Comment 11 for bug 582261

Yes, I sent you and email about this, didn't you receive that?

Here is part of what I wrote:
The dpkg --get-selections|grep aspell- gives no output in Arch as it is a
different installer pacman.
pacman -Ss packagename gives the available packages and I discovered that I
might not have the English dictionary installed; indeed it wasn't strange as
the Dutch was and I have open office installed; after installing the
dictionary writetype works ok; so your hunch was right; so in the
dependencies should be mentioned aspell and aspell-en.

A short addition to the read aloud as you type option I asked for.
In Clicker 5 you have three options for read aloud as you type:
text is read after each letter is typed
after each word ( marked by space key)
or when a sentence is completed, marked by typing the dot.

On the select suggested word by keystroke you could work like the free word
prediction program in windows *letmetype*; ;
there you select by typing a digit from 1 to number of suggested words
(there maximum is 9, I believe). The nice thing in that program is that it
can used in all kind of other programs and will give a popup kind of window,
when doing a suggestion, where the caret is; letter colour and size.
background colour are configurable.* It doesn't give sound feedback on
typing as does Clicker5*.
I think you could be greatly inspired by Clicker5; you will need a windows
pc to test it .
I have a legitimate copy of that program and can upload an iso with key, if
you would want to explore that further.

Thanks again for your help and work on this great program.
Greetings Paul

2010/11/25 Max Shinn <email address hidden>

> You sort-of mentioned on the blogpost that installing aspell-en worked
> for you. Can you confirm this so that I can update my documentation and
> package? Thanks. And also thanks for the feature requests!
> --
> when installing the deb in ubuntu 8.04 I get error
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> of the bug.
> Status in Writetype: New
> Bug description:
> Dependency not satisfiable python, although I have installed a lot of
> python applications.
> Have python 2.4 and 2.5 installed
> python- support 0.75
> python-enchant
> python-qt 4.40
> Very sorry about this because this looks great.
> I used for my disabled daughter Clicker 4 and 5 a lot from cricksoftware,
> only on Windows and Mac.
> You might look there to get ideas for further options.
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