Comment 23 for bug 765736

Still not fixed for me , tried to remove "Miro" and any files related form hiddin files in home folder and reinstall it again, but that didn't solve the issue, it even got worst today i was downloading a video minimized the application to the launcher tried to maximize it but it was gone, tried to add it again to the launcher and start it ,but wont start (the icon just blinks for a while) , finally killed it in the system monitor but i don't know if thats normal , there where two miro's:
1- Miro - ID 12280
2- Miro Real - ID 12281
I did another test's after loging out and in and found that when i check the "keep in launcher" close the app and start it by clicking on the "Miro" icon on the launcher , it will not start.
If i searched for it in unity search and start it it will start successfully .