Comment 63 for bug 375272

Bradley M. Kuhn (bkuhn-ebb) wrote :

In , Silber says:

> the Ubuntu One file services, the quality of the code, and the user experience, so will release the code as open source software to give others an opportunity to build on this code to create an open source file syncing platform.

My thought is that this ticket should be assigned to Silber and status should be set to "In Progress".

I would ike to add that it's rather telling about Canonical, Ltd. policy that Silber fails to mention in her blog post that there was substantial pressure and feeback from the community -- in this bug ticket and elsewhere -- indicating that it was a mistake to proprietarize the software in the first place and that many informed people didn't think keeping the software proprietary and/or trade-secret was going to advance the business model anyway.

It turns out we who pushed for this bug ticket were right about that.

I now wonder if this source release will be too little, too late, now that Free-Software-from-the-start projects like ownCloud are well on their way. I don't think ownCloud as a project is structured perfectly, but it's probably a better option for developers and users than the throw-it-over-the-wall abandon-ware that Canonical, Ltd. has just decided to release.