Assigned bugs

120 of 20 results
Fix Committed
unattended-upgrades (Ubuntu Xenial) 14
Fix Committed
update-notifier (Ubuntu Xenial) 12
In Progress
tcsh (Ubuntu Yakkety) 94
In Progress
In Progress
installation-guide (Ubuntu) 6
Fix Committed
Fix Committed
casper (Ubuntu Xenial) 24
Fix Committed
ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Yakkety) 16
Fix Committed
Debian 72
120 of 20 results

Brian Murray's teams

“5 A Day Participants” team
“Anjali Team” team
“arsenal-devel” team
“arsenal-user” team
“Auto Upgrade Testing Developers” team
“Bileto Users” team
“Bug Supervisors for Ubuntu Translations” team
“Bughelper Developers” team
“Bughugger Team” team
“BugSquad Mentorship” team
“bzr-doc-chinese-contributors” team
“Canonical content creators” team
“Canonical Foundations Team” team
“Canonical Platform QA Jenkins” team
“Canonical Ubuntu Platform” team
“Canonical User Experience and Design team” team
“Canonical Website Editors” team
“compiz packagers” team
“computer-janitor-hackers” team
“Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages” team
“CU2D maintainers” team
“Daisy Pluckers” team
“Daniel Holbach Huggers” team
“Design Internal” team
“design.c.c authors” team
“Documentation Packages” team
“Edubuntu Bugsquad” team
“Edubuntu Developers” team
“Edubuntu Menu Editor development team” team
“edubuntu-dev-owner” team
“Fubuntu team” team
“Geonames developers” team
“GNOME Power Manager Team” team
“GNOME3 Team” team
“Greasemonkeying-of-Launchpad Developers” team
“GTK+ C++ interface Ubuntu maintainers” team
“harvest-dev” team
“Juju Reports Viewers” team
“Kernel Packages” team
“Kubuntu Dev Owner” team
“Kubuntu Developers” team
“Kubuntu Package Archives” team
“Kubuntu Packagers” team
“Launchpad Beta Testers” team
“Launchpad Development mailing list” team
“Launchpad Live Filesystem Builders” team
“Launchpad QA” team
“Launchpad Users” team
“Launchpad's Hardware Database Team” team
“Lubuntu Developers Team” team
“Martin Pitt's fan” team
“Modem Manager Team” team
“MOTU Stable Release Updates” team
“MOTU” team
“Multi-touch Development” team
“My Dad Runs Ubuntu” team
“My spouse runs Ubuntu!” team
“mythbuntu-dev” team
“Network-manager” team
“Nominate to Ubuntu Release Series” team
“OEM Priority Team” team
“OIF Packaging” team
“OpenStack Ubuntu packagers” team
“Papercuts Ninjas” team
“Papercutters” team
“Planet Ubuntu” team
“Registry Administrators” team
“SRU Verification” team
“Summit Users” team
“Super Friends” team
“Testing in Ubuntu” team
“Translators Packages” team
“Ubiquity Slideshow” team
“Ubuntu Apps bug tracking” team
“Ubuntu Artwork Packagers” team
“Ubuntu Audio Development Team” team
“Ubuntu Bazaar Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu branches” team
“Ubuntu Bug Control” team
“Ubuntu Bugs” team
“Ubuntu BugSquad Mentorship group α” team
“Ubuntu BugSquad” team
“Ubuntu CI managed package branches” team
“Ubuntu CLI/Mono Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Cloud Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Contributing Developers” team
“Ubuntu Core Development Team” team
“Ubuntu Council Teams” team
“Ubuntu Cyclists” team
“Ubuntu Defect Analysts” team
“Ubuntu Desktop Bugs” team
“Ubuntu Desktop Extra Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Desktop” team
“Ubuntu Developer Membership Board” team
“Ubuntu Developers” team
“Ubuntu Development Team (bugmail catching gateway)” team
“Ubuntu Development Team” team
“Ubuntu Drivers” team
“Ubuntu Foundations Bugs” team
“Ubuntu Foundations Team” team
“Ubuntu Geonames Hackers” team
“Ubuntu GNOME bug control” team
“Ubuntu GNOME Developers” team
“Ubuntu GNOME” team
“Ubuntu Input Methods Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Kernel Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Kylin Members” team
“Ubuntu Kylin Quality” team
“Ubuntu Landing PPAs” team
“Ubuntu Local Community Teams” team
“Ubuntu MATE Developers” team
“Ubuntu Members” team
“Ubuntu Mozilla Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu NetworkManager Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu OIF uploaders” team
“Ubuntu OpenStack uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Oregon LoCo” team
“Ubuntu Packaging Guide Team” team
“Ubuntu Phablet Team” team
“Ubuntu Phone” team
“Ubuntu Phonedations bugs” team
“Ubuntu PNW Loco” team
“Ubuntu Push Hackers” team
“Ubuntu QA Website Developers” team
“Ubuntu Quality” team
“Ubuntu Reports Dev Team” team
“Ubuntu Review Team” team
“Ubuntu Schooltool Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu SDK bug tracking” team
“Ubuntu Server Developers” team
“Ubuntu Server QA” team
“Ubuntu Server Staged Uploads” team
“Ubuntu Sponsors Team” team
“Ubuntu Stable Release Updates Team” team
“Ubuntu Sugar Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Transition Trackers” team
“Ubuntu Ubuntu One Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Virtualization Developers” team
“Ubuntu WebApps bug tracking” team
“Ubuntu Xorg uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Zentyal Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu Zope Uploaders” team
“UbuntuKylin Community Team” team
“UbuntuKylin Developers” team
“UbuntuKylin Documentation Team” team
“UDS Organizers” team
“Unity API bugs” team
“Unity Control Center development team” team
“Unity Settings Daemon Development Team” team
“Unity UI bugs” team
“Uploaders for the ubuntu-qt-packages packageset” team
“Uploaders to the Xubuntu packageset” team
“usb-creator hackers” team
“Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance” team
“Verified LoCo Teams” team
“Wasilla Team” team
“Work Item Tracker Configuration Admins” team
“Xubuntu Artwork” team
“Xubuntu Developers” team