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Bug #1828114: Incorrect date of birth saved in certain timezones. Undecided New 56 weeks

From: Dan Briem
Link: 0001-Fix-date-of-birth-time-zone-change-when-saving-patro.patch


Bug #1826584: continue past alert and confirm dialogs with keyboard space or enter Undecided Confirmed 58 weeks

From: a. bellenir
Link: 0001-add-key-handler-to-alert-and-confirm-dialogs-to-cont.patch


Bug #1815950: fields should be hidden when the relevant ".show" org unit setting is false Wishlist Confirmed 68 weeks

From: a. bellenir

Bug #1808055: Search queries containing a filter in a subquery/group may drop the filter Undecided Confirmed 70 weeks

From: John Merriam

Bug #1786971: Web Client: z39.50 Using TCN Instead of id Undecided New 94 weeks

From: John Merriam
Link: bibliomation-z3950fix.patch

use bibid instead of tcn for z3950

Bug #1715396: auth_proxy, native login fails when LDAP unavailable High Confirmed 143 weeks

From: John Merriam

Patch file. Looks to be mangled in posted bug report text.

Bug #1481814: No record of patron credit being added to account Undecided New 252 weeks

From: Bill Ott
Link: 0001-Add-grocery-bill-payment-to-record-patron-credit-add.patch


Bug #1384796: check constraint valid_fine_check in asset.copy_template DDL statement defined incorrectly at line 497 of 040.schema.asset.sql Medium Confirmed 293 weeks

From: Tim Faile
Link: 040.schema.asset.sql.diff

one-line change in patch file

Bug #1375296: autoreconf -i showing deprecation warnings on Ubuntu 14.04 Low Fix Committed 295 weeks

From: Warren Layton
Link: 0002-LP-1375296-remove-remaining-warnings-from-autoreconf.patch


Bug #885270: Delete User Aborts on Shared Address Medium Confirmed 316 weeks

From: Victoria Lewis
Link: UniqueRecordForClonedAddress.sql

Patch for LP885270

Bug #1235420: status_changed_time can go back in time Medium Triaged 348 weeks

From: Bill Ott
Link: 0002-Thinko-in-previous-patch.-Need-ELSIF.patch


Bug #1195428: TPAC reports hold "ready for pickup" before hold_shelf_status_delay expires Medium Confirmed 361 weeks

From: Bill Ott
Link: 0002-Missed-line-in-patch-for-hold-delay-notice.patch


Bug #787162: No administrative interface for: asset.call_number_class Wishlist Confirmed 470 weeks

From: Joseph
Link: call_num_class.patch


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