Comment 5 for bug 1773610

I also noted in

Lubuntu 19.04 Manual Partitioning Install
Daily Image : 20190326.1

On selecting a pre-existing partition, I have the option of 'keep' or 'format'. I'm trying to 'format' my / partition so I select format. I'm happy with settings (have selected / as mount point, 'format' & 'boot' as option) so I exit to select next partition (say my /home).

I however decide to go back & check my / partition which should be 'format', but when I re-enter it, I find it's set to 'keep'. I've tried this many times (only today's ISO) and have discovered the same nearly each time. It could be it flips to 'keep' whenever you enter; but given I've set it to 'format' I'd expect it to say 'format'.

I was exploring this when I had the crash that caused this bug report, but have since rebooted and the 'format' is being flipped to 'keep' I'm convinced (though if you enter many times, it seems to stop flipping??)