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Bug #329389: "Party mode" ununderstandable and undocumented Low In Progress 104 weeks

From: James Cuzella
Link: 0001-Fixes-701-Apply-documentation-patch-for-Party-Mode.patch

Upstream Patch from

Bug #1272870: No context pane plugin for rhythmbox installation (Trusty/Utopic/Vivid) High Confirmed 427 weeks

From: fossfreedom

Bug #30554: rhythmbox columns are not in "right" order Wishlist Triaged 535 weeks

From: Chris Wilson
Link: lp30554.patch


Bug #526845: Rhythmbox Context Pane Plugin lacks internationalization Low Triaged 638 weeks

From: Loris Zinsou

RB context Pane, i18n patch

Bug #343707: Rhythmbox tries to find a codec for a m3u/html file Low Triaged 671 weeks

From: Martin Mai
Link: rhythmbox_0.12.0-0ubuntu5.debdiff


Bug #76449: Cannot sort static playlists Low Triaged 698 weeks

From: Sergey Rudchenko
Link: lp76449.debdiff


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