Comment 16 for bug 742967

The upgrade worked. I did a fresh Maverick install on the windows partition
and used today's alternate image to run the upgrade. The upgrade worked

1. the /host/wubildr was not modified at all (I used diff to compare before
an after). The Grub Menu showed version 1.98+20100804-5ubuntu2.
2. /boot/grub remained empty except for three files: grubenv, grub.cfg and
3. Despite differences in grub.cfg with maverick it booted fine.
4. Ran sudo update-grub - rebooted fine
5. Ran sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc - no change to /host/wubildr or
/boot/grub and rebooted fine
6. Reinstalled same version of grub-pc using synaptic - no change to
/host/wubildr or /boot/grub. This time I was interrupted and windows booted
in the meantime. On rebooting into Ubuntu it ended up at the grub prompt.

So... in summary: grub-install does not run anymore as a postinst trigger
when installing or reconfiguring grub-pc, and /host/wubildr is not updated.