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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1455092: Possibility to have global ids in mates list Wishlist New 29 weeks

From: David Brandes
Link: gid_friends.patch


Bug #1317586: Winlibs too outdated to build Undecided New 82 weeks

From: Foster McLane
Link: winlibs.patch


Bug #1254184: Enable ROUND_SCORE and ROUND_SCORE_TEAM ladderlog events for AI players and teams Undecided New 100 weeks

From: David Brandes
Link: round_score.patch


Bug #1213483: Code Blocks build broken by revs 1491, 1503 and 1504 Undecided Fix Committed 119 weeks

From: Foster McLane
Link: windows.patch


Bug #1206192: HELP_MESSAGE deprecated but causes problems Undecided New 122 weeks

From: Foster McLane
Link: help.patch


Bug #1203346: The game crashes if armathentication is disabled Low Fix Committed 123 weeks

From: Foster McLane
Link: threading.patch


Bug #1041710: Screenshots distorted if width not multiple of 4 Undecided Fix Committed 149 weeks

From: David Brandes
Link: screenshot.patch


Bug #598364: Ladderlog has no events for death/win zones Wishlist Fix Committed 163 weeks

From: David Brandes
Link: ladderlog_zone.diff


Bug #1025760: Unredeable text with no textures and HIGH_RIM 1 Undecided Fix Committed 176 weeks

From: Matias Pino
Link: 2.diff


Bug #892521: You can kick a player from a locked team, even if the player has been already kicked out. Undecided Fix Committed 210 weeks

From: Zoltán Kéri
Link: fix_team_management_commands.patch


Bug #318018: join spectators does...nothing >.< and it's there twice! Medium Fix Committed 358 weeks

From: BabyBug
Link: spectator.patch


Bug #316271: Server crash if players obtain more than 1 Flag in CTF Undecided Fix Committed 359 weeks

From: Kyle
Link: CTF_flag_path.patch

Patch to Resolve this bug

Bug #272398: pthreads not working/not used Medium Fix Committed 375 weeks

From: Yann Kaiser
Link: pthread.patch

This makes it work, but crashes at second auth try if not gdb-attached from the beginning

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