Comment 2 for bug 749566

I see what you mean Mikkel. It's a bit hard to get rid of this kind of habit. And I think it's much easier to get rid of the hierarchical file systems for some kind of files, but not yet for all of them. For photos & music for instance, I think the applications are good enough now, we browse music by artist or album, photos by date.

But then in my case, I want to see which GPS tracks I have to upload to my Garmin profile. I put them in a "Sport" folder, then in folders by month. I imagine the right way to do that would be to tag the files properly. But I dont think Unity will search on the tags, from what I tested so far. So I don't think all the applications are ready for this, neither the users.

I agree the hierarchical file system should become invisible to the user. But then don't you think the tags should be easier & more efficient to use ? Including with Unity.