Comment 6 for bug 177492

Timo Aaltonen (tjaalton) wrote :

The upstream bug report mentioned on comment #2, and this from #xorg-devel:

01:51 < tjaalton> is there hope seeing it fixed in the next few months?
01:51 < tjaalton> since switching back to XAA is tempting
02:18 < airlied> tjaalton: probably .. hopefully it'll be fixed for Fedoora 9..
09:23 < tjaalton> airlied: ok, that doesn't help ubuntu 8.04 though :/
09:43 < tjaalton> and patching the driver to use XAA again seems to be the only option now
09:48 < airlied> tjaalton: I'd go with that option really..
09:48 < airlied> EXA by default == bad idea on 965
09:48 < airlied> other option is to turn of EXA compositing .. but that'll make rotation
                 really slow
09:48 < tjaalton> bad idea on any intel it seems..
09:48 < tjaalton> at least 945 is just as slow

so unless I've misunderstood, to make it work better we need the batchbuffer stuff which in turn requires TTM.