Comment 22 for bug 375272

Kamikaze321 (d-gun) wrote :

We all know why its closed source . They want to steal all your data and/or monitor you. Using UbuntuOne is like upload your Home directory to Microsoft. Who the hell knows whats going on on their servers? Some intelligence agency will secretly force them to run monitoring software etc. or a gouverment will force them to prevent "child pornography" and force them to send everything to a 3rd party server. They dont want private HD's, they want all your data stored on their comps, thats why every gouverment want a super fast isp. Because they hope one day its ok with everyone uploading everything to a 3rd party server. In 30 years the usual hd size will be 5 mb and everything will be on a 3rd party quantum computer server, wich will crack your 256bit sh.. within milliseconds.