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Bug #1318951: kernel update fails with /boot on FAT32 Medium Confirmed 11 days
Bug #2020617: Enable Bluetooth support for MediaTek MT7922 (RZ616) Undecided Confirmed 12 days
Bug #2019011: [UBUNTU 20.04] [HPS] Kernel panic with "refcount_t: underflow" in mlx5 driver Undecided New 4 weeks
Bug #2018470: Linux 5.19 amdgpu: NULL pointer on GCN2 and invalid load on GCN1 Undecided Confirmed 4 weeks
Bug #2015827: NFS performance issue while clearing the file access cache upon login Undecided In Progress 5 weeks
Bug #2016908: udev fails to make prctl() syscall with apparmor=0 (as used by maas by default) Medium Fix Committed 5 weeks
Bug #2015857: Repeatedly unusable truncated crash files (on log-out) Undecided Confirmed 7 weeks
Bug #2011623: [Lenovo Ideapad 310][80SM, Conexant CX20751/2, Mic, Internal] Inverted internal microphone Undecided Confirmed 9 weeks
Bug #2007308: linux-tools-common: bpftool wrapper causes build failure for xdp-tools Undecided Confirmed 15 weeks
Bug #1987430: Ubuntu 22.04 kernel 5.15.0-46-generic leaks kernel memory in kmalloc-2k slabs Medium In Progress 15 weeks
Bug #2000709: from ubuntu_kernel_selftests failed with K-5.19 Medium In Progress 17 weeks
Bug #1951447: ubuntu_kernel_selftests: failed Medium In Progress 17 weeks
Bug #1988346: cm32181 module error blocking suspend Undecided Confirmed 20 weeks
Bug #2000947: UVC Quanta 0408:4035 camera PROBLEM Undecided Confirmed 22 weeks
Bug #2000700: Resolve problem with mainline builds Medium Confirmed 23 weeks
Bug #1999968: No sound on ASUS Zenbook UM5302TA AMD Ryzen 6800U model Undecided Confirmed 24 weeks
Bug #1998252: Touchpad is being recognized as generic mouse Undecided Confirmed 27 weeks
Bug #1932069: Touchpad not working at all Undecided Confirmed 28 weeks
Bug #1931715: [Lenovo Ideapad S145 82DJ0001BR] touchpad not working - does not appear on "cat /proc/bus/input/devices" Undecided Confirmed 28 weeks
Bug #1884232: touchpad and touchscreen doesn't work at all on ACER Spin 5 (SP513-54N) Undecided Confirmed 28 weeks
Bug #1997102: illuminator control in driver sonixj Undecided Confirmed 28 weeks
Bug #1993217: fixed "HDMI ATI/AMD: no speaker allocation for ELD" on Radeon module Undecided Confirmed 32 weeks
Bug #1971151: [SRU][Ubuntu 22.04.1] mpi3mr: Add management application interface(BSG) support Medium In Progress 49 weeks
Bug #1912935: battery drain while notebook off / shutdown Undecided Confirmed 54 weeks
Bug #1722513: [Hyper-V] hv_set_ifconfig fails due to new netplan configuration Medium Incomplete 54 weeks
Bug #1972140: UBSAN: array-index-out-of-bounds in /build/linux-HMZHpV/linux-5.15.0/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath5k/base.c:1695:20 Undecided Confirmed 55 weeks
Bug #1933839: Failed to upgrade to 21.04 (Check your Internet connection) Undecided Confirmed 55 weeks
Bug #1966061: thinkpad_acpi: Support privacy-screen Undecided Confirmed 59 weeks
Bug #1962349: Bolt doesn't work with native USB4 hosts High In Progress 65 weeks
Bug #1954692: Reconsider compressed kernels on arm64 Undecided Triaged 71 weeks
Bug #1950900: Internal Speakers on DELL Inspirion broken with kernel 5.13, works with kernel 5.11 Undecided Confirmed 74 weeks
Bug #1931001: Soft lockup due to interrupt storm from smbus Undecided Incomplete 80 weeks
Bug #1521173: AER: Corrected error received: id=00e0 Medium Triaged 87 weeks
Bug #1942935: kernel io hangs during mdcheck/resync Undecided Confirmed 89 weeks
Bug #1928138: Flickering on built-in display (Intel Haswell graphics) since kernel v4.1 [bisected and workaround attached] Undecided New 90 weeks
Bug #1942684: Kernel 5.14.X / 5.13.14 fails to boot Undecided Confirmed 90 weeks

From: Bluestang
Link: patch

Bug #1933274: TGL-H skl_dram_get_dimm_info crashes with "Missing case (val == 65535)" Undecided Incomplete 102 weeks
Bug #1932329: Support compressed kernel modules in initramfs-tools and kernel Medium In Progress 102 weeks
Bug #1927808: rtw88_8821ce causes freeze Medium Confirmed 104 weeks
Bug #1922260: `make olddefconfig` results in a kernel missing support for touchpad and wifi Undecided Confirmed 113 weeks
Bug #1914447: geneve overlay network on vlan interface broken with offload enabled Medium Triaged 122 weeks
Bug #1910867: Ubuntu 21.04 Text editor displayes a black screen, will not type. gedit 3.38.1-1 Undecided Confirmed 125 weeks
Bug #1827452: null pointer dereference in uvcvideo Undecided Confirmed 128 weeks
Bug #1899304: AGP disablement leaves GPUs without working alternative (PCI fallback is broken), makes very-capable ATI TeraScale GPUs unusable Undecided Confirmed 135 weeks
Bug #1902795: PCI graphics broken on AMD K8/K10/Piledriver platform (while it works on Intel) verified from Linux 4.4 to 5.10-rc2 Undecided Confirmed 135 weeks
Bug #1898326: touchpad not detected Undecided Confirmed 139 weeks

From: ChenChi Fan
Link: devices

Bug #1895615: Backlight adjustment doesn't work on Google Pixel Slate Undecided Confirmed 142 weeks
Bug #1878351: System shutdown directly by pressing power button and releasing immediately on Dell Vostro HW Undecided Confirmed 156 weeks
Bug #1864509: Unable to load iwlwifi for Intel Wireless-AC 9560 card Undecided Confirmed 168 weeks
Bug #1866147: WiFi card fails to activate on 5.3.0-40-generic Undecided Confirmed 168 weeks
Bug #1831566: [realtime app] not possible to redirect drivers/nvme IRQs from realtime cpuset Undecided Confirmed 169 weeks
Bug #1663020: When I suspend the computer and try to wake it, the keyboard's backlight goes on and the power light turns on, but the screen stays black. I have to hard reset the computer to get it to work again. Medium Incomplete 171 weeks
Bug #1858760: KVM guest high load after upgrade to 4.15.0-72 Undecided Confirmed 178 weeks
Bug #1848318: [DELL][BIONICS] Observed firmware assert during backgroung scan. Undecided Incomplete 185 weeks
Bug #1818407: Cant access emmc, error -84 Undecided Confirmed 188 weeks
Bug #159356: When DMA is disabled system freeze on high memory usage Low Incomplete 193 weeks
Bug #1775153: fanotify09 test case 0 in LTP syscall test failed with T kernel Medium Triaged 194 weeks
Bug #1838627: AppArmor onexec transition causes WARN kernel stack trace Undecided Incomplete 201 weeks
Bug #1838429: Kernel snap initrd is missing several fb related kmods Undecided Incomplete 201 weeks
Bug #1836215: [DELL][BIONICS] Redpine driver got crashed during shutdown/reboot Undecided Incomplete 203 weeks
Bug #1783906: Linux 4.15 and onwards fails to initialize some hard drives Medium Confirmed 204 weeks
Bug #1746340: Samsung SSD corruption (fsck needed) High Confirmed 206 weeks
Bug #1796553: BT mouse getting reset during operation Undecided Confirmed 207 weeks
Bug #1790454: Bluetooth (btintel) stops working after suspend/resume Medium Confirmed 207 weeks
Bug #1831945: HDMI/DP audio: ELD not updated on hotplug event Undecided Confirmed 208 weeks
Bug #1831573: Host arch executables are installed in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build when cross compiling kernel Medium In Progress 209 weeks
Bug #1827555: [ALSA] [PATCH] Headset fixup for System76 Gazelle (gaze14) Undecided Confirmed 212 weeks
Bug #1716301: wifi driver: mt7601u not work on 16.04 Medium Confirmed 216 weeks
Bug #1799988: Missing wifi and bluetooth after sleep on XPS 9370 Medium Confirmed 217 weeks
Bug #1721987: No sound from right audio channel Medium Confirmed 223 weeks
Bug #1791312: ubuntu 18.04 flickering screen with Radeon X1600 Medium Confirmed 224 weeks
Bug #1795453: [SRU] IO's are issued with incorrect Scatter Gather Buffer Medium Fix Committed 228 weeks
Bug #1807377: i2c_hid i2c-ELAN2514:00: failed to change power setting. Undecided Confirmed 231 weeks
Bug #1809972: Samsung SSD 750/850/860/870 EVO/QVO doesn't support queued TRIM command Undecided Confirmed 231 weeks
Bug #1802260: Please include modules for NVMe and USB HID in pc-kernel snap initrd Undecided Fix Committed 238 weeks
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