Comment 10 for bug 994712

Jens Beyer (qcumber-some) wrote :

Lincity-ng does not display their license ingame.
Wesnoth only displays the English original in their ingame help.
Openttd does not display their license ingame. They have sections in the settings which talk about components and their license, with buttons to view their license (but those buttons are all disabled).

So I guess this is somewhat ok to do.

@SirVer: A link to the web may legally be enough, but we should provide the license (the COPYING file) with the package (and tell the user to view *this* license). A link to the web is nevertheless a good addition, this could also be a wiki page which explain stuff and links to the license.

As for what to do, my suggestion would be:

1) Extend the Copyright notice in the Main menu (bottom left) by something like "Licensed under GPL V2.0"
2) Keep the "License" Main menu item, but the content should be a nice little description that the game is under GPL V2.0 and how to display the shipped license, and the link(s) to the web for the license itself ( or even because this text is translateable)
3) update the translation template to not allow translation of the GPL anymore ;-)