Comment 142 for bug 304871

Bryce Harrington (bryce) wrote :

Alright, there are just waaaay too many different things going on with this bug.

The original problem which is targeted for jaunty is the fatal server error on 845.

The problem people are having with video, requiring NoAccel to be used is a separate bug. File a new report on that; don't comment further about it here.

From the comments, there are reporters for 845, 855, 865, and other chips, and the symptoms/fixes for each seem to be different.

845: From the last couple comments from 845 users jerrylamos and j-de-cuba it seems the issue on 845 is solved with the latest updates. Other 845 users including the original reporter have not commented further; I guess we have to assume they're not commenting because the issue is gone. So 845 is solved. Great.

855: This chip seems to be in much better shape. Many users find UXA solves the issue. Others not so much. The Legacy3D patch seems necessary for this. However I think we need to handle the 855 bugs separately from the 845 ones. So this needs to go to a different bug report.

865: From comments from randister and kitterman this may now be fixed with latest updates. Otherwise, disabling DRI solves the problem. Video is still broken but as I mentioned, that should be a separate bug.