Comment 26 for bug 375272

UbuntuOne isn't that interesting of an offer anyway. I don't suspect it to ever be a succes unless the storage / price ratio and the platform support can compete with dropbox. The technology is also not that very hard. The sort of people that would want to run it on their own servers, are already using rsync right now. And since the client side is open sourced, it would not require a lot of effort to compete with them using the same client-side integration.

I'm sorry if this is way out of the scope of the bug report, but I tend to see these type of bug reports as 'canonical needs to make money and we don't like their current choices'.

What I would love to see, is, at the VPS hosting from Canonical.

Preferably with small-scale cloud options. I think there is a large market of websites and intranet-style server, that want to be able to scale when needed, that would like to run Ubuntu servers, and would love the tight integration of hosting support and upstream support. The support could be a censored or private section of launchpad. If it is a software problem, selective developpers could get direct access to the machiene and debug it straight from there.

It would be a very healthy setup, because every improvement to the server-side, would reduce support costs and you get first class information on how your product is actually used and where the issues lie. It would make money on the short term, but it would make the ubuntu server-side the fastest growing and best established server platform.

These advantages would, for my company, but also for me, mean that the price wouldn't have to be that competitive in regard to the budget hosters.

In general, I feel it is a pity Canonical seems to focus their strategy on a few large clients rather than having thousands of smaller ones and for that I was happy to see UbuntuOne. It's just that as a product, it isn't very compelling.