Comment 151 for bug 177492

citizenofnowhere (annafil) wrote :

Curley: Thanks a lot for your input! I'm glad too see people starting to pay attentin again... But I'm afraid things are a bit more messed up.

MigrationHeuristic is the ONLY thing preventing my system on my 945gm from crawling when I use compositing (and i do a lot its part of my workflow so yes I do need it).

XAA is not useable at all with Intrepid because compositing is completely broken since I think early Betas.

Intrepid is already using 2.6.27. I'm also using a kernel I compiled myself from the latest sources available in the repositories...

I guess I have to try the OpenSuse disk and figure out what they did - have you run any benchmarks between opensuse and ubuntu? what does "glxgears -info" show? (yes I know its not an accurate measurement, but in this case it will do)