Authorised repliers list is not updated with all users configured in the system automatically when the ticket is generated by fetching e-mail

Bug #1520299 reported by Murali Kunda on 2015-11-26
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Bug Description

Eventun version : 2.2

I expect authorised repliers list updated with all active users available automatically when new ticket is generated by fetching.

Is there any configuration I have to do to get this or it is s/w issue ??

Elan Ruusamäe (glen666) wrote :

upgrade to 3.0.6+ first, 2.2 is too old to get any support.

also don't understand what you are asking, you need to explain a bit better about background and what are you trying to do.

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Murali Kunda (murali-kz) wrote :


I have installed this version through softaculous apps. i will upgrade it to latest as you suggested.

But earlier I was using lower version than 2.2. But this problem was not seem

Problem details :
When a ticket is created by fetching e-mail from Inbox, authorised repliers and notification list will be updated automatically.

"Notification list" will be automatically updated with all the the e-mail ID's available in "TO" and "CC" list of original e-mail long with from email ID. This is working fine

"Authorised repliers" list will be be updated automatically with all Eventum active users available for that project along with members mentioned in notification list. But now it is updating only e-mail sender.

Is there anything I have to configure to update all active users into authorised repliers list ?

Elan Ruusamäe (glen666) wrote :

Never seen Authorized Repliers filled automatically, are you sure you did not use Workflow for this?

Elan Ruusamäe (glen666) wrote :

Also, would be interesting to know what was the version you upgraded from, i.e in what version it worked. maybe can scan through changelog or changeset and find something relevant.

Murali Kunda (murali-kz) wrote :

Hi, I am not using any work flow.
Earlier I was using Eventum 2.0.3 in which Authorised repliers updated automatically.

recently I installed Eventum 2.2 and migrated complete database. All functionalities are working fine except updating "authorised replier" I am currently editing this list manually for each support ticket.

Murali Kunda (murali-kz) wrote :

Hi Elan, Can you please respond to my query ?
I would like to know how I can configure to update all active users into "Authorised repliers list" of each ticket created automatically

Elan Ruusamäe (glen666) wrote :

i do not know, i asked bryan to have look

Murali Kunda (murali-kz) wrote :

Hi Bryan,
Can you please help me on this ?

Bryan Alsdorf (balsdorf) wrote :

So I looked into the code from version 2.0. There is nothing in there to set the authorized repliers automatically unless you had modified the code.

As Glen said, 2.2 is way too old to be supported. If you upgrade to 3.0.6+ and still have an issue we will be happy to help you solve the problem with either the workflow API or a new feature.

Murali Kunda (murali-kz) wrote :

I have created below work flow to add all developers into authorised repliers.
But new issues created by fetching e-mail from Inbox have only email ID of sender in the authorised replier list.

Please suggest me if I have to do any more changes to the work flow

require_once(APP_INC_PATH . "workflow/class.abstract_workflow_backend.php");

class AuthorisedRepliers_Workflow_Backend extends Abstract_Workflow_Backend
   * Allows all users with a role of developer or above to email
   * @param integer $prj_id The project ID.
   * @param integer $issue_id The ID of the issue
   * @param string The email address that is trying to send an email
   * @return boolean true if the sender can email the issue, false if the sender
   * should not email the issue and null if the default rules should be used.
  function canEmailIssue($prj_id, $issue_id, $email)
   // get usr_id
   $usr_id = User::getUserIDByEmail($email);
   if ((!empty($usr_id)) && (User::getRoleByUser($usr_id, $prj_id) >= User::getRoleID("Developer"))) {
     return true;
   } else {
     return null;

Murali Kunda (murali-kz) wrote :

Can you please let me know the work flow mentioned above is correct ?
Why Authorised repliers list is not updated as per work flow mentioned. Please suggest me changes if required

I talked with softoculous for providing upgrade script. According to them the latest version is beta version and they will provide upgrade script after Eventum release stable version to softoculous. Please suggest on how I can upgrade if softoculous cannot support.

Murali Kunda (murali-kz) wrote :

Hi Elan,

I have seriously problem with updating "Authorized repliers" when new issue is created by fetching e-mail.
Authorized repliers are updated with from e-mail address only. members in the TO list are not added.
Reply by any member in the TO list is not captured in the issue and also not added to internal note. This is causing a problem.

How do I address this issue ?

Workflow added did not help to resolve the issue..

Elan Ruusamäe (glen666) wrote :

"To" list is afaik "Notification list" not "Authorized Replier" list.

also it's particulary hard for me to understand what you wish, even your english spelling is good. maybe try explaining with certain series of events including screenshots? and understanding setup of your system. did you upgrade to 3.0 series, not clear from the bugreport.

Murali Kunda (murali-kz) wrote :


1. Our customer send an e-mail to <email address hidden> with CC list (CC list may be other employees of customer)
2. Eventum fetches e-mail from Inbox of <email address hidden> and creates issue ID
3. Members in the To and CC list are added are found in the "Notification list" and e-mail of sender is found in "Authorized replier list" of newly created Issue ID
4. Notification e-mail about issue ID creation is sent to all members in the "Notification list"

Problem :
1. Reply from members in the CC/TO list of customer Original e-mail are not tracked by eventum under the created Issue ID as they are not added automatically to "Authorized repliers list"
2. Active users (My employees) available on Eventum application also are not added to "Authorized repliers list" due to which our employees are not able to reply from their e-mail ID

I would like your support to fix both issues.

Murali Kunda (murali-kz) wrote :

I fixed both issues mentioned above with following code changes in

bug-1 : .Automatic adding of To and CC e-maild to authorized repliers list
Code change :
Authorized_Replier::manualInsert($issue_id, $address['email'], false);
Bug-2 : Active users (My employees) available on Eventum application also are not added to "Authorized repliers list"
Code change :
$users = User::getActiveAssocList($prj_id);
foreach ($users as $usr_id => $usr_full_name) {
$email = Misc::escapeString(User::getFromHeader($usr_id));
Authorized_Replier::manualInsert($issue_id, $email, false);

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