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Bug #1656726: Adding Russian translation for the shortcut comment Low In Progress 3 hours 10 minutes

From: jazzynico
Link: 1656726-RussianKeywords.diff


Bug #1657906: About Screen 0.92: get scaling pop-up Undecided New 38 hours

From: su_v
Link: 1657906-update-inkscape-version-string-v1.diff


Bug #1533302: <rect> zero radius handling not conformant High Triaged 41 hours

From: Shlomi Fish
Link: inkscape-bug1533302-tentative-patch.patch

Tentative patch to fix/workaround the problem.

Bug #1656527: Copy & paste of group with shaped path corrupts it, in v0.92 Medium Fix Committed 5 days

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-1656527.diff


Bug #1650480: pyserial errorhandling in tries to iterate over wrong Exception attribute Low Fix Committed 9 days

From: jazzynico
Link: 1650480-Pyserial-error-handling.diff


Bug #1638373: End marker/start marker drop-down menus are empty High Triaged 9 days

From: Mattia Rizzolo
Link: 0.91-11ubuntu16.10.1.diff


Bug #1654798: Broken icon in LPE 'Fill between many' Low Fix Committed 2 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1654798-fix-lpe-fill-between-many-link-path-icon-092x-v2.diff


Bug #1654749: Extension Visualize path gives weird results Medium In Progress 2 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1654749-fix-masscenter-parent-transforms-v2.diff


Bug #1654743: Interpolate extension fails if end path has no 'stroke-width' attribute (0.91, 0.92) Medium Fix Committed 2 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1654743-interp-fallback-for-stroke-width-v1.diff


Bug #1654312: Tutorials - Catalan translation for Inkscape 0.92.1 Low Fix Committed 2 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: ca.po

Basic tutorial

Bug #1645062: cannot compile rev 15278, Windows 10 (64-bit) Undecided Fix Committed 3 weeks

From: Eduard Braun
Link: 1645062.diff

Patch by Yale Zhang (see mailing list)

Bug #1651334: Strings untranslatable due to word puzzles Low Fix Committed 4 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1651334-DrawFromTriangle-i18n.diff


Bug #1646595: cubicsuperpath crashes on some paths Undecided In Progress 7 weeks

From: Mitch Bradley
Link: hershey.patch

Prevent malformed paths in Hershey Text with spaces

Bug #262341: Tooltips for LPE tool modes do not show up as translated Low Fix Committed 11 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 262341-LPETool-TranslatedTooltips.diff


Bug #619903: tool controls bar width is 1/4 of total screen width Low Triaged 15 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 619903-remove-option-for-dynamic-relayout-of-incomplete-sections-in-0.92-v1.diff


Bug #420202: Rectangle start marker - cannot turn off Medium Triaged 16 weeks

From: Shlomi Fish
Link: inkscape-bug-420202-tentative-patch-v0.2.0.patch

Tentative patch to fix/workaround the problem.

Bug #1622312: powerstroke, nonzero, knot at end Undecided Fix Committed 18 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-1622312.v3.diff


Bug #1622388: Insane memory leak and crash with pattern along path High Fix Committed 18 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-1622388.diff


Bug #1622731: Some typos in Inkscape 0.92 LPE UI Low In Progress 19 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-1622731.patch


Bug #1621213: Pattern Along Path LPE using "Repeated, stretched" doesn't stretch a single pattern smaller. Undecided Fix Committed 19 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-1621213.v2.patch


Bug #394503: bitmap files get Opened into layer 'root' Low Fix Committed 20 weeks

From: Mc
Link: 394503.patch


Bug #1269698: Preferences, Undo, Redo and Revert stock icons are missing (rev >= 12868) Medium Triaged 21 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1269698-resaved-and-updated-icons-092x-v1.diff


Bug #1614620: The "_dpi" field/member-var in CairoRenderContext is not used. Low New 22 weeks

From: Shlomi Fish
Link: inkscape-remove-_dpi-v1.patch

Tentative patch to remove the unnecessary field.

Bug #1605402: export object to pdf - rasterized effects cropped to page size Undecided New 26 weeks

From: Michal Srb
Link: workaround.patch


Bug #1605334: FeImage add position X and Y Wishlist Fix Committed 26 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: feimageXY.diff


Bug #195320: feImage crashes inkscape if filtered object is the same as referenced object High Triaged 26 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: feimage6.diff


Bug #481506: Ellipse tool should display a tiny dot in the middle of the ellipse while drawing Wishlist In Progress 27 weeks

From: Antonio Ospite
Link: 0001-Show-a-control-point-for-the-center-of-an-ellipse.patch

Show a control point for the center of an ellipse

Bug #172063: change the color of the Pen helper path Medium In Progress 28 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-172063-V3-line-only


Bug #1416674: Inkscape >= 0.91 doesn't show fonts loaded by font manager on Windows Medium Triaged 33 weeks

From: Alvin Penner
Link: FontInstance.diff


Bug #770681: KEY MAPPING: Comma and period hijacked by scaling Low Fix Committed 34 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 770681-Keymapping.diff


Bug #1577749: PDF+ Latex from svg, Subscript and Superscript Text not supported Wishlist In Progress 35 weeks

From: Mc
Link: p1577749

temporary patch

Bug #1556592: Stroke to fill retaining fills Wishlist Fix Committed 37 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-1556592-strokeToPathWithFill-V4.diff


Bug #1576988: Text>Merge extension: merge in place option Wishlist In Progress 38 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: Text_merge_with_basic_merge_in_place.7z


Bug #1416839: Italian translation updates for 0.91.x Low Fix Committed 39 weeks

From: FirasH

TRANSLATORS (25/04/2016)

Bug #1572242: [PATCH] Add --export-inkscape-svg=FILENAME command line option to export as inkscape-style SVG Wishlist Triaged 40 weeks

From: Shlomi Fish
Link: inkscape-export-as-inkscape-svg-v0.1.3.patch

The patch to add the feature - version 0.1.3

Bug #1113302: icons.svg can be greatly reduced in size Wishlist Fix Committed 40 weeks

From: insaner
Link: icons-svg-tighten-radial-fix.diff


Bug #770461: Better interfacing to use_slow_but_correct_offset_method Wishlist Confirmed 41 weeks

From: insaner
Link: offset-method-prefs2.diff


Bug #1518278: Inkscape overwrites PYTHONPATH and PATH environment variables Wishlist In Progress 41 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1518278-pythonenv-win32-v2.diff


Bug #270990: Cannot open .svgz over NFS share. Undecided Confirmed 42 weeks

From: Olivier Clavel
Link: Bug270990-full-fix_v2.patch


Bug #1559721: Some LPE alterates some curves segments with parallel handles Undecided Fix Committed 42 weeks

From: Alvin Penner
Link: sbasis-to-bezier_1559721.diff


Bug #1550897: Scaling inkview (feature request, patch included) Wishlist In Progress 47 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1550897-Inkview-scale-option.diff


Bug #1550776: buildtool exclude/include issues Wishlist Fix Committed 47 weeks

From: Eduard Braun
Link: buildtool.patch


Bug #1351597: Inkscape + Cairo >= 1.12 very slow on Windows, unless rulers are hidden High Fix Committed 47 weeks

From: Eduard Braun
Link: bug_1351597_0.91.diff


Bug #1488079: Inkscape won't compile against libsigc++ >= 2.5.1 due to missing "-std=c++11". High Fix Committed 47 weeks
Bug #1510831: UI: Compact layout for Document Properties (0.92) Wishlist Triaged 47 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1510831-CompactLayout.diff


Bug #1545632: Crash when moving a bend LPE path with a complex path as paste path High Fix Committed 49 weeks

From: Alvin Penner
Link: sbasis-to-bezier-1545632.diff


Bug #1545095: build dict with selected nodes per sub-path per path Wishlist In Progress 49 weeks

From: su_v

Bug #1545085: Update OS X packaging to include external python module 'scour' Undecided Triaged 49 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1545085-osx-packaging-scour-external-r14648.diff


Bug #1540663: Flatten some stack effects in the LPE list Undecided New 51 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-1540663-flatten-lpe-stack


Bug #1530198: Performance issues when adjusting gradients in documents with high number of gradients Undecided Triaged 55 weeks

From: Mark Riedesel
Link: 0001-Remove-unncessary-gradient-event-handlers.patch


Bug #648246: Get rid of embedded copy of libcroco Wishlist Triaged 56 weeks

From: Alex Valavanis
Link: libcroco-0.6.11-inkscape-changes.diff

Remaining changes from libcroco 0.6.11 to Inkscape r14540

Bug #168960: font dialog doesn't refresh to show newly installed fonts Wishlist Confirmed 62 weeks

From: insaner
Link: 168960-fontrefresh-w-manual.diff


Bug #1422926: Type units should be accessible from the text tool options Wishlist Triaged 63 weeks

From: Jabiertxof
Link: fix-bug-1422926.V05.diff


Bug #1488159: Pango OpenType support deprecated for HarfBuzz Medium Fix Committed 64 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1488159-use-harfbuzz-for-OpenType-API-v1.diff


Bug #1498444: Guides flicker under the mouse after changing the label of any guide Medium Fix Committed 66 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1498444-fix-guides-labels-flickering-crash-v1.diff


Bug #1469514: Crash when renaming a guideline label in a new session Critical Fix Committed 66 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1498444-fix-guides-labels-flickering-crash-v1.diff


Bug #1504568: SVG2 context paint for stock markers Wishlist Triaged 67 weeks

From: su_v
Link: svg2-markers-with-context-paint-v1.diff


Bug #959671: DXF export fails with <circle> elements in SVG file from CorelDraw Low Fix Committed 67 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 959671-fix-dxf-export-circle-ellipse-v2.diff


Bug #1362240: build failure on OS X 10.5 "Leopard" Undecided New 68 weeks

From: su_v
Link: bug-1362240-build-failure-r14397.diff


Bug #1404934: Crash when opening files (Glib::ConvertError exception) High Fix Committed 68 weeks

From: Riccardo Bernardini
Link: patch


Bug #307656: rect toolbar width/height numbers do not consider parent transform Medium Fix Committed 68 weeks

From: su_v
Link: bug-0307656-rect-controls-fix-units-091x.diff


Bug #1479193: import crashes when Image DPI is From file High Fix Committed 68 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1479193-backport-r14307.diff


Bug #1492615: Crash after Group Object to Symbol -> Undo -> Same Object to Symbol Critical Fix Committed 69 weeks

From: Mc
Link: 1492615.diff

backport patch

Bug #1459637: Errors in german translation, Inkscape 0.91 Low Fix Committed 69 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1459637-de.po-extensions-printing_marks-r14386.diff


Bug #1365405: Scaling-Tool edit field for height not acting proportional Low Fix Committed 70 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1365405-TransformScaleProportional.diff


Bug #1496804: Flatten Beziers: raise lower limit for flatness factor to prevent endless loop in python script Low Fix Committed 70 weeks

From: su_v
Link: fix-flatten-bezier-loop-v1.diff


Bug #1226962: Hotkeys not functional in non-latin keyboard layout Undecided New 71 weeks

From: Roman Shipovskij
Link: non-latin-shortcuts.patch


Bug #170295: default export image name for not-saved drawings Wishlist Fix Committed 71 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 170295-Export-Blank_filename.diff


Bug #1489171: different results unsing feTurbulence between inkscape and firefox Medium Triaged 73 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1489171-Turbulence.diff


Bug #1109812: Guides not accessible in KDE with oxygen-gtk Medium In Progress 77 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1109812-Maggio-patch-for-091x-v1.diff


Bug #1478636: Crash on SVG import (rev >= 13417) High Fix Committed 77 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1478636-backport-r14270-to-091x-v1.diff


Bug #1473955: Sticky zero width, height in viewBox attribute Medium Fix Committed 80 weeks

From: su_v
Link: 1473955-backport-r14243-091x-v1.diff


Bug #1425387: Incorrect vowel & consonant position while typing in Thai Medium In Progress 80 weeks

From: poju
Link: patch-inkscape-r14236-fix-1425387.diff


Bug #1457069: ICC profile filename with [] causes a crash (rev >= 13107) High Fix Committed 81 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: 1457069-ColorProfileCrash.diff


Bug #1457891: XAML export: FillRule property values are case sensitive (use 'EvenOdd' instead of 'evenodd') Low Fix Committed 83 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: svg2xaml.xsl


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