Comment 3 for bug 1773610

I noted somewhat similar behavior in where I say
"I noticed what appeared (twice at that stage) where I'd selected "format" a partition, when I re-entered the partition [settings] it seemed to show "keep". I was re-opening to explore that before seeing if I was mistaken, or it is an issue when the calamares installer disappeared off screen (crash)."

Exploring this further today (daily image 20190407) has been problematic with calamares regularly crashing. Installed on my system (d780) is a prior QA full-disk install so only a single partition.

If I enter manual-partition, select the sda1, select 'edit', choose content: 'format' mount.point: "/" with flags:"boot" then click okay to go back to partitions overview, when I re-enter sda1 i would expect it to still say 'format' but instead it says "keep".

I can change it again, if it doesn't crash on exit (which currently occurs more often than not), it'll return back to "keep" if I get back in to check the status.