Pulseaudio forgets default output devices on suspend

Bug #409322 reported by HavocXphere on 2009-08-05
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pulseaudio (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: pulseaudio

Ubuntu 9.04 x64

I've got 2 sound output devices:
1. hda intel onboard
2. Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000 (USB headset)

I only use the USB headset and everything is configured to go there in the Pulse volume control. When waking from suspend, these settings are often wrong.

Unfortunately the exact details are fairly random, but the correcting measure are always either both or one of:
1. Moving the audio stream to the right sound output. e.g. right-click on rhythm box output, select move stream.
2. Output devices -> select as default

In 1. above it seems to move to the *wrong* output, while in 2. it just clears the check box on the default. i.e. no default selected.

As mentioned above, it is fairly random :(. Sometimes sound *works* 100% on wakeup from suspend. Maybe 10% of the time.

No problems on reboot, only suspend is affected.

Speculation on cause: Either a permission issue (I've seen a msg about permissions & pulse in the bootup once), or the fact that it is a usb device. Just a guess though.

ms@Sphere:~$ pulseaudio --version
I: caps.c: Limited capabilities successfully to CAP_SYS_NICE.
I: caps.c: Dropping root privileges.
I: caps.c: Limited capabilities successfully to CAP_SYS_NICE.
pulseaudio 0.9.14

ms@Sphere:~$ uname -a
Linux Sphere 2.6.28-14-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Sat Jul 25 01:19:55 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux

This is known, and something that we would like to fix, however there is no known fix at the moment, and resources for trakcing this bug and fixing it are rather limited at this point.

 affects ubuntu/pulseaudio
 status triaged

Changed in pulseaudio (Ubuntu):
status: New → Triaged
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package pulseaudio - 1:0.9.22~0.9.21+341-g62bf-0ubuntu1

pulseaudio (1:0.9.22~0.9.21+341-g62bf-0ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

  * New snapshot based on stable-queue git branch (testing requested
    specifically by upstream)
    - LP: #164745, #173212, #201391, #204536, #207796, #210016, #221038,
    - LP: #226342, #230408, #236423, #237443, #250059, #269585, #274304,
    - LP: #274577, #275474, #277532, #277566, #277932, #278025, #280534,
    - LP: #283049, #286816, #287036, #292732, #298011, #298301, #300290,
    - LP: #302038, #311497, #311853, #324062, #339448, #344057, #348979,
    - LP: #350829, #356206, #367379, #367544, #369822, #371897, #374846,
    - LP: #375570, #381801, #399515, #402950, #403786, #408169, #409322,
    - LP: #409723, #410326, #410446, #417695, #417976, #419271, #421072,
    - LP: #422774, #423979, #424655, #425028, #427016, #431072, #432660,
    - LP: #437640, #437996, #442191, #443306, #443389, #446719, #449762,
    - LP: #455417, #461532, #464652, #483191, #497537, #503780
  * debian/patches/:
    + add: 0099-change-configure-git-version-tag.patch: Match released
           upstream 0.9.21 for shlibs and LIBPULSE_VERSION_INFO
    - drop: 0004-set-tsched0.patch (no longer relevant)
            0050-revert-pacmd-poll-argv.patch (no longer relevant)
            0056-dont-bail-on-sound-class-modem.patch (merged)
            0056-ignore-sound-class-modem.patch (merged)
            0058-Backport-4c793.patch (merged)
            0059-Backport-978d3.patch (merged)
            0060-fix-implicit-func-decl-cpu-arm.patch (merged)
            0061-Backport-c5fdb.patch (merged)
            0070-dont-bail-on-sound-class-modem-devs.patch (merged)
    + refresh: 0001-change-resample-and-buffering.patch
 -- Daniel T Chen <email address hidden> Thu, 14 Jan 2010 20:33:05 -0500

Changed in pulseaudio (Ubuntu):
status: Triaged → Fix Released
Jmadero (jmadero) wrote :

This is still a problem that exists. I have a setup on a laptop where I have a USB soundcard as well as the internal one. I have set it up where the USB is the default sound card. What I have noticed is the following:


1. Volume settings are "forgotten" (goes to mute)
2. It defaults into the internal speakers, turning off my 5.1 unless I get out of my media software and manually go set it back


1. The USB is defaulted but
2. The speakers are muted, again I have to leave my media software to manually set this back up
3. When I unmute the speakers they are low, I typically leave the speakers at 150% and use the media software to lower volume, this way I can use my remote inside of the media center, this becomes even more of an issue as the highest I can go using my remote (to turn up system volume outside of the media software) is 100%, so I have to get up and go into the settings and manually crank the volume up to 150% again (with my rear speakers being slightly lower)

This brings up another issue which is I don't understand why/how you can have max output at 150%, the max of anything is 100%, it doesn't make sense to have "secret higher volume" that you can't get to by raising the volume with media controls but instead have to manually go into settings to crank it up.

Pulse has made it a long ways in the last year or so but there is still some work to be done. Appreciate all the hard work and look forward to the next release

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