Comment 37 for bug 177492

Bryce Harrington (bryce) wrote :

We're uploading a tested fix for this issue which switches greedy mode on for i965. .dsc's and such are at:

-intel 2ubuntu5 turns greedy mode on for i965 when using EXA.
-intel 2ubuntu6 switches us back to XAA for all chipsets except i965.

Also, attached is a proposed alternative patch to use greedy for all chipsets when using EXA; in which the 2ubuntu6 patch (and optionally 2ubuntu5, although line numbers might need tweaked) would be reverted. I don't have a solid feel for whether EXA+greedy on all intel chipsets is safer or better than XAA-on-all-except-EXA-for-i965, but these patches should allow us to go either way. All else being equal, it would be nice to ship EXA on by default for everything since we'd be more consistent with upstream.