Comment 19 for bug 375272

Rick McBride wrote at 18:16 (EDT) on Friday:

> This is not one of those venues. This is a bug list utilized by
> developers working to make this project better through code.

There have been many studies and reports that show Free Software
releases help make better, more secure, and more high quality software.
So, I think the bug is relevant to this project, regardless.

However, "Won't Fix" is clearly a reasonable state to set for it. The
developers have decided it's not a bug they think is worth fixing at
this time.

> Please, to add my voice to those who have already requested it, Take
> this discussion out of my bug queue. I have a job to do.

I hope you will chose adding to your job description convincing your
employer to release its software as Free Software, just as many
individuals inside other proprietary software companies have done. Such
a task would certainly be in the spirit of the principles the Ubuntu
project was founded on.

   -- bkuhn