gnome-do does not notice change of icon theme

Bug #204368 reported by Mika Fischer on 2008-03-20
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Jason Smith
gnome-do (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: gnome-do

I'm using version on hardy.

When I change the icon theme in the appearances capplet, gnome-do will continue to use the icons from the previous theme until I restart it (really restart, via "Quit" and then starting it up again). gnome-do should notice the change and update its icon cache accordingly.

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I am unable to reproduce this bug. When I booted today, I had the human theme, so Do was brown. I just changed to the Clearlooks theme, and Do is now blue, without restarting it.

I am running the same version of Do in Hardy with compiz enabled.

Mika Fischer (zoop) wrote :

OK, that's good.

What I did however, was to just change the icon theme, not the complete theme. Could you try this too?

Sorry, I completely misread your original report.

But, I also can't reproduce that issue either :). I just changed the icon theme from the default human to Mist, and without restarting Do, the icons used for folders are now changed. See attached screenshot.

Additional info: I have compiz enabled (do you?)

Screenshot after changing it to Mist theme with Crux icons. Again, no manual restart of Do.

Mika Fischer (zoop) wrote :

OK, I just rechecked and the issue is this:

After the icon theme change, the first time you invoke gnome-do, it will still show the old icon. After you start typing, or if you close it and open it again, it will show the correct icons.

So you can only reproduce this bug if the icon that gnome-do displays by default when you start it differs between the two icon themes (I switched from Human to Tango).

And this also means that this a very minor bug (though still a bug) :)

Mika Fischer (zoop) wrote :

Oh, and I'm not using Compiz normally, but I can also reproduce the behavior when running Compiz.

Mathieu Cadet (thelama) wrote :

I can reproduce it too. I don't know if we can do much about it though.
The icons are correctly set if you hide Do and open it again or if you start typing.

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Alex Launi (alexlauni) wrote :

re-targeting for 0.8.1

Changed in do:
milestone: 0.8 → 0.8.1
Jason Smith (jassmith) on 2009-02-17
Changed in do:
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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package gnome-do -

gnome-do ( jaunty; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (LP: #344578).
    + Gnome Do causes keyboard keys to be remapped (LP: #308143)
    + Docky window too small when summoned (LP: #317381)
    + Minimize/Maximize does not work on all windows (LP: #317908)
    + Docky blocks drag and drop over large areas of the screen
      (LP: #318471)
    + Docky fails to autohide properly when changing themes
      (LP: #318672)
    + Paste via ctrl+v does not work in 1st pane (LP: #318922)
    + Autostart is in wrong assembly (LP: #319114)
    + Docky has no results list (LP: #319797)
    + Docky trash applet does not reflect current state
      (LP: #320621)
    + Docky panels splits into two when over filled (LP: #324648)
    + Docky ui division is inconsistent and confusing
      (LP: #324718)
    + poor performance with two screens (LP: #323294)
    + Docky trash applet doesn't check if trash exists
      (LP: #323453)
    + docky panel splits into two when overfilled (LP: #324648)
    + Docky's UI division is inconsistent and confusing
      (LP: #324718)
    + Do crashes when using a pastebin launcher with docky
      (LP: #325178)
    + Make docky aware of icon theme switch (LP: #328721)
    + Docky doesn't update icon status for some apps that minimize
      to system tray. (LP: #329120)
    + Docky does not work properly with pull-down window
      (LP: #334663)
    + sensitivity of zooming the icons in the dock isn't
      configurable (LP: #336214)
    + Regression: In 0.8.1, "Request attention" is no longer
      indicated (LP: #337594)
    + Clock's Calendar mode auto-hides when leaving the bounds of
      the original dock (LP: #337783)
    + gnome-do does not notice change of icon theme (LP: #204368)
    + Thumbnails are never displayed when files have spaces in
      their names (LP: #311551)
    + Open improperly escapes URLs. (LP: #317416)
    + Docky: Right-click dialog appears on wrong monitor
      (LP: #319062)
    + Dragging items off Docky possible in summon mode
      (LP: #319452)
    + Docky shows icon according to the filename (LP: #320892)
    + Mouse click inactive when Do(cky) is summoned (LP: #324937)
    + Docky trash don't have a right-click menu (LP: #317947)
    + Polish docky's window name labels (LP: #318487)
    + Docky: Scroll on window icon should switch between windows
      of that app (LP: #319805)
    + Docky does not preserve window stack (z?) order when
      switching apps by clicking on app icon (LP: #326661)
    + Docky window switching should be easier. (LP: #327079)
    + Color of indicators on Docky cannot be changed
      (LP: #332936)
    + Do's ResultWindow is using wrong text color (LP: #288771)
    + Docky won't unhide after rev 1053 (LP: #337113)
    + Do's icon label in Docky should be "GNOME Do" instead of
      "Summon GNOME Do" (LP: #338496)
  * Build against gtk, gnome mono packages from Experimental.
  * debian/control:
    + Bump versioned dep on libgtk2.0-cil to ensure
      Gdk.Screen.IsComposited exists
    + Add libwnck2.20-cil build-dep
    + Add librsvg2-2.18-cil build-dep
    + gnome...


Changed in gnome-do:
status: Confirmed → Fix Released
Alex Launi (alexlauni) on 2009-04-22
Changed in do:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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