Comment 0 for bug 767075

John Lea (johnlea) wrote :

When the user reveals the Launcher by moving the pointer to the left side of the screen, the Launcher should unfold at exactly the point entered.

To reproduce:
1 . Make sure the Launcher contains a enough icons to cause several icons to fold.
2. Hide the launcher by moving a window into the Launcher space
3. Reveal the launcher by moving the pointer to the left side of the screen at a vertical location where the Launcher has folded icons. A good example is to move the pointer to the very bottom left to try to reveal the trash.
What currently happens:
- The Launcher slides out, the accordion flattens, and then the Launcher starts auto scrolling to the user's location.

What should happen:
- The Launcher should slide out and the Launcher accordion should flatten out centred on the icon in the same vertical position as the user's pointer. There should be no auto-scroll.