Comment 221 for bug 1303736

After trying unsuccessfully to use all the fixes I found online, I finally managed it to fix this problem myself today:

1. Install Gnome Screensaver
    sudo apt-get install gnome-screensaver
2. Replace Light Locker with Gnome Screen Saver
    Do it first for all new users
    sudo vi /etc/xdg/autostart/light-locker.desktop
    Change the line from:
   and then do the same for every existing user
   su <username>
   vi ~/.config/autostart/light-locker.desktop
3. Hide light-locker-settings from menu for all users
   sudo vi /usr/share/applications/light-locker-settings.desktop
   Add the line:

Hope that helps everyone affected by his bug until Light Locker is actually production ready enough to warrant it's place in a LTS release.