Comment 45 for bug 787464

Chuck Wilder (chuckw20) wrote :

Attached, for your consideration, are game-ready files for the non-roughed slash.

I will use the dark skin because I believe it presents all of the playercolors far better than the "raw hide". Though it was good to have the comparison.

The vote thusfar as I tally it -

AXE: 4 (SirVer, _aD, MarkS, Chuck)
SMOOTH SLASH: 2 (SirVer, MarkS)
ROUGH SLASH: 2 (_aD, Chuck)
"X": 1 (MarkS)

These votes are considered on an individual basis. I haven't tried to interpret your favorite, just giving equal weight to those you mention, so if you wish to change, prioritize (First choice, second choice, ...), or otherwise clarify your vote, please do so.

Thanks for your input.