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Bug #1031679: exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u011f' in position 79: ordinal not in range(128) Undecided Confirmed bzr-fastimport 31 weeks

From: Sathors
Link: patch


Bug #1014291: Export from bzr / Import to git results in a deleted file re-appearing Undecided New bzr-fastimport 49 weeks

From: Unit 193
Link: bzr-fastimport.debdiff


Bug #1691419: bzr does not build reproducibly Undecided Confirmed bzr 54 weeks

From: Bernhard M. Wiedemann
Link: bzr-doc-timestamp.patch


Bug #1606973: feature request: export with bug fixes in commit message Undecided Confirmed bzr-fastimport 63 weeks

From: Alex Rousskov
Link: fastimport.patch

Another proof of concept patch that preserves more metadata

Bug #1260700: get_ancestry call removed in bzr 2.6 not updated for plugin Undecided New bzr-push-and-update 65 weeks

From: Tomasz Drozda
Link: push_and_update.patch


Bug #1084403: git: no support for gpgsig tags High Triaged bzr-git 97 weeks

From: Rob Loach
Link: bzr-git--gpg.diff


Bug #1547121: Not up to date for 2.7.0 Undecided New bzrtools 99 weeks

From: Larry Price
Link: compatible.patch

Dumb temporary workaround.

Bug #1089352: bzr branch does not support SNI High In Progress bzr 110 weeks

From: Charles
Link: badcheck.patch


Bug #242565: bzr-email is sending the emails without a date Low Triaged bzr-email 195 weeks

From: alexander smishlajev

Use commit timestamp for the Date: header

Bug #430347: Delete of entry in renamed directory not reproduced correctly in fast-export Medium Triaged bzr-fastimport 217 weeks

From: Andrew Huff
Link: exportpatch.txt


Bug #1270075: git: test failures: DeprecationWarning: Repo.ref(name) is deprecated. Use Repo.refs[name] instead. Undecided Fix Committed bzr-git 227 weeks
Bug #351317: git: file ids are not very unique Wishlist Triaged bzr-git 248 weeks

From: Sergei Golubchik
Link: bzr-diff-fileid.patch


Bug #1167690: export crashes with 'Path ... not in branch' if folder to be removed has same name as file Undecided New bzr-fastimport 268 weeks

From: Christian Verkerk
Link: test.patch


Bug #1158229: Errno 22 on seek in pack operation Undecided New bzr 271 weeks

From: Bob Wansink
Link: errno22.diff

unidiff of (slow) workaround

Bug #963525: mergetag support: UnknownCommitExtra error High Triaged bzr-git 280 weeks

From: milki
Link: 0001-Allow-for-multiple-mergetags-in-a-single-commit.patch


Bug #77744: win32 bzr is confused by filename case changes High Confirmed bzr 284 weeks

From: alexander smishlajev
Link: bug77744.patch


Bug #1084749: bzr-fastimport crashes on deprecated and removed get_ancestry() method High Confirmed bzr-fastimport 286 weeks

From: Zygmunt Krynicki
Link: 0.13-2-to-0.13-3.debdiff


Bug #965437: Does not work with bzr 2.6b1 Undecided Fix Committed bzr-interactive 289 weeks

From: Sunil Mohan Adapa
Link: fix_tree_files.patch

Don't use depricated bzrlib.builtins.tree_files

Bug #541626: 'BTreeBuilder' object has no attribute '_find_ancestors' Undecided Confirmed bzr-fastimport 290 weeks

From: Felipe Contreras
Link: bzr-test-graph-ancestry.patch

Test to reproduce the issue in bzr

Bug #988195: revision_history was deprecated in version 2.5.0 Medium Confirmed bzr-hookless-email 318 weeks

From: alexander smishlajev

revision_history() => iter_merge_sorted_revisions()

Bug #948757: bzr shell: Prompt isn't updated when switching branches Undecided New bzrtools 325 weeks

From: Martin Stettner
Link: bzrtools-shell-prompt.patch

Patch for solving the bug

Bug #926439: Can't open project in GUI "Too many open files" Critical In Progress bzr-explorer 327 weeks

From: Alexander Belchenko
Link: workaround-926439.patch


Bug #934096: merge-upstream does not repack zip archive Medium Triaged bzr-builddeb 327 weeks

From: Maarten Bezemer
Link: patch-for-934096-v3.patch


Bug #932473: externals-add does not work with colocated branches Undecided Fix Committed bzr-externals 328 weeks

From: Alexander Belchenko
Link: bug-932473.patch


Bug #251525: bzr-upload fails on first use when site already exists at remote server High Confirmed bzr-upload 339 weeks

From: Yorik van Havre
Link: bzrlib-transport-sftp-py.patch

patch to bzrlib/transport/

Bug #884418: don't try to make push on read-only url Undecided New bzr-externals 343 weeks

From: Eric Seigne
Link: externals-49.patch

a simple solution

Bug #754539: Spurious characters displayed by bzr-git Medium Triaged bzr 344 weeks

From: Jelmer Vernooij
Link: note.diff


Bug #618307: log --xml does not include author Medium Confirmed bzr-xmloutput 346 weeks

From: Abhay Mujumdar
Link: author_patch_2_with_test.patch


Bug #832257: test_osutils fails because /dev/null may be a symlink Medium Confirmed bzr 353 weeks

From: Igor Pashev
Link: test-dev-null-is-symlink.patch

Used os.path.realpath

Bug #816039: Add bzr commit notification hook to trac-bzr Wishlist Fix Committed trac-bzr 357 weeks

From: Hendrik van Antwerpen

Bzr hook to trigger Trac sync v1

Bug #788015: The base64 credential store is missing Low Confirmed bzr 366 weeks

From: Florian Dorn
Link: Base64CredentialStore.patch


Bug #516537: Too many SSH connections Medium Triaged bzr-xmloutput 371 weeks

From: Romain Chalumeau
Link: unclosedconnections_linuxonly.patch

Add ForkingMixIn inheritance

Bug #747958: values given to make_log_request_dict are overridden Medium Confirmed bzr 373 weeks

From: Thomi Richards
Link: bzrlib.log.levels_bug.patch


Bug #402690: does not strip \r from commit messages Medium Triaged bzr-cvsps-import 378 weeks

From: Anye Li
Link: convert-newline.patch

convert crlf and cr to lf for valid commit messages

Bug #718604: bzr fastimport fails to import branches with slashes in the name from git correctly Medium Triaged bzr-fastimport 380 weeks

From: Björn Michaelsen
Link: fix_heirarical_branches_pragmatic.patch


Bug #407256: ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list Undecided Confirmed svn2bzr 385 weeks

From: Eric Wald
Link: svn2bzr-bug407256.patch

Fix, diffed against revision 25 (

Bug #632336: Fails to launch after running setup from branch High Fix Committed olive 385 weeks

From: Pavlo Shchelokovskyy
Link: olive-icons.patch

puts olive icons together with bzr-gtk ones

Bug #304364: bzr-gtk install does not honour --home argument Medium Triaged bzr-gtk 385 weeks

From: Pavlo Shchelokovskyy
Link: home-install.patch

fixes the issue ONLY for install in the HOME folder

Bug #670159: bzrlib patch processor has unchecked iteration Medium Confirmed bzr 395 weeks

From: Chris Lewis
Link: bzrpatch.txt


Bug #505038: keyword expansion collapses non-keywords High Fix Committed bzr-keywords 399 weeks

From: Andrew Johnson
Link: fix-505038.patch


Bug #648224: bzr-interactive crash if there is a binary patch pending. Undecided Fix Committed bzr-interactive 400 weeks

From: Enrique Hernández Bello
Link: avoid_binarypatches.patch


Bug #647087: Statusbar does icon does not update Undecided New bzr-gedit 400 weeks

From: Guru3
Link: statusbar.patch

Patch to shorten text and update icon.

Bug #172383: [master] can't cope with NFD Unicode normalization on Mac OS X Medium Confirmed bzr 409 weeks

From: Mitsuhiro Koga
Link: normalized_unicode_filename.bundle


Bug #607750: Allow https URLs when listing remote branches Undecided New bzrtools 410 weeks

From: Jelmer Vernooij
Link: bzrtools.patch


Bug #602167: TypeError: wrapped_note() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) High Confirmed bzr-push-and-update 412 weeks

From: Andrew Schulman
Link: TypeError.patch


Bug #360521: Warning about working trees not updating not suppressed Medium Fix Committed bzr-push-and-update 413 weeks

From: Andrew Schulman
Link: trace.warning.patch

intercept trace.warning instead of trace.note

Bug #595571: overwrites $LESS even if it's already set Medium Triaged bzr-pager 415 weeks

From: Andrew Schulman
Link: pager-LESS-check-before-overwriting.patch


Bug #594650: Olive fails to start when installed on Windows Medium Triaged olive 415 weeks

From: James Cook
Link: bzrlib_plugins_gtk_init.patch

patch for in C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\bzrlib\plugins\gtk\

Bug #485855: The env BZR_LOG=/dev/null does not desactivate the .bzr.log Medium Fix Committed bzr-java-lib 417 weeks

From: AnkurD
Link: BazaarPreference.patch

Apply it to org/vcs/bazaar/client/

Bug #585126: sendbranchmail with lp:~vcs-imports/linux/trunk is eating memory High Confirmed bzr 418 weeks

From: Tim Penhey
Link: branch-job.diff

__repr__ method for BranchJobDerived

Bug #551964: Dosen't compile off latest bzr-java-lib Low Fix Committed bzr-ant 426 weeks

From: Ian Brandt
Link: bzr-ant-r215.patch


Bug #214825: Doesn't support uploading symlinks Wishlist In Progress bzr-upload 432 weeks

From: Neil Santos
Link: bzr-upload_unix-symlink-support.patch

Quick and dirty hack to support for dealing with symlinks using LocalTransport on *nix systems

Bug #517937: bad XML in fringe case High Triaged bzr-xmloutput 433 weeks

From: Phil Black
Link: fixNestedMerge.patch


Bug #514573: git: unusual_modes drops when a file having unusual mode stays continuing revisions. Low Triaged bzr-git 434 weeks

From: INADA Naoki
Link: unusualmode-for-sameinv.patch


Bug #507553: Overlapping autopacks can fail with NoSuchFile on index file Low Confirmed bzr 436 weeks

From: Gareth White
Link: patch.txt


Bug #333876: toolbars lack tooltips, no buttons are marked as "important" Medium Triaged olive 440 weeks

From: Ingolemo
Link: tooltips.patch


Bug #215612: upload plugin should silently ignore deleted files on remote server Wishlist Confirmed bzr-upload 442 weeks

From: Andrew Fenn
Link: patch

Adds force command

Bug #352006: "bzr branch-history | more" fails with UnicodeEncodeError Undecided Confirmed bzrtools 443 weeks

From: Bojan Nikolic
Link: simple.diff


Bug #389745: hg webserver breaks bzr format detection Medium Confirmed bzr 452 weeks

From: Jelmer Vernooij

Bug #411068: TreeTransform assumes whole tree is on one filesystem; gives "invalid cross-device link" Low Confirmed bzr 453 weeks

From: Denis Golovan
Link: cross-partition.patch

Patch for 1.17/1.18

Bug #421845: bzr check fails on valid stacked repository isolated from fallbacks. Medium Confirmed bzr 456 weeks

From: Andrew Bennetts
Link: expose-check-bug.diff


Bug #403766: bzr ls should have alias bzr dir for windows Wishlist Confirmed bzr 461 weeks

From: Tim Powell
Link: adddir.patch

Patch to add dir as alias to cmd_ls

Bug #321389: bzr visualise: sort by date Low Confirmed bzr-gtk 463 weeks

From: Maarten Bosmans
Link: bzrgtk-viz.patch

Preliminary patch for bzr-gtk

Bug #321389: bzr visualise: sort by date Wishlist Confirmed qbzr 463 weeks

From: Maarten Bosmans
Link: bzrgtk-viz.patch

Preliminary patch for bzr-gtk

Bug #394943: Declared and actual XML encoding should match, and the encoding should be XML valid High Triaged bzr-xmloutput 464 weeks

From: Renato Silva
Link: fix.diff

Experimental fix

Bug #230341: ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack High Fix Committed svn2bzr 478 weeks

From: Dave Suffling
Link: sufflings-repo-root-hack.tgz

Workaround bug #230341

Bug #159589: LockContention just says "(remote lock)" not a useful url Low Confirmed bzr 481 weeks

From: Martin Pool
Link: 20090311-lockcontention.diff


Bug #338500: Bad website address in the "release notes" file Low Confirmed bzr-gedit 481 weeks

From: Jean-Philippe Fleury
Link: release_notes_0.patch


Bug #302593: Reading options for a branch from locations.conf fails with bzr+ssh Medium Confirmed bzr 496 weeks

From: Jeroen Hoekx
Link: config.patch

Change chroot urls into a filesystem path.

Bug #296620: shelf_ui import bzrtools even when --no-plugins is required Undecided Triaged bzrtools 498 weeks

From: Vincent Ladeuil
Link: 296620-bzrtools.diff


Bug #289268: can't set a default external diff program Medium Confirmed bzr 500 weeks

From: pdf23ds
Link: merge_options_changes.patch

adds an INI option for default argument to --using

Bug #268933: bzr-fast-export exports rm+mv incorrectly Medium Confirmed bzr-fastimport 501 weeks

From: Jonas
Link: bug268933.v2.patch


Bug #285175: incorrect export of "conflicting" renames Low Confirmed bzr-fastimport 501 weeks

From: Jonas
Link: conflicting-renames.patch

proposed fix

Bug #245640: no window manager icons for gstatus, gdiff, etc Low Triaged bzr-gtk 503 weeks

From: Matt
Link: icon2.patch

more, r605

Bug #262604: Needs to aid packaging Medium Fix Committed bzr-diffstat 508 weeks

From: David Futcher

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