Comment 3 for bug 749566

Playing music and maintaining pictures may not need a hierarchical classification indeed. However, it is difficult to imagine a folder-less computer for professional work considering the way file open and file close dialogs currently work. A folder-less computer would require an entire overhaul of current file management tools, file save dialogs, etc., where instead of browsing for a folder users could comment/tag the files. As long as this is not the case, and users are obliged to classify theyr data based on a hierarchy, Unity must provide the proper tools to work with a hierarchical file system. This includes the simple ability to retrieve a folder a user knows is there.

Unity currently is extremely limited where it concerns the file lens. It assumes that the user knows bits of the name of every file he is working on and needs to retrieve. Instead, it will happen frequently that a user will look into the project folder and find the file he needs, browsing though it.

What is worse, Unity only seems to index files that have been recently used. Thus, older files, or files that have recently been copied onto the system (e.g. after a "fresh" OS install) cannot be retrieved using Unity!
As such, the Unity interface currently does not allow to search all folders/documents a user has. There is no other way than launching nautilus and use the old and slow search tools. Still far away from a desktop without hierarchical file systems.