff


Bug #1530198: Performance issues when adjusting gradients in documents with high number of gradients Undecided Triaged 173 weeks

From: Mark Riedesel
Link: 0001-Remove-unncessary-gradient-event-handlers.patch


Bug #648246: Get rid of embedded copy of libcroco Wishlist Triaged 173 weeks

From: Alex Valavanis
Link: libcroco-0.6.11-inkscape-changes.diff

Remaining changes from libcroco 0.6.11 to Inkscape r14540

Bug #168960: font dialog doesn't refresh to show newly installed fonts Wishlist Confirmed 180 weeks

From: insaner
Link: 168960-fontrefresh-w-manual.diff


Bug #1422926: Type units should be accessible from the text tool options Wishlist Triaged 181 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-1422926.V05.diff


Bug #1488159: Pango OpenType support deprecated for HarfBuzz Medium Fix Committed 181 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1488159-use-harfbuzz-for-OpenType-API-v1.diff


Bug #1362240: build failure on OS X 10.5 "Leopard" Undecided New 185 weeks

From: su_v
Link: bug-1362240-build-failure-r14397.diff


Bug #1489171: different results unsing feTurbulence between inkscape and firefox Medium Triaged 190 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1489171-Turbulence.diff


Bug #1109812: Guides not accessible in KDE with oxygen-gtk Medium In Progress 194 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1109812-Maggio-patch-for-091x-v1.diff


Bug #1425387: Incorrect vowel & consonant position while typing in Thai Medium In Progress 198 weeks

From: poju
Link: patch-inkscape-r14236-fix-1425387.diff


Bug #202540: Modify path effects open closed paths High In Progress 204 weeks

From: Parcly Taxel
Link: csp-none.diff

Patched patch

Bug #1294784: text with font of size zero pixels renders drawing invisible (rev >= 12488) Medium Confirmed 205 weeks

From: David Mathog
Link: changes_2015_05_21c.patch


Bug #1453733: Use shortest possible string for colours Wishlist New 206 weeks

From: Johannes Höhn
Link: color.diff


Bug #1445838: Move GUI logic out of the main function Wishlist Fix Committed 209 weeks

From: Antoine Proulx
Link: use_gui.patch


Bug #918319: Printing offsets page (Windows) Medium Triaged 216 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 918319-VectorPrint-Shift.diff


Bug #1417127: typos in strings Low In Progress 220 weeks

From: Kris
Link: typos.diff


Bug #1219794: text tool: severe performance problem in complex SVG files under linux Medium In Progress 221 weeks

From: philippe joyez
Link: patch


Bug #181639: Command-line invocation on Mac OSX partially broken Wishlist Confirmed 224 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 181639-support-symlinks-to-launcher-script-v2.diff


Bug #1402731: LaTeX formula extension improvements Wishlist In Progress 227 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1402731-eqtexsvg-v1.diff


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