Comment 7 for bug 665891

After a lot of time wasted with Dell support this is my current experience:
1) issue only appears when the laptop is powered on battery
2) this issue disappears when Speed Step is disabled in BIOS (which disables Turbo Boost as well)
3) this issue is mostly visible on i7 620M 2.66 CPUs; much less frequent (but persists) with i7 640M 2.80 CPUs (and probably very rare with i5 CPUs - unconfirmed)
4) probably it is not dependent on GPU chip used in the configuration
5) probably it could be fixed by BIOS and is not a mainboard design flaw, still A06 BIOS update did not fix it
IMO all E6410 owners with i7 2.66 CPU are affected if the above assumptions are true. Why they are no massive complaints by customers about these systems could be because:
- either most users do not use Sleep and use Hibernate instead
- or most of builds were sold with i5 CPUs
- people from Windows world are just used to random freezes and don't pay attention to particular circumstances causing the freeze

Andrew, either try disabling Speed Step or always remember to resume only when plugged-in to power outlet ;-)

I went the way of disabling Speed Step and am waiting for the A07 BIOS (if ever it fixes the issue).