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Bug #1756942: xfdesktop4 - zh-TW - Ubuntu 16.04 - tag mismatch bug in xfdesktop settings UI Undecided New 22 weeks

From: 林博仁(Buo-ren, Lin)
Link: zh_TW.po.patch


Bug #1668664: firefox: Drop "Open a " from .desktop Actions Undecided New 46 weeks

From: Jeremy Bicha
Link: firefox-actions-lp1668664.diff


Bug #1575222: Translate session action in dash Low In Progress 60 weeks

From: Gunnar Hjalmarsson
Link: session-shortcuts_translations.debdiff


Bug #1302456: missing librelogo localizations Medium Triaged 226 weeks

From: Andras Timar
Link: librelogo-l10n.diff


Bug #1079847: Seahorse : Translation for "delete" not shown - Fixed upstream - debdiff required Undecided Triaged 274 weeks

From: Daniel Schury
Link: seahorse_3.2.2-0ubuntu2.1.dsc.debdiff


Bug #1171163: Previews not using DDTP translations for descriptions (like the Software Centre or Synaptic do) High Triaged 278 weeks

From: Pierre Slamich
Link: software-center-dbus-i18n.diff

Quick untested patch by mvo

Bug #839219: synaptic crashes immediately on startup with SIGABRT in raise() when run with UTF-8 locale/l10n strings Undecided Fix Committed 303 weeks

From: Marius B. Kotsbak
Link: fix_lp839219_nb.patch


Bug #411390: Translations: po-python.pot template is missing, existing .po files useless Low Triaged 347 weeks

From: Gabor Kelemen
Link: gen-pot-popython.patch

Add another intltool-update call to rules

Bug #578593: "About %s remaining" should support plural forms Low Triaged 416 weeks

From: Pavol Klačanský
Link: DisfUdgrideViewKDE.diff


Bug #542068: Missing translations for "xterm failsafe session" Low Triaged 418 weeks

From: Gabor Kelemen
Link: add-desktop-files.patch

Add desktop files to

Bug #512380: Firefox's and Thunderbird's .desktop file does not contain translation domain info Medium Confirmed 439 weeks

From: Gabor Kelemen
Link: use-aid-domain-tb.patch

Similar patch for TB

Bug #305433: Re-use translations in .desktop files Medium Triaged 507 weeks

From: Gabor Kelemen
Link: remove-update.patch

Remove the update of po files from

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