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Bug #616447: Launcher - Quit does not actually quit applications Medium Fix Committed 266 weeks

From: Tim Hollmann
Link: patch_stopQuit.patch


Bug #798445: dash: can't discern between two files or folder with identical names Undecided New 271 weeks

From: rajat
Link: 1.txt


Bug #1295793: Workspace launcher gives no feedback on Activate or during Expo Undecided New 358 weeks

From: asmoore82
Link: workspace-switcher-empty.patch

!= 2x2 fix but requires extra icon asset

Bug #1286784: Inconsistent scrollwheel launcher behavior for window switching. Medium Fix Committed 360 weeks

From: asmoore82
Link: lp1286784.patch

Non-invasive minimal fix.

Bug #907640: alt-backtick doesn't work properly Undecided New 366 weeks

From: Jeffrey Knockel
Link: metacity_2.34.13-0ubuntu4.debdiff

Proposed debdiff for trusty

Bug #682788: Improve Unity Global Menu Critical Fix Committed 373 weeks

From: Ryan Koesters
Link: always-show-menubar.patch

Add option in appearance panel to enable or disable always showing global menu bar

Bug #390508: notifyOSD ignores the expire timeout parameter Undecided New 385 weeks

From: nh2
Link: 0001-Mention-that-t-expire-time-is-ignored.patch


Bug #1033866: Launcher - Switch on "backlight toggles" mode by default Undecided Fix Committed 442 weeks

From: Bartosz Kosiorek
Link: backlight_toggle_unity-2d.patch

Unity-2d backlight toggle patch

Bug #966189: Launcher tooltip says "Waiting to install" when application is actually installing Low Fix Committed 445 weeks

From: installshield_freak
Link: launcher.diff


Bug #957922: Thunderbird's messaging menu highlight helps some people but not many Undecided Confirmed 448 weeks

From: Tom Jaeger
Link: messaging-menu-case.debdiff


Bug #930148: Dodge windows is down but what about making the launcher autohide only on maximised apps ? Undecided Confirmed 458 weeks

Link: 1929_1928.diff


Bug #878836: [FFe] Unity Greeter - Use Unity Greeter to fulfil lock screen as well as login functions High Fix Committed 462 weeks

From: Robert Ancell
Link: 0001-Make-gnome-screensaver-look-like-Unity-Greeter.patch


Bug #30554: rhythmbox columns are not in "right" order Undecided New 467 weeks

From: Chris Wilson
Link: lp30554.patch


Bug #841885: UIFe: New show-desktop icon looks too small Undecided Confirmed 490 weeks

From: Daniel Planas Armangue
Link: Daniel desktop-user 0.3.tar

Daniel desktop-user 0.3.tar

Bug #838256: Update 'user-desktop.svg' with new version for Alt-Tab Show Desktop switcher Undecided Confirmed 490 weeks

From: Daniel Planas Armangue
Link: Daniel desktop-user 0.3.tar

Daniel desktop-user 0.3.tar

Bug #95853: Nautilus: too easy to move files/folders to Trash (single key press of "Delete") Undecided New 515 weeks

From: GG
Link: nautilus-


Bug #633211: Fallback menus shown for windows on the blacklist Undecided New 541 weeks

From: Ted Gould
Link: fontforge.diff

Patch for the fontforge Desktop file

Bug #619932: message timestamps are too verbose Undecided New 545 weeks

From: Nicolò Chieffo
Link: no_verbose_timestamps.patch


Bug #111939: Alt-Tab - Not possible to alt-tab during a drag-and-drop operation High Fix Committed 562 weeks

From: Nigel Babu
Link: metacity_2.30.1-0ubuntu2.debdiff


Bug #507964: Application Switcher keybinds conflicts with gnome default Undecided New 576 weeks

From: arky
Link: application-switcher.patch

patch for

Bug #15495: "Archive Manager" doesn't mean anything if you don't know what an "archive" is Undecided New 605 weeks

From: Sebastien Bacher
Link: file-roller.patch

update with the suggested changes

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