Comment 2 for bug 882163

Don't worry for ma Database, I have a copy.

here is what I did :

1- I update my sources-list by adding your PPA and then I make an upgrade. (
Calibre not started of course)
2- I installed the Books lens.
3- I log out and log in again.
4- I launched the Book lens and activated the Calibre Filter and searched
for a random item I know I have on my Calibre Librairy and nothing appened
here, no resulte. The other Filter worked well ( but I did not make a deep
5- I closed the Dash and Launched Calibre , and it is here where I received
the message saying that the Calibre Database where corrupted. It proposed an
option to Fix saying it might last a while when the Collection is huge .
6- As of yet , it is still trying to repair the Database. May be I will
have to for it to finish before launching the Lens again.

here is the output you requested :

  *library_path = u'/home/cyrildz/Librairie calibre'*