Comment 48 for bug 375272

MvW (2nv2u) wrote :

They should include the Ubuntu one server as option in the ubuntu server version, detect LAN or WAN connections (much faster file transfers/syncing when at the office), include installed software and PPA repositories, add global user management (for Ubuntu one as well for attached Ubuntu systems in general), remote management for attached machines and this all should be reachable through one secure port over ssh and manageable with a nice GUI and for file sharing a web interface as well (preferable with some file sharing hash keys for use on the Internet).

Next the should add the ability to the desktop installer to define a Ubuntu one server instead of user details and you've created a perfect solution for small/medium sized businesses.
Even for home users they could make a hosted version like it is right now.

Next they should make a nice Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows client.

As of now it's merely a derivative of Dropbox with no potential or any added value at all.