Comment 12 for bug 1158779

So, I think I have this narrowed down to why the translations aren't occurring.

1. The unity-scope-home defines the Gettext-Domain of unity-scope-home, but this domain does not exist yet, so nothing is going to be translated at all until this exists.
2. unity-scope-home also fails to to translate the search-hint. I will have a branch soon to fix that.
3. libunity-7.0 also fails to translate the search-hint. This search-hint is slightly different than the unity-scope-home search-hint in that this is the search-hint first shown when opening a scope, ie, the default. I will also have a branch soon to fix this as well.

Also, when the unity-scope-home domain is created, the filters will be translated as well.

As an experiment, I made a Spanish(es) version of the unity-scope-home domain and made test versions of libunity-7 and unity-scope-home and the Dash is much more translated now. I was still missing some translations in the file I created.