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Bug #433631: Wanda the fish is a mute! Wishlist Incomplete 529 weeks

From: Aditya V
Link: gnome-panel_433631.debdiff

Add 'fortune-mod' to dependencies for Wanda's voice

Bug #43066: Window list behaves bad when panel is vertical. Medium Confirmed 593 weeks

From: Craig Shelley
Link: tasklist-orientation-fix.patch

Fix Task List Orientation Vertical Flicker

Bug #403135: Notification area icon wrongly rendered/uses bg_color as a background (multiple apps) Low Confirmed 616 weeks

From: Boris Dalstein
Link: notification-area_fix.tar.gz

commented source code (and binary for 10.04 32bits) that work for the default theme of Lucid

Bug #558631: vertical gnome-panel menu bar is layed out backwards Low Triaged 633 weeks

From: Grant Likely
Link: fix-vertical-menu-order.patch

Patch to switch the left-hand-side menu bar ordering

Bug #433808: Patch to add a fuzzy clock Wishlist Triaged 662 weeks

From: mascdman
Link: gnome-panel-2.24.1-0ubuntu2.1-fuzzy-clock.diff


Bug #412975: option to hide handles on non-expanded panel Wishlist Triaged 667 weeks

From: Nikola Kovacs
Link: expand_handles2.diff

fixed patch

Bug #150443: No workspace switching with mousewheel with compiz Wishlist Triaged 674 weeks

From: Marcus Carlson
Link: noscroll.diff

Disable scrolling in workspace switching and enable with gconf

Bug #320223: Don't squish expandable applets when adding new one Low Triaged 696 weeks

From: Michael Terry
Link: panel-expand.debdiff


Bug #35167: double-clicking a date should start evolution on the right day Low Confirmed 845 weeks

From: Tollef Fog Heen
Link: 13_clock_applet_spawn_evo_right_day.patch

Start evolution on the correct day

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