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Michal (mikeos) wrote :

Suspend/resume issue:

E6410 (maybe E6510 as well) has a BIOS bug which causes system freeze when resuming on battery power.
More info here:

Tap to click disable:

I have successfuly disabled tap to click, I am running latest Natty 2.6.38-8-generic kernel. Kernel sources from Ubuntu kernel 2.6.37 were used, because there is no support for this touchpad model included, which makes it possible to apply patch by developed by Andrew Skalski - see comment #154 - which has one great advantage over the patch included in Ubuntu 2.6.38 kernels - it is easy to tweak. Find the following line in the Adrew's patch:

alps_ec_write(psmouse, 0x0005, 0x01)

and replace it with line:

alps_ec_write(psmouse, 0x0005, 0x03)

The patch includes comments about what that flags (3rd parameter of alps_ec_write) mean, i.e. writing 0x03 to the 0x0005 registry - see comment #184. Apply the modified patch on the 2.6.37 drivers (input/mouse) directory and compile the mouse drivers against your 2.6.38 kernel headers. This should result in "psmouse.ko" which supports touchpad vertical scrolling with tap to click disabled.

It is clear that in order to fully support this touchpad model under Linux a userspace driver should be written. Everything else is just IMPS emulation which will never support horizontal scrolling or enable synaptics touchpad control panel.
Nb. I just rephrased what was already said by other clever people here, so please search previous comments before asking questions about the Andrew's patch. I think that everything has been already said :-) A driver must be developed which is non-trivial without knowing the touchpad internals specs.