Comment 3 for bug 419328

Hi j, you mention that this bug occurs "using the latest Karmic" but that's a bit ambiguous - could you report if you have been using karmic and this regressed after a recent update, or if you've just upgraded from jaunty to karmic and are now seeing the problem, or if this is a first time install and you are just noticing the error now?

Please also run the command 'apport-collect 419328', which will attach some additional information which may be useful in analyzing the bug.

From what you've described, and your stack trace, this appears to be an X freeze bug. We have a recipe for debugging these issues. Please follow the directions on this guide to collect a Batchbuffer Dump:

Also, the 2.8.1 driver was released last night, which allegedly contains fixes for some freeze bugs. We should have that available in Karmic within the next few days, so that would be worth testing as well. If it still occurs there in 2.8.1, then we can forward this bug upstream at that point.